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    "Exile road" is developed by the New Zealand Grinding Gear Games, Tencent agency Diablo wind masterpiece. Have thousands of talent, skill training and equipment collocation of ultra high degree of freedom, with more stable economic system of barter, bring the ultimate pure hardcore Diablo game experience! Since the on-line, by tens of millions of players in Europe and the United States touted, gains numerous overseas game awards, is the official dark synthesizer. "Exile road" 3 new monster video exposure plan year launched the "path of exile" plans to launch 3 versions of "sub corruption Orin in the middle of the year game". Recently, Grinding Gear Games announced a new version of the 3 version of the new monster preview video. The road of exile, released last month, demanding that the road of exile, SSF mode the first hundred players born love to play the exclusive network compiler, reproduced please indicate the source. Recently, the road of exile players SteelmageSSF proudly announced that he became the first SSF mode (single player alliance, only a single brush) the highest difficulty to reach 100 players. ... "exile road" Taiwan on-line version of immortal collection of a variety of gameplay Challenge League "exile road" Taiwan in March 9th launched a new version of "the immortal challenge league". Game operator Garena stressed that the new version brings together the 17 elements of the road of exile since the opening of the Union''s core challenges. Players can be in the new version, once again experience the invasion of the road of exile, a new version of the March 4th update is about to open the new season love to play the exclusive network compiler, reproduced please indicate the source. The development of Grinding Gear Games''s "path of exile" the upcoming version of the update in March 4th, the game update to the 2.6.0 version, the five ronin role and new season will be updated... "Exile road" will open the 3 version of game player can obtain skills playing gods network exclusive compilation, please indicate the source. Since its launch in 2013, "exile road" and constantly improve its influence, in December 2016 alone there are millions of game player joined to the game, at present, the open business plan in the middle of the year the game launched version 3 "..." path of exile "Xbox version only 3 R & D investment PC does not support the handle playing network exclusive compilation last week, please indicate the source," exile road "developer Grinding Gear announced that the game will be landing Xbox One platform for the year (news). ... "exile road" during the landing Xbox platform with PC version 3 network exclusive content to compile,Wholesale samsung 65 inch tvs, please indicate the source of "exile road" developer Grinding Gear recently announced the "path of exile" will be landing Xbox One platform for the year, while the release of Xbox One trailer. "Path of exile" Xbox... "Exile road" No. 19 open fracture five BOSS season preview "path of exile" clothing online will be officially ended in January 18th, after a small series was all points

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    Millions of Turks will head to the polls on Sunday to vote in a tight referendum race that could transform the country into a presidential republic, in what could be one of the most significant developments in the nation’s history since its founding after the collapse of the Ottoman empire.

The vote will cap two months of campaigning that has further polarised a divided country still reeling from a coup attempt in which 265 people were killed and hundreds injured, frequent terror attacks and the impact of the ongoing civil war in neighbouring Syria.
Turkish referendum: all you need to know
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The run-up to the vote has been marred by divisive rhetoric and accusations on both sides that have amplified the splits within society. Supporters of the government have equated those who will vote no on the constitutional amendments with terrorist groups, and opposition campaigners have accused those who will vote yes of abetting fascism and dictatorship.

Little can be gleaned from the opinon polls. Polling on either side has shown vastly differing results, and the number of undecided voters or those who declined to tell pollsters how they will vote is reportedly much higher than in past elections or referendums, leaving a margin of error that makes much of the data meaningless.

The campaign has refocused attention on government abuses in the aftermath of the coup, including a purge that has gone far beyond those who backed the putsch to target those who oppose the policies of the country’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdo?an. Tens of thousands of academics, judges, law enforcement and military officers have been dismissed, and top opposition politicians and dozens of journalists have been arrested in the months leading up to the referendum.
Turkey could be about to leap from division to despotism | Elif Shafak
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It has also highlighted Turkey’s drift away from its western allies, from a candidate for European Union membership in Erdo?an’s early years to a state of open hostility with the bloc, whose leaders accuse the Turkish president of clamping down on freedoms while he calls them “Nazi remnants” and “fascists” that have been morally compromised by their treatment of Turkey and Syrian refugees.

“With God’s permission, on Sunday night,Cheap Fjallraven kanken laptop, Europe will hear our voice,” local media quoted Erdo?an as saying at a rally on Thursday. “We will show them that Turkey is not the old Turkey after 16 April.”

Those taking part in Sunday’s referendum will vote yes or no to a series of constitutional amendments that will transform the country from a parliamentary democracy to a president-led republic. The new system would also allow Erdo?an to run for two more election terms,Cheap kanken classic, potentially ruling as a powerful executive until 2029.

The reforms would abolish the role of prime minister, lower the minimum age of MPs and expand their number, remove parliamentary oversight of ministers, allow the president to appoint more judges and retain his affiliation with his party,kanken kids for sale, abolish military courts and allow for the impeachment of the head of state by the legislature.

Is Turkey on the road to autocracy?
Supporters of the reform argue it would create a “strong Turkey” whose economic growth would no longer be hampered by the acrimonious politics of coalition governmentsThey also say it would strengthen the government’s hand in the fight against terrorism, and bring more stability and prosperity for the country by giving it free rein to institute reforms.

They also say the changes would do away with the relics in a constitution that was passed in the early 1980s under military tutelage, and which by design created conflicts of power between the president and prime minister, limiting the abilities of prior governments.

Opponents argue that the changes will effectively lead to one-man rule and autocracy with Erdo?an at the helm. They point out that the ruling Justice and Development (AK) party has been in power for a decade and a half, but has failed to bring stability to a country struggling with repeated terror attacks, an influx of refugees, and an insurgency by Kurdish separatists in the south-east that has devastated cities in the region.

Erdo?an addresses his supporters at a referendum rally in the Black Sea city of Ordu. Photograph: Yasin Bulbul/AP
They also point to the wide-ranging crackdown on the media and opposition as an indication of the government’s autocratic tendencies and the unfairness of the contest. Few media outlets that are outright opponents of Erdo?an remain.

Cumhuriyet, the main opposition daily, has had nearly a dozen staff and board members arrested and its journalists are facing trials. The pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic party (HDP), once a key source of hope for opposition activists and minorities who joined the movement, has had its two co-chairs imprisoned, including the charismatic opposition leader Selahattin Demirta?. The party’s other chief, Figen Yüksekda?, has had her parliamentary status revoked and is facing a possible jail sentence.

The referendum will also represent a vote of confidence or otherwise in Erdo?an himself. The first popularly elected president in Turkish history has already turned a largely ceremonial position into an influential role by sheer force of personality. If the constitutional amendments are approved, he could become the most powerful man in Turkey since Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the republic.

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    Buy search to "Ka Wah International" cinema a total of 200 set a good seat,Cheap ipad mini, not queuing

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    Deep in rural Anatolia, five teenage sisters start to test out their sexuality, like foals taking their tentative first steps on unsteady legs. And the conservative community around them responds with panic, in this terrific, Oscar-nominated first feature. Their collective beauty automatically makes them morally suspect. And in a culture in which a woman’s worth is still measured by her marriageability, this is a serious blow to their prospects. The grandmother who has raised them since they were orphaned bows to pressure from the men in the family and locks down the girls’ freedom. After subjecting the three oldest to medical inspections to check their purity, the windows are barred and the house turned into a “wife factory”. One by one, the sisters are brokered for marriage like stock animals; meanwhile, the youngest, Lale (Güne? ?ensoy),Cheap fjallraven kanken, who narrates the film, dreams of taking charge of her own life and escaping to Istanbul.

Pinterest Watch the trailer for Mustang
With its rooted sense of place and community,Buy kanken mini online, and rebellious spirit,Buy re kanken classic online, this is an accomplished and engaging debut. Writer-director Deniz Gamze Ergüven and her co-writer, Alice Winocour, approach the material with a light touch – the most shocking scenes always take place off-camera – and enough humour to deflate the anger that builds on the girls’ behalf. The restless camera captures both the tactile intimacy of the sisters – they sprawl lazily, limbs entwined, as their fates are decided elsewhere – and the mounting tension as they start to chafe against the lives that have been ordained for them.

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    Peering through a microscope in Madison, Wisconsin, I watched my heart cells beat in a petri dish. Looking like glowing red shrimp without tails, they pulsated and moved very slowly toward one another. Left for several hours, I was told, these cardiomyocytes would coalesce into blobs trying to form a heart. Flanking me were scientists who had conducted experiments that they hoped would reveal whether my heart cells are healthy, whether they’re unusually sensitive to drugs, and whether they get overly stressed when I’m bounding up a flight of stairs.

It was snowing outside the office-park windows of Cellular Dynamics International (CDI), where I was observing an intimate demonstration of how stem-cell technologies may one day combine with personal genomics and personal medicine. I was the first journalist to undergo experiments designed to see if the four-year-old process that creates induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells can yield insight into the functioning and fate of a healthy individual’s heart cells. Similar tests could be run on lab-grown brain and liver cells, or eventually on any of the more than 200 cell types found in humans. “This is the next step in personalized medicine: being able to test drugs and other factors on different cell types,” said Chris Parker, CDI’s chief commercial officer, looking over my shoulder.

CDI scientists created the little piece of my heart by taking cells from my blood and reprogramming them so that they reverted to a pluripotent state, which means they are able to grow into any cell type in the body. The science that makes this possible comes from the lab of CDI cofounder and stem-cell pioneer James ?Thomson of the University of Wisconsin, the leader of one of two teams that discovered the iPS-cell process in 2007. (The other effort was led by Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University.) The results are similar to the special cells that appear in embryos a few days after fertilization.

Since late 2008, the company has been manufacturing cardiomyocytes and mailing the frozen cells on dry ice to academic scientists to study how these cells work, and to researchers in the pharmaceutical industry to use in early tests of drug candidates. One important reason to use the cells is that they could reveal whether drugs are toxic to the heart, information that other types of testing can miss. “Several drugs have made it to the market that have cardiotoxic profiles, and that’s unacceptable,” Parker says. He says that the cardiomyocytes derived from iPS cells are a huge improvement over the cadaver cells sometimes used to test potential drug compounds. Unlike the cadaver cells, IPS-?generated cells beat realistically and can be supplied in large quantities on demand. What’s more, iPS-generated cells can have the same genetic makeup as the patients they came from, which is a huge advantage in tailoring drugs and treatments to individuals. These made-to-order cells are not cheap, however. Cellular Dynamics’ CEO, Robert Palay, says they cost about $1,500 for a standard vial of 1.5 million cells.

An especially sensational prospect is that iPS cells could be transplanted into patients so they could regenerate diseased or damaged spines, brains, hearts, or other tissue—a proposition that is particularly enticing because these cells wouldn’t be rejected by the host’s body. They could also defuse the political controversy around embryonic stem cells, because they may one day make it possible to harvest pluripotent cells without destroying a human embryo.

Transplantation, however, is years away for most tissue types, says Alexander Meissner, a Harvard University stem-cell researcher. “It’s not trivial to regenerate brain tissue,” he says. “This is going to take longer than people think.” Thomson agrees. “Talk about transplantation has been a kind of irrational exuberance,” he says. The process of using iPS cells to create new tissue still poses certain dangers: some cell lines, for example, harbor mutations that could lead to cancer, and in some cases cells retain a faint chemical memory of their previous identity as skin or blood cells.

Thomson believes these are temporary setbacks. “We have had bone marrow transplantation for a long time, which is essentially stem cells,” he says. “And work is being done right now on using iPS cells to repair macular degeneration. But repairing damage to the nerves in a spine is much more difficult.” Others share his cautious optimism. “Virtually everything about iPS cells is overhyped,” says Chris Austin, director of the Chemical Genomics Center at the National Institutes of Health. “But for the purpose of testing drug candidates, I think the possibilities are considerable, and we and lots of other people are pursuing this. There are lots of problems. Are iPS cells really normal? How do you get enough pure differentiated cells??But the potential is definitely there.”
Shining bright: A layer of the author’s cardiac cells looks like a ?chaotic clump under the microscope.
Sticking to Science
I first visited James Thomson on another snowy, frigid day in Wisconsin in 2008, a few weeks after the publication of his paper announcing iPS cells derived from human cells. A scrappy, no-nonsense man in a casual sweater and beat-up Dockers, he sat in a small office adorned with tropical fish, ferns, and an antique dartboard and discussed his original discovery of human embryonic stem cells in 1998. His work set off a storm of protest: opponents argued that destroying a human embryo to harvest its stem cells is tantamount to murder. President George W. Bush restricted most federal funding for embryonic-stem-cell research in 2001, and critics have continued to vilify Thomson, although he tries to keep a low profile. “I don’t talk much about it,” he said. “I stick to the science.”

The creation of iPS cells in 2007 seemed like an elegant bookend to the 1998 finding, because it offered a new way to produce stem cells that can differentiate into any cell type—one that might actually be better, because the cells would be genetically identical to patients’ own. “It was a relief that we might have a solution to this political and ethical situation,” Thomson said. The breakthrough, however, was a surprise. “We knew that the iPS process was a possibility,” he said, “but when we started out, I was sure it would take 10 years at least.” Thomson and a Wisconsin postdoc, Junying Yu, set out to create iPS cells by modifying skin cells with “regulator” genes normally found only in embryos. The method, he said, “surprised everyone by working.”

Thomson cofounded CDI in 2007, around the same time that several other stem-cell luminaries became involved in iPS-cell companies. These would-be competitors, however, are primarily focused on creating therapeutics. They use iPS cells to help identify and develop drug candidates and to design processes that might one day lead to transplantation. So far CDI has no serious competitors in the market to sell iPS-generated cells in volume for use in research and drug screening. In part, this is because Thomson and his scientific team have been working longer to overcome difficulties in industrializing the technology. “Making iPS cells that are functional in large quantities is tough,” says Harvard’s Meissner.

Privately held, the company has not detailed its performance, but its CEO told a local newspaper that CDI gets “multimillions” in revenues from selling its heart cells to about 40 customers, including most large pharmaceutical companies. Next year the company plans to roll out iPS-generated liver, brain, and blood cells.

“This is a game-changer,” says stem-cell biologist Sandra Engle, a senior principal scientist at Pfizer who has used CDI’s cells. “Before CDI, these cells were very difficult to obtain, and we would only get tiny amounts. This doesn’t work for high-throughput testing for drugs.” For Kyle Kolaja, global head of predictive toxicology screens and emerging technologies at Roche, the benefit of the CDI cells is that they behave like “real” cells. “They are already having a major impact on drug safety and development,” he says. “They have already changed what we’re doing.”

Cellular Clues
Although companies like Roche and Pfizer are currently using iPS cells simply to screen potential therapeutics for toxicity and other characteristics, someday iPS-based tests could be performed on individual patients to see whether they are at particular risk for side effects. Euan Ashley, a cardiologist at Stanford University, is trying to use iPS cells to help diagnose and treat a 16-year-old boy with early symptoms of dilated cardiomyopathy, a potentially fatal disease in which the heart swells and weakens. “This is the sort of severe genetic disease that runs through families that we think can benefit from iPS technologies and genomics,iphone 6s 64gb for sale cheap,” says ?Ashley. He has scrutinized the boy’s DNA for telltale genetic markers associated with the disease and has tested his brother and parents to see if they carry the markers as well. The Stanford team plans to create iPS cells by reprogramming skin cells taken from the family and then induce them to differentiate into cardiomyocytes bearing the characteristic genetic variations. By studying the biochemistry of these heart cells, the scientists hope to gain clues to how they might respond to various drug candidates.

“We will use the iPS cells to check the differences between this child and others with and without the condition,” says Ashley, “and to test what drugs will work best for the boy and other impacted family members.” Ashley says one goal is to develop tests to determine how the genetic variations actually affect the cells. “The importance of genetic factors will be reflected in these cells,” he says.
Coldhearted: Samples of the author’s cells are stored in trays under cryogenic conditions.
Other clinicians and labs are also using iPS cells in experiments intended to shed light on disease. For instance, researchers at the Salk Institute are studying iPS-derived neurons from people with schizophrenia to see how they differ from normal neurons, and they will examine what happens when the cells are exposed to antipsychotic drugs. At the NIH, a group is studying iPS-?generated cells from patients with a fatal genetic disorder known as Niemann-Pick disease type C. Other researchers have proposed using iPS-generated cells to test the effects of toxic chemicals such as mercury and pesticides.

The hope, say researchers, is to create a library of iPS cell lines from people who have specific symptoms or behaviors associated with a particular disease. Roche has started a program with Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston to create cell lines that reflect different types of heart disease; the results could help the company develop drugs. This summer, CDI and the Medical College of Wisconsin announced a $6.3 million grant from the NIH to create iPS-generated heart cells from 250 patients who have left ventricular hypertrophy, a condition that causes high blood pressure and increases the risk for cardiovascular disease.

Scientists are still a long way from using iPS cells routinely to diagnose disease or offer individual prognoses. The NIH’s Austin cautions that individual cells tell only part of the story of what happens in the dynamic system that is the human body. “In some cases, you don’t have a cell that can give you a real answer about a disease like depression,” he says. “What cell type do you use for that?”

My Mambo
I launched my own iPS journey in a small Quest Diagnostics clinic on a leafy street in San Francisco. Wrapping a rubber tube around my arm, the phlebotomist stuck in a needle to withdraw several vials of blood that would be shipped on ice to Madison. Once they got to CDI, technicians cracked open my white blood cells and used a bioengineered retrovirus to introduce “master transcription” genes into their DNA. These genes reprogrammed the cells so that when they replicated, the results were pluripotent cells rather than more white blood cells. Their transformation into functioning iPS cells took several months of coaxing, purification, and verification that cost about $15,000, which the company paid on my behalf. Once my pluripotent cell line was humming along, the scientists at CDI tweaked a few cells to make them differentiate into three types of heart cells—which I first saw pulsing in a video clip they e-mailed to me.

In Madison, nearly a year after giving up my blood, I was just a bit anxious as I stared at my beating heart cells. I was about to get a rundown on the experiments CDI had performed to demonstrate what these little bundles of bioengineered cytoplasm and nuclei might say about my health and my sensitivity to various drugs.

Chris Parker and the company’s product manager for cardiomyocytes, Blake Anson, took the lead in walking me through a series of assessments that began with tests “to make sure these cells are still you,” said Parker. They showed me a slide of the 23 paired chromosomes taken from my original blood sample and compared it to a slide showing the chromosomes taken from the cardiomyocytes. They had also run a simple genetic comparison using 16 DNA markers, a test used by law enforcement that provides a quick, relatively cheap way to assess whether two samples match up. When my manufactured cells passed muster, the scientists moved to step two: seeing if they behaved like real cardiomyocytes.

First they buzzed the cells with electricity to check the range in duration of the action potentials—the electrical impulses that drive cardiac contractions. Then they measured the beats of the cells in the aggregate against a kind of EKG waveform like those that appear as up-and-down pulses on a hospital monitor. My cells appeared normal.
Pluripotent pioneer: University of Wisconsin biologist James Thomson cofounded Cellular Dynamics International in 2007 after developing a method of reprogramming ordinary human cells to create induced pluri?potent stem cells, which can give rise to any cell type. Thomson has since helped pioneer the use of iPS cells in drug development.
A third test pitted the cells against two drugs. One was epinephrine, which triggers the fight-or-flight response and speeds up a person’s pulse. “We can see this here: beat, beat, beat,” said Parker, showing me a slide with an EKG line. “Your heart rate increases dramatically, so that means you’re okay—you can run from that bear.” The scientists then dropped in a “sympathetic agonist,” a drug that slows the heart way down. “So your cells can relax after running from that bear,” said Parker. When I sent Euan Ashley my test results, he verified my persistent normalcy—and confirmed that the cells in question were what they were supposed to be. “These tests prove that the cells are cardiomyocytes,” he said, “which at this early stage in this science is important.”

A few weeks later, CDI ran another round of experiments that subjected my cells to drugs with known toxic side effects. First came Hismanal, an antihistamine, and Propulsid, a drug to treat gastrointestinal distress. Both medications were pulled from the market in many countries, including the United States, because they were associated with rare but potentially life-threatening heart arrhythmias. “This propensity is due to the unanticipated and unwanted side effect of both drugs blocking and disrupting the normal activity of a specific ion channel in the heart,” said a report e-mailed to me from CDI. “Both drugs had similar effects on David Duncan’s iPS-derived cardiomyocytes: a dose-dependent increase in the duration of the action potential …?Prolonged action potential durations are a recognized trigger for cardiac arrhythmia that can result in sudden death.”

For a second round of pharmaceutical testing, the scientists exposed my cells to two cancer drugs: Gleevec, used mostly to treat some forms of leukemia, and Sutent, used to treat tumors in the stomach, bowel, and esophagus. Both drugs have side effects that include damage to the heart, though they remain in use because the diseases they treat are so serious. “In vitro tests on David Duncan’s iPS-derived cardiomyocytes demonstrated that both drugs had adverse effects,” said my report, “and that the Gleevec-mediated effect may have been caused by disrupting mitochondrial function.” Again, the reactions of my cells were not atypical, although the researchers told me that if I had cancer, further testing might turn up specific responses that could help a physician decide which medications were best for me.

Ashley told me that iPS-generated heart cells offer great potential as a way to test cancer treatments. “Chemo drugs are really hard on hearts, and on heart cells,” he said. “If this technology can help, that will be really important.”

CDI has told me that as the science unfolds, it may run tests based on the extensive DNA sequencing I had done for a recent book, Experimental Man. I’d be especially interested in a test that could determine how worried I should be about a genetic risk factor for side effects of cholesterol-lowering statins. According to my genetic profile, I have a substantial risk of myopathy—muscle weakness—if I take certain forms of these drugs. However, this condition is due to a malfunctioning enzyme produced by the liver, not the heart, so finding out depends on whether CDI is willing to create liver cells from my iPS line.

Before I left the CDI lab, I took one more look at my heart cells pounding away in their petri dish in a sort of freakish mambo, and I wondered when such banks of individual cells would become a routine part of medical care. Many obstacles remain before this can happen, including the high cost of making the cells. Yet despite the expense, says Thomson, “there will be people that will want to do this—wealthy early adopters who want to know about a disease or a drug. Or some people might do it because they think having their beating heart cells is cool.”

As for me, I’m still amazed that the cardiomyocytes in the dish are part of me—let alone that they might one day be used as stunt doubles for my real cells.

David Ewing Duncan is a San Francisco-based writer. His most recent book is ?Experimental Man: What One Man’s Body Reveals about His Future, Your Health, and Our Toxic World.

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    Why A Good Memory Is Bad For You The counterintuitive finding that too good a memory makes foragers inefficient reveals a glimpse of the forces that govern the evolution of intelligence The Physics arXiv Blog Free Electric Vehicle Charging Stations The government foots the bill to encourage EV sales. Kevin Bullis Bringing Genome Sequencing into Cancer Care Life Technologies announces plans to sequence cancer patients'' genomes. Emily Singer View Introducing the Electromagnetic Bazooka A technique borrowed from acoustics could lead to a super-powerful amplifier of microwave radiation. Christopher Mims The Evolution of Computer Science Computing the energy levels of a helium atom in 1958 was significantly harder than it is today. But a comparison of then and now methods reveals some counter intuitive anomalies about the impact of computer science. The Physics arXiv Blog Debating the Future of NASA NASA officials and space experts discuss the agency''s new direction,Wholesale ipad air, which includes human missions to Mars. Jeff Foust View Ranking the Most Powerful Supercomputers The U.S. still leads in high-performance computing capacity, but China is undergoing explosive growth. Christopher Mims Econophysicist Accurately Forecasts Gold Price Collapse The first results from the Financial Bubble Experiment will have huge implications for econophysics. The Physics arXiv Blog Using Neural Networks to Classify Music Neural networks built for image recognition are well-suited for "seeing" sound. Christopher Mims How iTunes Genius Really Works An Apple engineer discloses how the company''s premier recommendation engine parses millions of iTunes libraries. Christopher Mims

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    The centerpiece of MIT’s sesquicentennial is the Next Century Convocation, an April 10 celebration that will mark the Institute’s charter day with academic regalia, original music, and speeches by renowned intellectuals. The event recalls MIT’s Mid-Century Convocation in 1949, when Winston Churchill challenged the Institute to address the moral and social implications of science and technology. Get event details online: mit150.mit.edu/events/convocation.

The convocation is slated for the Boston Convention and Events Center. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni can catch a free shuttle from campus to the convention center for the festivities, which will go from 2 to 4 p.m. Check with your local MIT club about chartered buses from nearby areas. For people who won’t be in the area, clubs are planning gatherings worldwide where alumni and friends can celebrate together as they watch a convocation webcast. If that’s not possible, you can watch the archived webcast later.

Learn how you can be involved in the convocation―and the symposia, arts festivals, and other MIT 150 activities now through June 4―online at mit150.mit.edu/alumni.

Tech Reunions Feature MIT150 Finale

If this is your reunion year, make plans now to come to campus to see old friends, learn what’s new at MIT―and be part of Toast to Tech, a communitywide celebration in Killian Court that will cap the 150 days of activities commemorating the Institute’s sesquicentennial.

You can register online for Tech Reunions 2011, June 2-5, beginning in mid-March. The MIT150 champagne and dessert event is set for Saturday,cheap iphone 6s 64gb, June 4, at 9:30 p.m. Visit alum.mit.edu/reunions for information.

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    Along a path at the edge of a weed-ridden farm in Cambodia, a man listens carefully as he sweeps his metal detector over the ground. When the detector’s squealing tone signals the presence of buried metal, the man stops, repeats the sweep, and carefully marks the spot. Soon a second worker follows and lies on the ground, his head an arm’s length from the marked spot, gently probing the ground with a stick. Both men are experienced deminers, one a retired British Army veteran far from home, the other a local resident trained to find mines. Both know well the cost of error: sudden serious injury or death.

After probing the hard dirt with concentrated care for about 20 minutes, the prone worker judges by sight and feel whether he has hit the rounded metallic body of a buried mine or merely the random detritus of an old battlefield: a bullet, a piece of shrapnel, a length of wire, an empty tin can. He knows that in some fields the odds are as low as one in a few hundred that the detected metal is actually a mine, but his partner’s metal detector cannot distinguish an explosive device from any other object that holds a fraction of an ounce of metal.

Whatever it is, the metallic object must be carefully exposed to reveal its form and color. If it is a mine the workers will place a modest explosive charge beside it, unspool long wires, and retreat 100 yards to blow it up. Then the task will repeat itself: the operator of the metal detector will resume his patient sweeping, listening for signs of the next buried metallic object in his path while his partner waits for his next tense trial in the dirt.

According to United Nations estimates, more than 100 million mines lie buried around the world, outlasting their wars, abandoned long ago yet awaiting their unintended victims for as long as decades. An anti-personnel mine costs only a few dollars to produce, but it now costs a hundred times that sum to remove it. In Cambodia alone, where some of the world’s densest minefields lay, roughly 10 million mines lurk within an area the size of Missouri. Last year three thousand workers cleared landmines from 12 square kilometers of Cambodian land at a cost of $8 million. They were not overpaid. But at that rate, even if someone were willing to foot the bill, demining Cambodia would take some 10,000 years. To make matters worse, participants in today’s conflicts are emplacing new mines at a rate 10 or more times the current yield of the deminers, who now clear perhaps 100,000 mines per year worldwide. A chronic and growing crisis is at hand.

Most poignant is the human toll that the residual landmines claim: some 10,000 deaths annually and at least twice that many serious injuries, with victims including many small children and elderly villagers in poor nations. In Cambodia, landmine accidents have resulted in one amputee per 250 people. Yet clearing away lingering landmines is not needed just to protect human life and limb. Over the long term, landmines disrupt normal economic activities such as travel and transport, and deny vital cropland to farmers, often causing hunger and forcing sizable agrarian populations to migrate to urban centers and refugee camps.

Today, the use of a metal detector, hand-held probe, and explosive charge is generally accepted as the most reliable demining method despite its laborious and perilous nature. The detection method works because most mines have metallic casings or at least contain a few grams of metal, usually a firing pin and its associated spring, setting off a signal in the detector even when a mine is buried or hidden beneath overgrown vegetation.

The bottleneck occurs, however, in discriminating between the few real mines and the many false alarms. Given the wide array of metal objects that can reside in the soil of former battlefields, the false-alarm rate can run as high as 1,000 false positives to one real mine. The result is that the bulk of the searcher’s time is spent on the painstaking exposure of harmless metal scraps. And after hundreds of false alarms,Wholesale apple iphone 6s, the job becomes even more perilous: one surprise mine can maim or kill deminers whose patience has flagged just once, causing them to misjudge the form they uncover. What’s more, growing use of plastic-encased mines poses the ominous threat of false negatives: that real mines will remain silent-and deadly-even when swept by a metal detector.

Despite the admittedly grim situation, though, we find some cause for optimism since reviewing the global landmine problem at a week-long meeting last summer. Conducted by the MIT Program in Science and Technology for International Security at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in Cambridge, Mass., the meeting drew together a disparate group of participants, including a field worker from Laos with many years of demining experience; researchers with expertise in physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, material science, and anthropology; several people working on high-tech mine-detection schemes; and three experts on demining from the military who brought the group a sobering collection of anti-personnel mines (without explosives). Our unexpectedly hopeful view, bolstered by subsequent study, is that while no silver bullet appears to be on the near horizon to solve the demining problem, promising technologies at hand can offer significant help. A number of developing techniques, for instance, detect landmines by sensing physical and chemical properties other than metal content, thereby significantly aiding in the task of reliably discriminating mines from metal scrap. Our analysis indicates that if nations lend enough support, affordable technologies could be available in the field within five years to undertake a humanitarian demining effort on an unprecedented global scale.

A Primer on Landmines and Their Removal

Some 700 different models of mines can be found worldwide. Designs differ widely, especially among those mines developed over the past 20 years. The most common landmines are the millions made for use by the militaries of such big powers as the former Soviet Union, China, and the United States and sold around the world. More than a dozen industrialized countries, including Czechoslovakia, France, Italy, and Yugoslavia, have also produced and sold or given away significant numbers of mines.

The major practical distinction among different types of landmines is their intended target. Mines big enough to destroy vehicles are known as anti-tank mines. These mines, roughly the size of large stove-top pots and pans, contain 10 pounds or more of high explosive. Considerably more prevalent, anti-personnel mines are roughly the size of cans of tuna. Containing anywhere from less than an ounce to a half-pound or more of high explosive, they are designed to maim or kill individuals or small groups on foot.

Mines also differ in the cruel cunning of their designs. Sophisticated mines of all sizes may, for instance, incorporate countermeasures against demining. Some, employing an accordion-like trigger design, can withstand the sudden shock of a nearby explosion, detonating only when more slowly depressed, as by the pressure of a foot; others employ anti-disturbance devices that detonate the mine whenever it is handled, injuring or killing would-be deminers. Bounding mines spring up three feet above the ground to shatter into fragments with a lethal radius of 90 feet. And some larger mines may even emit directed fragments: the large U.S. Claymore mine used in Vietnam, for instance, has a 150-foot lethal range for persons walking into its line of fire.

Because the larger-size anti-tank mines cost more to produce and lay, they are much less numerous, increasingly more sophisticated, and generally found on roads or around military installations and other centers of travel and communication. By contrast, anti-personnel mines are cheap, numerous, and prevalent in many diverse locales. The damage anti-personnel mines inflict-disabling victims for months or for life-is economically worth orders of magnitude more than their cost of a few dollars apiece. By that cruel calculus, they are cost-effective even against irregular infantry or the poorest of unarmed villagers. Because of their prevalence and availability, because they tend to be placed more randomly, and because they make up the bulk of the lingering scourge, these anti-personnel mines are our quarry, the particular focus of humanitarian demining efforts.

To be sure, mines are not new weapons and armies have long developed methods and organizations for demining. But the fact is, today’s task of large-scale humanitarian demining is new, and not really open to swift solution by deploying military-trained combat engineers. Humanitarian demining entails peacetime detection and deactivation, over an indefinite period of time, of virtually every mine emplaced in a wide area-a place of home and work to many people whose resources are often scarce and life arduous. Humanitarian demining demands nearly 100 percent detection. The search can be very slow, large numbers of false alarms are acceptable even though costly, and all operations can be confined to good weather and daytime conditions. With these dramatically differing requirements, it is not surprising that demining methods and equipment vary widely.

By contrast, most military demining efforts have favored a capital-costly “brute force” approach that uses motorized vehicles equipped with steel rollers or treads able to detonate anti-personnel mines by riding over them, with damage to the vehicles minimized through clever design and heavy shielding. Some are heavily armored trucks that ride roughshod over mines withstanding most of the anti-personnel detonations with only minor and largely reparable damage. Others, like big bulldozers, attempt to pick up and remove mines, clearing a path as they go.

Such vehicles are particularly suited to so-called military tactical demining which aims to “breach” minefields, rapidly clearing corridors, paths, and roads for combat use even during battle, often within hours. But the brute force approach is largely inappropriate for the highly exacting task of humanitarian demining: when it is applied to uneven ground, it may not detonate every explosive device. Yet such an assurance is precisely what local inhabitants need. The customary test of demining success is direct and public: as the neighborhood watches, the deminers join hands to form a line and walk across the entire plot. Would you yourself settle for less?

Unfortunately, the great variety of fusing mechanisms, of emplacement methods, and of terrain makes the thorough neutralization of anti-personnel mines decidedly difficult. While unquestionably heroic and well suited to the world of low technology, the present creep-and-probe method of humanitarian demining is plainly unaffordably slow, expensive, and dangerous. Because of these drawbacks, creep and probe demining as it is currently practiced can have only marginal impact on the global landmine problem. A true solution mandates developing and quickly deploying new methods and equipment that can speed up humanitarian demining by up to a hundred-fold at affordable cost.

Improving Creep and Probe

We believe three currently available technologies, when used together, could offer a 10- to 20-fold improvement over today’s demining rate within the next two years. These technologies include detection by a variant of the electronic metal detector (called the meandering winding magnetometer); safe and swift excavation by a device called an air knife; and detonation by a cheap and easily deployed foam-like explosive. All three of these improved demining technologies still require field testing and refinement, but the development tasks look modest.

The basic operating principle of the new meandering winding magnetometer (MWM) detector is the same as that of conventional metal detectors that use a pulsed-electromagnetic induction sensor. But whereas conventional detectors generate an electromagnetic field and sense if it is disturbed by conducting material in their path, MWM detectors generate a varying magnetic field that excites currents in metallic objects that align primarily in one direction and can be read by the detector. An MWM detector slightly larger than a conventional metal detector can thus obtain a crude hint of the size and shape of a buried metallic object by combining readouts of these so-called eddy currents. The MWM detector now being developed by Jentek Sensors Inc., of Brighton, Mass., can reportedly determine the rough size, shape, depth of burial, and type of material of the outer shell of a buried metal object. Laboratory evidence indicates that the device can provide enough information for an experienced operator to discern whether a buried object is mere clutter, a mine, or a larger piece of unexploded ordnance.

Field tests of a first-generation MWM prototype indicate that it can lower the false-alarm rate by a factor of 5 to 10 below that of a conventional metal detector. Given such discriminating power, a refined version of such an MWM device could reduce the time spent examining a square meter of scrap-rich ground from 10 to 20 minutes to a fraction of a minute.

Once a mine is detected, the air knife, now commercially available although not in field-ready form, offers a significant improvement in efficiency and safety over the stick commonly used in today’s demining efforts. The air knife blows high-pressure air through a small hand-held probe and can blow away most dirt to expose mines without disturbing them enough to detonate them. Existing air knives are powered by a 3-horsepower gasoline engine, like those that run power lawnmowers, and cost a few thousand dollars. A version adapted for demining could replace the simplest manual probes, greatly speeding up a searcher’s ability to expose a mine while improving safety at the same time by obviating the need to dig in the ground with a stick.

The use of the product Lexfoam will also aid demining efforts. The product, much like shaving cream in appearance, is a dilute dispersion of an explosive contained within a foaming plastic substance. Lexfoam is safe and simple to apply and can be set off by an ordinary detonation cap, removing the delicate and hazardous task of wiring a charge onto an unearthed mine. We estimate the use of such a product to blow up the exposed mine would considerably speed up the overall demining process, perhaps by as much as a factor of 2 to 5.

The air knife would require an air compressor (or compressed air supply) carried on a hand-drawn wheeled cart, packaged into a backpack-like portable unit, or built into a small motorized vehicle that carries the MWM metal detector, air knife, and Lexfoam dispenser. In a small, relatively new humanitarian demining unit at Fort Belvoir in Virginia, the U.S. Army is now assembling such a vehicle that combines an MWM detector, compressor, air knife, an operator’s plastic shield to protect against explosion, an air-operated weed-cutter, and a Lexfoam dispenser. Col. Harry (Hap) Hambric, who directs development and testing in this unit, estimates that the combined use of these relatively simple technologies where terrain is suitable could speed up demining by a factor of 10 within a year or two, and another factor of 10 with refinements to come.

Just as creep-and-probe methods can find quick technological improvements, though, the brute force demining of open spaces, like field and paddy, can also profit almost at once by the adoption of simple technical improvements. One promising approach proposes to use a small-sized tined roller with hinged spring-loaded prods that can set off anti-personnel mines as it passes over them. The rope-towed (or winched) roller is simple, inexpensive, and easy to repair. It contains hundreds of closely spaced, stiff, spring-mounted fingers able to penetrate up to 25 centimeters into the ground; the roller is towed back and forth across the target area using power supplied by animals or motor vehicles kept at a safe distance.

Tests under controlled conditions performed by the U.S. Army at Fort Belvoir in 1995 proved that the roller was capable of exploding or otherwise destroying small anti-personnel mines even in the mud bottom of rice paddies and other soft floored terrain. A footpath-sized version of the roller also proved to be easily repaired using simple hand tools and hardware. The roller was effective against mines in soft ground and mud. With some design modifications it could be configured to operate on harder surfaces, including areas bearing light foliage.

Thus in certain terrain this technology will allow the welcome option of clearing anti-personnel mines without detecting them first. The Fort Belvoir experts estimate the cost of this multi-pronged roller to be under $20,000, adding that it could drop to as low as $5,000 if the device were mass-produced. The group hopes to field test the system shortly. Taking tools of this sort into the field-even these initial aids imply further improvements-will make a large difference at whatever scale they are put to work. The whole job cannot be finished soon; indeed, a long-lasting culture of understanding and vigilance in the whole countryside, and a reliable source of technical aid from beyond the village-including personnel, equipment, and training-will have to be established in the most affected countries. Determination to keep up and extend the good work will thrive if visible progress comes soon in one or two places.

High-Tech Detection

While near-term technological improvements offer hope for better demining efficiency, technologies undergoing vigorous research and development for use against airline terrorism offer even more promise for the future. Portable, rugged versions of these technologies, which detect small amounts of explosives, would be required for use in demining, but the task is certainly not beyond the capabilities of high-tech firms in the United States and elsewhere.

These technologies could take advantage of the fact that landmines use characteristic materials in well-defined shapes and sizes, giving them mechanical, acoustic, electromagnetic, and nuclear absorption and reflection properties potentially detectable from a modest distance. All mines contain high explosives, substances otherwise rare in the soil, and are thus open to many means of detection based on their chemical composition.

Such chemical sensing is perhaps the most advanced of these avenues. Since all mines contain 10 grams or more of explosives, one way to avoid the time-consuming step of discriminating mines from false alarms, and to detect plastic as well as metallic mines, is to devise detectors sensitive to the presence of explosives, either in their condensed or vapor phase. We know that mines carry traces of their explosives because dogs trained to scent high explosives can detect buried mines under field conditions in a short time, with a 95 percent success rate and a false alarm rate of around two to one. Unfortunately, though, dogs tire easily and are expensive to train and keep. Arrays of sensors, each with some specificity to a particular molecule or compound, are quite commonly used in the food and perfume industries to identify products’ constituent compounds. The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is actively pursuing an array of such sensors intended for explosives detection at airports that could well be adaptable for humanitarian demining.

One detector already in trial use at airports pulls an air sample through to a collector that transfers any minute traces of explosives to a separation device. There, an instrument called a high-speed gas chromatograph separates explosives from one another and from non-explosive compounds by the length of time it takes each compound to go through the instrument. Each compound yields a reliable and characteristic signature. Noting both this signature time and its amplitude, the detector can determine the type of explosive and the level of its concentration in the air sample. The manufacturer, Thermetics Detection based in Woburn, Mass., claims that its system can detect the presence of 10 to 20 picograms of TNT-a grain twice the size of a speck of dust-with a thousand times the sensitivity of a dog. The system is capable of detecting picogram levels of explosives in less than a minute, and has worked well in the presence of potentially interfering compounds in the air or the soil.

Company representatives believe that a single portable, battery-powered detector could detect mines with greater than 90 percent accuracy while scanning ten square yards per minute. What is not known yet is to what degree high-explosive vapor and particles deposited by past weapons firing in the areas where mines are buried might generate an unmanageably high level of background noise. Detailed field measurements at the sites of past combat, as well as of background levels in battle-free and mine-free areas, must be conducted before the practicality of this potential mine detector can be fully determined.

At least two other technologies could potentially be used to detect mines by sensing their main charges. The first is based on nuclear quadrupole resonance (NQR), an electrostatic relative of magnetic resonance imaging now familiar in the medical world. NQR is an effect displayed by atomic nuclei that are not spherically symmetrical but slightly squashed or elongated at the poles. Nitrogen atoms, a near-universal primary ingredient of high explosives, possess just such nuclear asymmetry. Depending on what kind of crystalline structure the nitrogen nuclei find themselves in, their non-sphericity produces a unique set of very narrowly spaced energy levels that is characteristic of the crystalline solid itself. An explosive compound can therefore be identified by the subtle resonance of its constituent nitrogen atoms.

NQR detectors have already been tested in airports, where they have managed, within six seconds, to detect the military explosive RDX in quantities comparable to those in a mine. Tests at the Naval Research Laboratory based in Alexandria, Va., have shown that NQR detectors, unaffected by soil contaminants like metals and magnets, can reliably discern explosives from other nitrogenous materials in the soil such as fertilizer or living organisms. A field NQR detector would operate much like a hand-held metal detector but would require a backpack to accommodate its larger battery. NQR commercial developer Quantum Magnetics of San Diego estimates that a prototype mine detector based on NQR could be developed within two years at a cost of about $1 million. The price of such detectors, once produced in quantities of several thousand, they believe, would probably be under $10,000 each-some two to three times more than the cost of high-quality metal detectors. With an adequate level of development funding, it is quite possible that NQR could become an effective tool for discriminating mines from metal clutter within 3 to 5 years, reducing the false alarm rate to negligible levels.

The technology does pose some difficulties at present, however. The dominant obstacle is the efficient detection of TNT, the explosive ingredient of 80 percent of landmines. TNT has an intrinsically weak NQR signal, requiring a longer integration time in the detector. An NQR mine detector that had to linger over each spot on the ground for minutes at a time would clearly be too slow, although it could still presumably prove useful in distinguishing mines from scrap metal.

A second way to detect plastic mines by their explosive content is to “illuminate” the ground with a beam of low-energy x-rays. Because of the difference in their average atomic numbers, soil will absorb low-energy x-rays impinging upon it, while the lighter mine will “backscatter” a large fraction of the incoming radiation. When imaged, the mine thus appears as a luminous spot on a dark background of soil. Experiments conducted as early as 1975 by the U.S. Army Mobility Equipment Research and Development Center showed that, while awkward, clumsy, and dangerous at the time, the method does in fact work, unambiguously detecting small (six centimeters in diameter) plastic mines buried under two centimeters of soil.

Although x-ray backscattering detectors perform well in detecting explosives and other materials with low atomic numbers at airports and customs stations, they have shortcomings for detecting plastic mines: they cannot reliably discriminate explosives from other materials with similar atomic numbers (such as roots and water), they detect only shallow-buried mines, and they require an intense source of ionizing radiation that could cause health hazards to the operator. A hand-held detector may therefore not prove practical, but x-ray backscattering detectors might eventually be used on remotely controlled demining vehicles to detect plastic mines in conjunction with a metal detector such as the meandering winding magnetometer.

Launching a Global Demining Campaign

To make humanitarian demining feasible on a large scale, the demining rate must greatly increase to reduce overall costs and justify expenditures for more sophisticated equipment. This will require a gradual shift from a labor-intensive low-tech approach to the intermediate stage of introducing power tools and discriminating detectors. The final stage will require the development of autonomous, mechanized demining systems to incorporate some of the more sophisticated detection technologies we have described. Such progress will require a coherent, sustained, and adequately supported R&D effort in the range of tens of millions of dollars annually over several years.

Unfortunately, frustration with the marginal results of even the most heroic demining efforts so far has led to a tired indifference among the public and decision makers alike. This frustration has, in turn, led to the loss of opportunities for new solutions. The constellation of humanitarian relief organizations that have patiently shouldered most of the demining efforts, including the Red Cross, CARE, and the United Nations, to name just a few, have had little contact with the scientific and technical communities in academia and in high-tech industries that could boost demining efficiency. For their part, the scientific and technical communities in the developed world have largely ignored the problem. As an example of this lack of technological partnership, a one-million-pound reward offered several years ago by the British Government for an acceptable plan to demine the remote and difficult terrain of the Falkland Islands has gone unclaimed.
Expensive, bulky lenses have been the basis of imaging technology for centuries. Now, says Aydogan Ozcan, an assistant professor of electrical engineering, "it''s time to change our thinking." By writing sophisticated image-processing software and taking advantage of the inexpensive light sensors now ubiquitous in cell phones, he may have made lenses obsolete. The lensless imaging devices that Ozcan has built achieve roughly the same resolution as standard bench-top microscopes (about a micrometer), so they can be used to count, identify, and even image living cells.

He''s made prototypes mounted in cell phones to demonstrate the technology and has started a company called Microskia to develop it. The first products are likely to be simple microscopes that plug into a cell phone or laptop through a USB cord and display the magnified images on their screens; the first uses will probably be in remote medical centers, to diagnose anemia, cancer, and infectious diseases such as malaria. According to Ozcan, though, his prototypes are actually good enough to replace the large, expensive cell counters used in U.S. hospitals. --Katherine Bourzac

1. Light Detector: A microscope slide holding a sample such as blood can be mounted here, over the phone''s camera, which contains a light-detecting chip. The phone''s processor runs the imaging software.

2. Light Source: The black plastic tube contains light filters and a light-emitting diode powered by the phone''s batteries, but no lenses. Light shines from the tube through a sample and onto the camera''s imaging chip.

3. Add-on Imaging: The imaging system can be removed for a more convenient cell-phone conversation or replaced with a light source better suited to a particular imaging application.

Credit: Christopher Harting

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    For most of my adult life, I’ve been fragrance-?free. That’s not because I don’t like scents, perfumes, eaux de cologne, and the like. I do. But I outgrew the scents I used as a teenager–Eau Sauvage and, yes, Canoe. I stopped dousing myself. Or perhaps I moved my powers of appreciation to my palate. I’m a food writer, and I try to identify and remember everything I eat.

Because I’m a food writer, I know how much industrial food depends on odorants, as molecules created for fragrance or flavors are called. And I’m interested in how the new “hypercuisine” or “molecular gastronomy” draws upon the technologies of industrial food to create new flavors: see the profile I wrote of Grant Achatz, the chef at Alinea in Chicago (“The Alchemist,” January/February 2007). But the food and fragrance industries use odorants in very different ways.

Food manufacturers buy odorants that mimic real flavors, although they goose them until they are almost unrecognizable–take truffle oil, which tastes nothing like truffles. But fragrance manufacturers mostly don’t bother to imitate nature. Perfumes are a mixture of natural essences, which are expensive because they require so many flowers, herbs, or spices (the extraction rate of flowers in an essential oil is at best 1 percent, and often closer to 0.1 percent), and synthetic odorants. The synthetics include “effect aroma chemicals” with little smell of their own, which extend and enhance other molecules, and “character impact chemicals,” which either cheaply mimic natural ingredients or do something that hypercuisine chefs envy: smell like nothing in nature. Blended, these ingredients can make a perfume modern, fresh, sexy, and fascinating. Or blaringly, nauseatingly domineering.

This story is part of our March/April 2010 Issue See the rest of the issue
I like new things. I was curious whether a new perfume, particularly one made with novel scents, could appeal to me.
Things Reviewed we smell
Finding your own fragrance can be as difficult and complicated as finding the right partner in life, and a lot harder than deciding what to eat. It’s sexual in its overtones, which helps explain why $38 billion worth of perfume is sold every year. Cruising the first floor of Saks Fifth Avenue in Boston is like cruising a certain kind of bar: you get to test anything that appeals, brutally snub whatever bores or repels you, and take home whatever you find really attractive.

In perfume aisles Luca Turin is an homme aux femmes, ready to be ravished. Turin is a biophysicist, currently at MIT, who has a celebrated, notorious passion for perfume. He didn’t invent the discipline of perfume criticism, but he redefined it, opening up a new branch of aesthetic evaluation with a dazzling field of reference and punchy pungency. The English magazine Prospect called his 2008 book Perfumes: The Guide, which he wrote with Tania Sanchez, “bigoted, snarling, monomaniacal, subjective, triumphalist, and quite magnificent.” He and Sanchez are Pauline Kaels of the fragrance world, revered and reviled.

The two (who are married) are sensual in their reviews. Turin, who met me at Saks, told me that the 1971 Chanel No. 19 was a “bitch perfume, like green sharkskin pumps.” He writes of a perfume by Le Labo that after three minutes, “Oud 27 becomes properly pornographic: a wet-hair note and a couple of macrocyclic musks of the kind found near the rear end of deer take over … . Great fun, brilliant perfumery, and, for once, really raunchy.”

Any lesson in the art and history of perfumery starts at the Chanel counter, to which Turin kept returning during our pinballing tour. That’s because Chanel No. 5 is the definitively modern, composed perfume–a pretty, very sweet floral made with jasmine and rose, which are always expensive, and a surprising amount of violet,cheap apple iphone 6s, which is to the fragrance industry what vanilla is to food: the first successfully synthesized floral. But Chanel No. 5 also has a significant proportion of novel chemicals: a blend of aliphatic aldehydes that both buffer the sweetness and enhance it, giving the perfume an artificial scent. They also give it structure. The Belgian perfumer René Laruelle calls synthetics the bones of fragrance, naturals the flesh.

Artist, scientist: Luca Turin is an MIT biophysicist, a fragrance chemist, and the coauthor of Perfumes: The Guide.
Turin spent the most time with me at the counters of Chanel, Guerlain, and Estée Lauder, the last of which he said was underappreciated. He wanted to smell a new Lauder perfume: Jasmine White Moss. It is a classic chypre, the French word for “cypress” and the name of a famous 1917 perfume that blended sweet amber resin, citrus, and woody, oak-moss notes in what became an endlessly varied triad. The current classic of the genre is Chanel’s Cristalle. Turin pronounced the new Lauder “as good as it gets.” I smelled both Cristalle and Jasmine White Moss at length–the “heart” and the “drydown,” after 15 minutes to an hour, are what really matters–and found Cristalle to be admirably formal and cold, as Turin said I would. By contrast, Jasmine White Moss was startlingly sweet at first but was then reined in by the sterner oak moss and wood.

Turin likes chypres, but he’s fascinated by the “wonderfully spare aesthetic” of what he calls nouvelle parfumerie, which is characterized by dry wood, smoke, tar, and the abundant use of aromas that don’t exist in nature. Landmarks include Bertrand Duchaufour’s 2004 Timbuktu for L’Artisan Parfumeur and Comme des Gar?ons’ 2 Woman, “rasping and caressing,” designed in 1999 by ?Duchaufour’s colleague Mark Buxton. At Saks, Turin gave me a whiff of another fragrance he guesses is 80 percent synthetic–the same proportion he estimates in the Lauder, but this one designed to be new and strange: Rush, by Gucci. He loves it. “This creature may be from outer space,” says The Guide, “but its blood is warm.” I found it like a neon sign as bloody red as its box–impossibly strange, and frankly emetic.
it’s chemistry
How do chemists find these chemicals that mimic natural fragrances, enhance aromas, or smell completely new? By trial and error. Fragrance chemists can build the molecules that produce a smell, and then test variants. But they have never been able to design odorants without weeks or months of labor and expensive trials. Turin says he has found a way to do just that, guided by a different theory of how molecules stimulate smell perception. It is not his reviews, however brilliant, but The Secret of Scent (2006), describing the molecular-vibration theory of olfaction, that he hopes will be his legacy.

For decades the guiding theory was that a molecule’s shape determined smell: in lock-and-key fashion, a molecule would bind to a receptor site in the nose, ultimately sending signals to the brain that result in the experience of a smell. The lock-and-key model had proved widely applicable in biochemistry, and it seemed natural to extend it to olfaction, as Linus Pauling did in 1946. But 50 years of fragrance chemistry has shown little correlation between molecular shape and odor. Musks, for example, have very similar shapes and very different odors; tiny changes to the molecule of, say, an elusive floral fragrance can wreck its smell. Turin revived a theory, originated in the 1920s, that posited a correlation between molecular vibrations and smells. The English chemist Malcolm Dyson formally proposed it in 1938, and Robert H. Wright, a Canadian chemist and physicist, advanced it in a 1977 paper. But they both lacked an explanatory mechanism.

Any mechanism would have to explain how the nose can do the work of a spectrometer, without infrared beams to excite vibration. Since humans have only 347 smell receptors, a discovery announced in 1991 by Linda Buck and Richard Axel, each receptor must somehow recognize thousands of smells. In Turin’s theory, an odorant molecule that fits into a receptor’s binding site can switch on the receptor only if the molecule has a particular vibration, a quantum of energy matching the difference between two energy levels in the receptor. Once the sluiceway is open, electrons can travel through the molecule across the receptor, which recognizes the smell in much the way that cone cells in the retina recognize color by frequencies, or hair cells in the cochlea recognize sound vibrations.

Turin published his electron-tunneling mechanism in 1996 in Chemical Senses. Some parts of the theory were, and remain, unproved. Isotopes, for example, are identical in shape but should smell different from one another because their slightly different weights should produce slightly different vibrations. Turin reported that they did. But his finding proved hard to reproduce in studies involving na?ve subjects: differences in smell are subtle, and perception varies from subject to subject. The failure to confirm odor differences between isotopes, which seemed to disprove the theory, was reported in a paper in a 2004 issue of Nature Neuroscience, accompanied by a harsh editorial. But recent studies are turning the tide Turin’s way. A 2007 paper in Physical Review Letters showed that his mechanism was physically plausible; and Greek researchers are preparing to publish a paper showing that fruit flies can, in fact, smell the difference between isotopes. (In 2003, Turin’s trials in forwarding his theory were the subject of The Emperor of Scent by Chandler Burr, who now writes about perfume for the New York Times.)

While his theory was under attack, Turin consoled himself, as No?l Coward would say, with the bitter palliative of commercial success. From 2000 to 2007 he was chief scientist for Flexitral, whose main business was creating replacements for 26 fragrances that the European Union had restricted or banned as possible allergens. He was using vibrational theory to design molecules every day “and getting a tremendously high success rate,” he says. “I could calculate whether a smell would be right or not.”

All very practical, and potentially very profitable–but not madly artistic. “One would like to invent new smells, but business is business,” Turin says. Yet at the company he did achieve what he calls a long-held dream: a “drop-dead lily of the valley.” Muguet, the lovely French word for the flower, is the mountain any fragrance chemist hopes to scale. There has been no truly accurate rendition of its all-white scent, which combines soapy rose and cut grass. Edmond ?Roudnitska’s Diorissimo, created in 1956, came the closest; it established Roudnitska, Turin writes, as the “Mozart of postwar French perfumery.” Two of the chemicals Roudnitska discovered to be key components were later identified as potential allergens, and their use has been restricted. On a mountain on a skiing holiday, Turin got the idea for a molecule he guessed would smell right. That night he faxed a sketch of it to chemists at his lab and asked if they could make it. Two days later, they reported that the whole laboratory smelled of lily of the valley. It was “an epiphany,” Turin says. “Like a Roman emperor, I can die now.”

Instead, he left the business for what he calls a “science break”: at MIT he is working on an artificial nose.
a matter of taste
Could I outgrow Eau Sauvage and embrace the new? In a long smelling session at the New York offices of Robertet, an international fragrance firm, I discovered one reason I used Eau Sauvage in the first place: it contains a novel synthetic, and one I like. To historians of fragrance, Eau Sauvage is famous because it was the first perfume to use hedione, an “effect aroma” that, Turin says, “lubricates” a fragrance, as if one were licking one’s lips. Discovered in 1961 and put to use by Roudnitska five years later, hedione gives Eau Sauvage what Turin describes as a “strange, glittering freshness.” The fragrance could cut through a 1960s smoke-filled room (cigarette smoke has become the great missing ingredient in older perfumes) with its mixture of citrus, pine, and rosemary.

Jér?me Epinette, the proper, precise fragrance chemist at Robertet, let me smell hedione in his shiny, glass-walled, glass-bottle-lined lab on Fifth Avenue. Robertet designs fragrances for many U.S. designers and brands, and it is Epinette who translates vague ideas into samples sent off for evaluation and, if approved, production. I loved hedione, not because it reminded me of Eau Sauvage but because it smells a little like concentrated peony petals after a spring rain. Indeed, Epinette told me that he describes it to clients as “petal-ly” and “transparent.”

“Transparent,” “fresh”: these are the qualities that became popular after the complex, big fragrances of the 1980s, and they can be found in many fruity, food-y fragrances, as Paul Austin, an Australian-born fragrance consultant who was a longtime top executive for Quest International, the large fragrance firm since bought out by rival Givaudan, told me. Unchallenging, foodlike fragrances now appeal to more sophisticated European noses, too, he said, though Europeans once preferred the “intellectual” chypre genre.

And yet … Eau Sauvage, dépassé as it may be, is still admired for its structure, and ?Austin says it had more character than many of the mainstream scents “we in the industry produce today.” In his guide Turin writes, “I always forget how good this darned thing is. Part of the reason I don’t wear it is that it reminds me of my youth.” He embraces the new!

Then, in our madcap Saks round, Turin randomly sprayed on a Guerlain eau de toilette that, he said, was the only thing he wore for years. I loved it. Eau de Guerlain is pure, unsweet citrus, with a lingering light verbena scent on the drydown. “If you want citrus, there is simply nothing better out there,” his review says. Bergamot and citrus, also the dominant notes in Eau Sauvage, are apparently what I want. It makes sense. Verbena was the scent of my childhood: my mother ordered boxes of specially milled lemon verbena soap for every bathroom.

Eau de Guerlain it is, then. Well … there was one new perfume that I kept returning to with an almost physical craving, even after smelling dozens: Bigarade Concentrée, sold by Malle and created by Jean-Claude Ellena, now the house fragrance designer for Hermès, where he designed Eau de Pamplemousse Rose, another citrus I liked. Bigarade Concentrée smells powerfully of bitter Seville oranges, with nothing sweet or false about it; Turin likes the “interesting mixture of citrus friendliness and resinous austerity.” But I wouldn’t pay the $210 for the 3.4-ounce bottle (the same size bottle of Eau de Guerlain costs less than $100).

Maybe my simple taste marks me as a cook. “All chefs like citrus,” Lev Glazman, who creates bespoke scents as head of fragrances for the Boston-based firm Fresh, told me. “It doesn’t interfere with what they’re cooking.” So sue me. My search for the new resumes–with flavors.

Corby Kummer is a senior editor at the Atlantic, where he writes about food.

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Under a bench at Sang-Young Lee’s lab is an ordinary, somewhat beat-up ink-jet printer he has modified so that it spits out electronic circuits and a type of energy storage device called a supercapacitor. To make it work, Lee empties the ink cartridges and refills them with specially formulated battery materials and conductive inks. When loaded with treated paper, his hacked printers make flexible, durable supercapacitors and simple circuit components in the form of a high-resolution map of the Republic of Korea, a flower, a logo, or any other desired design.

Lee, a battery chemist at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) in South Korea, has been working on flexible printed batteries for the past five years. “The architecture of the battery hasn’t changed since the birth of the lithium-ion battery,” he says. Energy-storing materials are cast onto metal foil and packaged with a liquid electrolyte into a few basic shapes―pouches, coins, cylinders, and rectangular prismatic cells. For example, the design of wearable health monitors, whether they’re in textiles or worn in a wristband, is constrained by the need for a battery box or pouch. Instead, Lee wants to make flexible batteries that disappear into a design and can be made using simple equipment, such as an ink-jet printer.

To make it work, he had to tailor all the materials in the recipe. If the inks smear or run in the paper, the supercapacitor won’t work. So the first layer to be printed is a cellulose primer that absorbs inks and won’t run. That’s followed by carbon nanotubes, which replace the foil current collector in a battery, and silver nanowire electrodes, followed by an electrolyte ink. Each ink had to be formulated so that it would flow through the print head and not clump up while sitting in the cartridge.

The key to Lee’s system was developing an electrolyte compatible with ink-jet printing. The electrolyte, the medium that conducts ions and electrons, is typically a liquid. Lee is the first to make a fully ink-jet-compatible set of materials that includes the electrolyte. Other research projects, he says, require a liquid electrolyte to be added after the other parts are printed. The need to hold in that liquid constrains the design of the printed battery. There are solid-state electrolyte materials, but they’re not compatible with ink-jet printing and may not be flexible.

Lee’s prototype, described in the journal Energy & Environmental Science, shows how the battery and the circuit alike disappear into printed designs. On one printed sheet, the word “BATTERY” powers the words “Printed Circuit,” which carry electricity into an LED. In a design for a coffee-mug wrap, a supercapacitor powers a sensor to turn on a blue light by the printed word “COLD” or a red light by the word “HOT” depending on the beverage’s temperature.

“The goal for the Internet of things and ubiquitous computing is to have technology go into the background so we can interact with the world in ways that feel natural,” says Inna Lobel, a mechanical engineer and industrial designer at the design firm Frog in New York City. These printed supercapacitors suggest what such technologies and materials might look like, she says.

Still, the technology is a work in progress. In a testament to the novelty of the field, Lee had to build the equipment to test his flexible batteries. A custom-made machine measures electrical performance while the batteries are being twisted and otherwise deformed. The next step is to continue to improve the total energy storage of the printed devices, he says, and try printing on different materials besides paper.

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    Right now, someone somewhere is live-streaming something interesting. Thanks to technology being developed by a team of artificial intelligence researchers at Twitter, you may soon be able to find it.

Live-streaming is becoming ever-more popular through smartphone apps such as Periscope from Twitter, Meerkat, and, most recently, Facebook Live. But live video content usually isn’t tagged or categorized well, often because people don’t know what they’ll record until the camera begins rolling.

Twitter’s AI team,Discount sony headphones store, known as Cortex, has developed an algorithm that can instantly recognize what’s happening in a live feed. The algorithm can tell, for instance, if the star of a clip is playing guitar, demoing a power tool, or is actually a cat hamming it up for viewers.

“Content is always changing on Periscope, and more generally on live videos,” says Clement Farabet, who is the technology lead for Cortex. Farabet demonstrated the video-recognition technology to MIT Technology Review, showing a screen of about two dozen Periscope feeds, all being tagged in real-time.

Identifying the content of live video is a pretty impressive trick. Researchers have made impressive progress in recent years with algorithms that can identify objects in photographs, but it is much more difficult to do with a live video of varying quality. To do it instantly also requires considerable computing power. Twitter effectively built a custom supercomputer made entirely of graphics processing units (GPUs) to perform the video classification and serve up the results. These chips are especially efficient for the mathematical calculations required for deep learning, but normally they are just one part of a larger computer system.

“It is quite a challenge even for static videos, and for runtime videos they must have a lot of processing power,” says Peter Brusilovsky, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh who studies the personalization of content.

Brusilovsky says that better ways of filtering video are badly needed. “Videos generally aren’t skimmable,” he says. “As a result, recommendation is very important. It’s kind of the missing piece of video.”

Recommending videos usually involves showing a person clips that have been watched by someone else who seems to have similar taste (an approach known as “collaborative filtering”). This is a crude gauge of real interest, though, and it does not work for content that is being broadcast live.

The Cortex team has ambitions to develop a sophisticated recommendation system to help filter and curate all sorts of content shared through the service, based on a user’s previous activity.

The video-recognition technology developed by the Cortex team hasn’t yet made it into any of Twitter’s products, but it’s being tested on Periscope, an app owned by Twitter that lets users transmit live video from their smartphones. The team is using an approach known as deep learning to recognize the activity in clips. Deep learning involves training a large simulated neural network to recognize inputs from a large number of examples. The examples are provided by staff paid to watch videos and add keywords. This tagging process provides a fairly complex semantic understanding of video clips. For example, a video showing a cat may be categorized not just with “cat” but also “animal,” “feline,” “mammal,” and more. This offers a more sophisticated way to explore clips.

Live video is rapidly becoming an important part of the social media landscape.

Twitter acquired Periscope in January 2015, before the app had even launched, for a sum reportedly in excess of $50 million. This followed the breakout success of Meerkat, another app tied to Twitter. Facebook launched its own live video service earlier in 2015, and the company increased the feature’s prominence earlier this month by adding it to the homepage each user sees.

There are no plans as of yet to monetize the technology, and Periscope does not currently feature advertising. But it isn’t hard to imagine how such a tool could be useful for advertising, by algorithmically matching ads to the contents of videos as they are filmed and broadcast. As more and more video moves online, in fact, the algorithm could help Twitter tailor ads to such content a lot more efficiently. Notably, this month the company won the right to broadcast live certain NFL footage.

Ben Edelman, an associate professor at Harvard’s Berkman Center and an expert on online media and advertising, says the technique developed by Twitter could prove important for filtering out copyrighted content as well as undesirable content such as pornography or violence.

But Farabet is just as interested in finding stuff people do want to see. “Having an ability to truly understand what you’re interested in—completely independent of who produced it or when it was produced—is a fundamental capability that we really want to have,” he says.

Weren''t able to make it to EmTech Digital?
We''ve got you covered.
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    3-D Desktop to Compete With Apple In a TR exclusive, a patent reveals one possible way Microsoft''s future OSes will add depth to their interface. Christopher Mims A Tale of Two Hacks News of another attack on user data shows that if handled correctly the cloud can be safe. Tom Simonite The Secret to Staying Healthy? Make It Fun Rice students have adapted components of the Nintendo Wii to help train children with balance problems. David Zax Toshiba''s Self-Wiping Hard Drive The company announces a drive that''s smart enough to lock down data—or even automatically erase it. David Zax What the iPhone Tracking Scare Says about Our Gadgets The accusation that Apple tracks its users shows we have much to learn about how our gadgets really work. Tom Simonite View Why Windows 7 May be Microsoft''s Last PC Operating System Sneak peeks suggest the next edition of Microsoft''s PC operating system will also have to work well on mobile devices. Robert Cringely View Video Game Shapes Leadership Style of the New Head of MIT''s Media Lab Joi Ito has a knack for leading people, which he demonstrated, of all places, in World of Warcraft. Christopher Mims Private Spacecrafts to Carry Humans Get NASA Funding NASA awards $269 million to the commercial industry to carry its astronauts to orbit. Brittany Sauser View Could Augmented Reality be Hazardous to Your Health? Pop-up alerts and other displays in our field of vision could interfere with our perception of speed and velocity, says a bioengineer Christopher Mims Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Now Crawling With Robots (Video) Portable robots prove they finally have the range and power to be useful in a disaster Christopher Mims Find your preferred version. Choose from six languages and in 13 regions worldwide. Archives Explore 114 years of innovation from the most respected technology publication. Lists Discover the most important people, companies and technologies shaping our future. Events Attend one of our over 400 thought-provoking live events worldwide. Subscribers Have MIT Technology Review delivered to your doorstep, desktop, or tablet?

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    REUTERS: General Mills Inc reported its seventh straight decline in quarterly sales on Tuesday as the maker of Cheerios breakfast cereal limited discounting in a bid to boost margins, amid stiff pricing competition.

The company has been offering fewer discounts on products such as Progresso soups and Pillsbury dough to cut costs,Cheap Fjallraven kanken laptop, while rivals have been slashing prices to compete for retailers'' shelves.

The price gap with its competitors was one of General Mills'' "biggest challenges" so far this year, Chief Operating Officer Jeff Harmening told analysts on a post-earnings call.

"We haven''t had the promotion mix right and we haven''t been as competitive in pricing as we could have been," Harmening said.

General Mills said it was still cutting back on discounting in the current quarter, but at a slower rate than it has so far done.

Retailers including Wal-Mart Stores Inc , Target Corp and Amazon.com Inc are currently embroiled in a price war that has made it crucial for them to stock cheaper products.

"2017 does seem to be developing into a ''tug-of-war'' between the retailers and food manufacturers, where pressure is mounting on retailers to become sharper on price points," Bernstein analyst Alexia Howard said on Monday.

The company''s net sales fell 5.2 percent to US$3.79 billion in the third quarter ended Feb. 26, hurt by weak demand for its yogurt and baking products. Sales fell short of analysts'' average estimate of US$3.82 billion,Cheap kanken dual colour for sale, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

General Mills, like its competitors ConAgra Brands Inc and Campbell Soup Co ,Cheap fjallraven kanken mini, has also faced lackluster demand for processed foods as consumer tastes shift toward fresh foods and items seen as healthier.

The company stood by its forecast for organic sales to fall about 4 percent in the year ending May.

Gross margin increased 60 basis points to 34.5 percent of net sales in the quarter.

Net income attributable to General Mills fell to US$357.8 million or 61 cents per share, from US$361.7 million or 59 cents per share, a year earlier.

Excluding one-time items, the company earned 72 cents per share, beating the average analyst expectation by a cent.

Minneapolis-based General Mills'' shares were down 1 percent at US$59.99 in morning trading. They had fallen about 2 percent this year.

(Reporting by Richa Naidu and Sruthi Ramakrishnan in Bengaluru; Editing by Sai Sachin Ravikumar)

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    2-in-1 Tablets & Notebooks gnstig: Alle Modelle im Preis-Leistungs-Ranking Das beste 2-in-1-Tablet frs Geld Von Matthias Rler,Cheap Fjallraven kanken kids for sale, 10.04.2017 Das müssen gute und günstige 2-in-1-Tablets k?nnen Play Video
2-in-1-Notebooks im Einsteigerbereich erhalten Sie bereits fr unter 200 Euro. Allerdings sollten Sie bei den gnstigen Laptop-Tablet-Kombinationen genau aufpassen: Nicht jedes der angeblichen Schnppchen-Tablets ist wirklich sein Geld wert. Im Video zeigen wir Ihnen, worauf Sie beim Kauf eines 2-in-1-Laptops achten mssen. Zudem haben wir fr Sie die aktuellen Preis-Leistungshits unter den 2-in-1-Tablets zusammengefasst.

Die Zeit fr Sparfchse ist gekommen: Gnstige 2-in-1-Tablets sind mittlerweile richtig gut! Viele Markenhersteller bieten die Hybriden zum fairen Preis an. Dabei sparen Sie gleich doppelt: Zum einen bekommen Sie ein vollwertiges Notebook, zum anderen gibt es ein Tablet obendrauf. Auch technisch sind die Gerte durchweg empfehlenswert: Schnelle Multi-Core-Prozessoren, scharfe Displays und lange Akkulaufzeiten sind nicht mehr nur in der High-End-Riege zu finden. Doch lassen Sie sich nicht von technischen Daten beeindrucken. Erst in unserem Testlabor zeigt sich, ob ein Tablet auch in der Praxis gute Ergebnisse liefert.

2-in-1-Tablet Schnppchen finden: Das Preis-Leistungs-Ranking hilft

Top-Platzierungen im Ranking verdanken die 2-in-1s vor allem starker Performance und tollem Handling. Doch gute Testergebnisse allein reichen fr Schnppchenjger nicht aus, neben der Gesamtwertung ist auch die Preis-Leistungs-Wertung enorm wichtig. Damit erkennen Sie auf einen Blick, bei welchem Modell Sie den besten Mix aus Anschaffungskosten und Gesamt-Performance ergattern.

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Asus Transformer Book T100HA-FU002T: Top Preis-Leistung.''> Asus Transformer Book T100HA-FU002T: Top Preis-Leistung. Empfehlung: Asus Transformer Book T100HA-FU002T

Das Asus Transformer Book T100HA-FU002T mit 10 Zoll groem Convertible-Display und Windows 10 bekommen Sie ab rund 222 Euro - und berzeugt damit im Test mit einer sehr guten Preis-Leistung im Einstiegssegment. Durch das geringe Gewicht von 590 Gramm sowie einem starken Akku, der rund elf Stunden durchhlt, ist das 2-in-1 perfekt fr den mobilen Einsatz. Herzstck des Transformer Book T100HA-FU002T ist ein Intel Atom x5-Z8500 mit einer Taktung bis zu 2,24 GHz. Dazu kommen 2 GByte Arbeitsspeicher. Der interne Speicher erweist sich mit 32 GByte allerdings als sehr knapp.

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Alle 2-in-1 Tablets im Test

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Und wo sind bitte in der Liste die ganzen Lenove Yoga Books? Haben die identische Leistung und kosten nicht so viel. Das einzige Lenovo Ger?¤t ist das Miix,Wholesale backpack, und das ist mit am teuersten. Wobei das Lenovo Yoga 700 oder 900 sogar noch mehr Leistung hat. Bitte bringt euro alte Tabelle mal auf den neuesten Stand und bringt auch die g??nstigen Modelle in der Tabelle und nicht nur die 1000 Euro Convertibles. Schlechte Recherche und total unvollst?¤ndig. Bitte Volunteer alle fehlenden Daten erfassen und dann reden wir noch mal. :-)

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    Fakten zu dieser App (Stand: 11.05.2016)Preis:GratisVersion:2.8.1 Dateigr??e:17.15 MByteHersteller:Chefkoch GmbHKategorie:Essen und Trinken, LifestyleBetriebssystem:iOSKompatibel mit: iPhone4, iPad2Wifi, iPad23G,Cheap fjallraven kanken classic, iPhone4S, iPadThirdGen, iPadThirdGen4G,Buy kanken mini online, iPhone5, iPodTouchFifthGen, iPadFourthGen, iPadFourthGen4G, iPadMini, iPadMini4G, iPhone5c, iPhone5s, iPhone6, iPhone6Plus,Cheap fjallraven kanken kids, iPodTouchSixthGen Erh?ltlich seit14.11.2011Auch verf??gbar f??r:Android

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    Honda CR-V at the price of 17.98-24.98 million 04 21 August 15:13 crown road in the production price of 22.0-32.98 million 04 20 15:37 Honda smart electric car show car 04 on Sept. 19 in the price of 25.13-51.88 million 23:20 Tang produced 04 month 20 days 11:43 song in the production price of 8.99-14.99 million 04 20 July 11:42 song EV in producing the price of 20-30 million 04 month 19 days 23:08 DM song in the price of 20-30 million 04 19 August 23:07 Yisheng auto show turnout 04 month 21 days 15:22 Yi Ge auto show car 04 11 21 15:21 Yi cool in 19 August 04 produced no price 22:54 Changan CS55 not listed the estimated 10-15 million 04 21 15:24 Changan escape R the auto show car 04 11 19 23:14 TOYOTA WAY concept car auto show car 04 11 21 15:29 corolla in the production price of 10.78-16.08 million 04 11 21 15:24 TOYOTA FUN concept car auto show car 04 11 19 23:00 Mustang in production The price of 39.98-76.4 million 04 11 21 15:38 Ford F-150 at the price of 49.98-54.88 million 04 21 15:37 a sharp boundary in producing the price of 24,Wholesale nikon cameras.98-44.98 million 04 21 15:35 in the price of 17.98-31.98 million 04 Mondeo 21 July 15:34 Taurus in production price of 23.48-36.98 million 04 21 15:33 wing stroke in production price of 9.48-12.98 million 04 months 21 15:32 SUZUKI Xiao transit listed no price 04 Nov 21 15:40 SUZUKI IGNIS concept car auto show car 04 21 15:39 in the price of 13.98-20.98 million. Ling 04 19 23:21

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    cinema yet provide scheduled, can refer to the recent hit movie
80 The strongest team on the surface, is about to collapse Director: F· Gary · Gray Release: 2017.04.14 Starring: Van · diesel engin · Johnson Charlize · Theron Jason · Michel Statham · Rodriguez Natalie · Emanuel Elsa · Helen Mirren Therese July 4 · · · Gibson Kurt; Russell Jordana · Brewster Lucas Black Chris Christopher Lu · · · Weiyousikete Hai; Eastwood Genre: action / crime / Thriller The Smurfs: looking for the mysterious village 7 4 All over the world, all the way up Director: Kelly · Aspen B-ray Release: 2017.04.21 Starring: Joe · mangniello; Julia · Roberts Mandy · Michel Patinkin · Rodriguez Alicia · camper Genre: animation / adventure / Comedy playfully and Prejudice 7 3 Love your quarrelsome lovers, Director: Li Haishu Release >

NetEase Francisco November 1st message, according to foreign media reports,Buy sony projectors wholesale, according to Net Applications data show that in October 2011 Apple mobile phone browser access system has increased, while the Android mobile phone system browser visits also catch up with Opera Mini, ranked second.

the change in Net Applications monthly statistical data network access has been... View Thread > > ) < / p>Android mobile intelligent operating system platform

Google''s mobile platform is one of the current hot, in many respects, Android has become the industry''s first beat apple iOS. According to professional website forecast, Android application downloads is expected to surpass apple. Although the survey forecast the apple application downloads is 2.5 times that of Android, but with Android intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer growth, monthly application downloads of Android system will be more than Apple''s iOS system before June 2012. The use of ultra high popularity of the Android system has brought rapid growth in the amount of Android applications.

can not be denied that the valley... View Thread > > )

today we talk about the history of the Android system, first of all we have to talk about the origin of the name of the Android system. Android this time first appeared in the French writer Adam Lear in the 1886 science fiction''s "future" Eve, the author will look like the name of the human machine is Android, which is the origin of the name of Android.

know the origin of the name of the Android we look at the origin of the Android system. The Android system developed by Google did not start out, the original Android system is called Android, the Google Corporation in the acquisition of 2005 of the...

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    Mara Liasson joined FOX News Channel (FNC) in 1997 and currently serves as a contributor. She also serves as a panelist on "FOX News Sunday," FOX Broadcasting Company''s (FBC) public affairs program that airs nationwide each Sunday morning.

Liasson is a national political correspondent for National Public Radio (NPR). She joined NPR in 1985 as a general assignment reporter and newscaster. Liasson''s reports can be heard on the award-winning newsmagazines,Cheap macbook pro, "All Things Considered" and "Morning Edition." During her tenure, she covered the 1992, 1996 and 2000 presidential elections and prior to her current assignment, Liasson was NPR''s White House correspondent during all eight years of the Clinton administration. In 1991, Liasson spent three weeks in Amman,bulk wholesale lg tv, Jordan where she reported on the aftermath of the Gulf War.

Liasson received a Bagehot Fellowship in Economics and Business Journalism. From Sept. 1988 - June 1989, she took a leave of absence to attend Columbia University in New York. Shortly thereafter, she returned to NPR as its congressional correspondent.

Liasson has received numerous awards and honors for her reporting,Buy wholesale galaxy s7 online, including the White House Correspondents'' Association Merriman Smith Award in 1994, 1995, and 1997 for excellence in daily news reporting.

Liasson earned her bachelor''s degree from Brown University.

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    A woman is suing a nail salon in Santa Clarita, Calif.,Wholesale apple watch 2, alleging a pedicure gone wrong caused her to lose a toe. Sonia Algara, who filed a negligence suit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, says she warned workers at Dynasty Nails that she was diabetic and at a high risk of infection before her pedicure on March 15, 2015, reports CBS Los Angeles.

Yet during the treatment, Algara says an employee cut between the fourth and fifth toes on her left foot with a pair of scissors. "They stopped right there," says her attorney, adding Algara visited a hospital that same day.

But "the incision caused severe pain and infection and eventually led to the pinky toe needing to be amputated" within a week,Cheap tablets for sale, according to the suit.

Algara says her balance has been affected and she can''t climb stairs or wear certain shoes. She''s seeking unspecified damages for medical expenses, mental anguish, and emotional distress,Cheap samsung led 60 inch tv, reports My News LA.

(A woman claimed a pedicure killed her husband.)

This article originally appeared on Newser: Woman Says Pedicure Made Her Lose a Toe

More From Newser

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    Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have a significant reduction in behavioral problems when parents are given specific training, found a large multi-center study published Tuesday in JAMA.

Working with the parents of 180 children between ages 3 and 7 with autism and behavioral problems, investigators from the six participating universities randomly assigned them to a 24-week parent-training program or a 24-week parent-education program.

The parent-education program was the study’s “placebo” group. Typically, during behavioral studies, the control group consists of participants who are put on a wait list who don’t initially receive any intervention.

“We brought what you’d typically see in a drug trial to behavioral interventions, which has never been done,” study author Luc Lecavalier, Ph.D., a professor of psychiatry at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, told FoxNews.com.“[This is] the largest randomized control trial ever done in the field of autism when it comes to a behavioral intervention, a non-psychopharmaceutical intervention.”

Researchers found that serious behavior problems were reduced by 47 percent for the parent-training group, compared to about 31 percent for parent-education participants. Overall progress responses were recorded by a blinded clinician. At week 24, 70 percent of the parent-training group’s children showed a positive response, compared to 40 percent of those of the parent-education group. Six months after the trial ended, participants were reevaluated and 79 percent of the training group maintained improvement.

“What was unique about this study is that we packaged known techniques into a manual that we then pilot tested for feasibility, and it was well-received by parents,” Lecavalier said.

Educating and training parents
The parent-training group went through 11 sessions in addition to optional sessions and telephone boosters. First, they were taught how to detect clues for children’s disruptive behavior. For example, a child is told he has bath time, throws a tantrum and does not have a bath. The child has learned to avoid bath time by having a tantrum. Parents are then taught about preventative measures, such as establishing a schedule and using a visual timer to encourage positive responses, reinforcement strategies and how to ignore undesirable behaviors.

Caring for an child with ASD is stressful, Lecavalier noted, and parents do the best they can, but simply don’t know how to manage it, and react by yelling or some behavior that worsens the situation.

“We try to get in there and tell them ‘There’s a reason why he hits himself or he hits you, let’s try to identify that and see if we can change the antecedent and consequences, which in turn will modify the behavior,’“ he said.

There’s no “recipe” for decreasing self-injurious behavior, which can change from day to day, but teaching parents to figure out the causes from the get-go can shape the child’s development, he added.

In the second part of the study, parents were taught compliance training, adaptive daily living skills— such as teaching a child to brush his teeth— and how to implement changes in different environments, such as from home to school.

In between lessons, parents were given homework to practice the techniques.

“We’re teaching the parent how to change their behaviors so they will interact differently with their child,acer laptops for sale cheap,” Lecavalier said.

The parent-education group, the active control group of the study, had 12 sessions during which they were provided with information covering topics such as the causes of autism, how to read a psychiatric or medical report, how to advocate for services at school, and known family stressors that accompany a child with autism. While the information was useful, they were not explicitly told how to deal with tantrums and other aberrant behaviors.

A group of about 25 highly-trained therapists from each facility followed a specific written script for both study groups and were supervised by video. Researchers noted that the low attrition rate for participants was 10 percent.

This low attrition rate for both groups shows the parents’ recognition of the positive effects of both the training and education.

“Getting the message out there will help parents understand the importance— it’s not just a parenting class, but an intervention they can do with their children,” Dinah Godwin, a social worker at the Meyer Center for Developmental Pediatrics at Texas Children''s Hospital, told FoxNews.com.

Many of the families were fairly newly diagnosed and the average age was 4.5 years, Lecavalier noted.

“We targeted young kids because that’s where they have the most potential for change. [We believe that] behavior is learned, the longer you wait to change,Cheap laptops online store, the harder it is; it’s easier to change tantrums or aggressive behavior in a 4-year-old doing [therapy] for a year than a 12-year-old,” he said.

Creating a structure that is focused on parents is important to empower families, experts agree, as most therapies, such as medications, are child-focused.

“So often we see that lots of families see it as a child’s behavior problem and… it’s difficult for parents to accept that they can influence it in a positive way, without necessarily taking the blame, so to speak, for behavior problems,“ Stacey Broton, a social worker for the Autism Center at Texas Children''s Hospital,Wholesale apple macbook air for sale, told FoxNews.com. “Even though they’re not necessarily causing it, they can still help manage and prevent behavioral issues with some strategies.”

Better than medicine?
In the future, researchers hope to study older children, but their next step is to understand who does well with training intervention and who does not. They also plan to disseminate their training programs to see if this could be done on a wider scale, with different moderators, such as nurses, psychologists, even people in a school setting.

Another element of their findings to consider, Lecavalier noted, is that children in their study had similar scores at the endpoint as did children in a previous study they published six years ago looking at the effects of antipsychotic medication, risperidone. According to their survey, taken 10 years ago, roughly one-fifth of children with ASD took an atypical antipsychotic, such as risperidone. Lecavalier estimated that that figure is currently higher.

The children went from being in the clinically significant range for behavior problems at baseline to being out of clinical range at the end of medication treatment. While the children in this study were older and more impaired than the preschool children in the current study, Lecavalier said the comparison puts the new findings in context.

Another element of their findings to consider, Lecavalier noted, is that children in their study had similar scores at the endpoint as did children in a previous study they published six years ago looking at the effects of antipsychotic medication, risperidone. According to their survey, taken 10 years ago, roughly one-fifth of children with ASD took an atypical antipsychotic, such as risperidone. Lecavalier estimated that that figure is currently higher.

The children went from being in the clinically significant range for behavior problems at baseline to being out of clinical range at the end of medication treatment. While the children in this study were older and more impaired than the preschool children in the current study, Lecavalier said the comparison puts the new findings in context.

“This might mean if we intervene early, these kids will not have to take medication down the road,” he said. “This is a very big deal because these medicines are potent, very potent, and work, but have side effects. A lot of parents don’t want to give them to their child.”

Lecavalier hopes to study the economic impact of the new study’s findings to see what cost savings would be associated with children who are exposed to behavioral treatment early in life.

Along with Ohio State, other participating centers included Emory University, Indiana University, Ohio State University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Rochester and Yale University.

“The take-home message is that well-trained therapists can train parents on specific behavior management techniques that could be implemented by parents on their own, which will significantly and clinically reduce behavior problems of their child with autism,” Lecavalier said.

   评论人:duqy9t10x  评论时间:2017/7/26
    Faroud Mohamed yesterday appeared before Magistrate Priya Beharry,Jerseys From China, to answer three counts of dangerous driving causing death. It is alleged that the accused on July 31, at Providence Public Road drove a motor vehicle PFF 576 in a manner dangerous to the public causing the deaths of Richard Chinian, Asheeki Ally and James Sookdeo. Mohamed pleaded not guilty to all three counts.The Police Prosecutor told the court that Mohamed was driving the vehicle PFF 576 north along the Providence Public Road, when he lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a lamp post, causing the deaths of Chinian,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Ally and SookdeoAttorney-at-Law Glenn Hanoman, who is working in association with Attorney-at-Law Sase Gunraj, represented Mohamed yesterday in court. Hanoman said that his client was not the driver of the vehicle.That there are witnesses that would corroborate this, he said.He continued that his client was in fact in the back seat of the vehicle, and not in the front, thwarting the reports of an 鈥榚yewitness鈥?the police had.According to the reports from that 鈥榚yewitness鈥? the driver of the vehicle was wearing a black shirt; according to Hanoman, on the night of the accident Mohamed and another passenger in the vehicle were both wearing black shirts.Hanoman fingered this other passenger as the driver of the vehicle. He pointed out that the only person that could have survived that accident would have had to be sitting in the back seat of the car, where he places his client at the time of the incident. The injuries that Mohamed came out of the accident with were evident in court.He entered the court room with a bandaged foot, and had to use a crutch to move around. There was visible bruising on his arms.Hanoman assured the court that Mohamed was no flight risk, and highlighted on the fact that he arrived at court even with the serious injuries he received.The Police Prosecutor did not object to bail,Wholesale Jerseys Paypal, and asked that the matter be transferred to the Providence Magistrate鈥檚 Court. Magistrate Priya Beharry placed the defendant on $150,000 bail for each count ($450,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping,000 total),Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Outlet, and ordered that the matter be transferred to the Providence Magistrates Court on September 7.Some time during the evening of Thursday July 30, Richard Chinian took his father鈥檚 car,http://www.airmaxfantasy.us.com/Adidas/, without permission, picked up the other three and went on what appeared to be a 鈥榡oy ride鈥?

   评论人:dieo4563uv  评论时间:2017/7/26
    Bitcoin Isn''t the Only Cryptocurrency in Town Currencies designed to fix perceived flaws in Bitcoin could lead to competition that makes the idea of digital “cryptocurrency” stick. Tom Simonite A Smarter Algorithm Could Cut Energy Use in Data Centers by 35 Percent Storing video and other files more intelligently reduces the demand on servers in a data center. David Talbot Big-Name Investors Back Effort to Build a Better Bitcoin Some of Silicon Valley''s best-known venture funds have backed OpenCoin, a startup with a new digital currency called Ripple. Tom Simonite Intel’s Dubious Plan to Take Over TV Slumping PC sales and a changing server market are maiming Intel. But its plan to sell services for the home’s biggest screen is a long shot. Jessica Leber First Solar Shines as the Solar Industry Falters First Solar’s strong finances are helping fund innovation and drive down the cost of solar power. Kevin Bullis The First Facebook Phone: A Little Too Much Information The HTC First, which features Facebook’s new Home interface, will appeal only to the most devoted of Facebook users. Rachel Metz Proceed with Caution toward the Self-Driving Car Completely autonomous vehicles will remain a fantasy for years. Until they’re here, we need technology that enhances human drivers’ abilities rather than making those abilities increasingly obsolete. Will Knight Climate Change: The Moral Choices The effects of global warming will persist for hundreds of years. What are our responsibilities and duties today to help safeguard the distant future? That is the question ethicists are now asking. David Rotman Okonjo the Troublemaker Nigeria’s finance minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala,Buy apple iphone 7 plus 128gb online discount store, MCP ’78, PhD ’81, isn’t afraid to clean house. Gigi Marino News The “What If?” Whiz By asking that simple question for more than five decades, Institute Professor Millie Dresselhaus has pioneered nanoscience, launched a new field of energy research, and helped women find their place at MIT. Alice Dragoon

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    By the late 1960s, molecular biologists had erected an overarching explanation of how genes work–their substance, their structure, their replication, their expression, their regulation or control. Or at least they had done so in outline, for prokaryotes, the simplest single-celled organisms (which include bacteria), and for the viruses, called bacteriophages, that prey upon them. The leaders of the field were now looking to a far more difficult problem: doing it all over again for higher organisms.

What this new generation of molecular biology demanded, and what was developed in just a few years, was a set of methods for investigating and precisely manipulating the genetics of eukaryotes, including animals and plants. With reverse transcriptase, which was discovered independently by ?Howard Temin and David Baltimore in 1970, genes encoded in RNA could be read back into DNA. With Daniel Nathans’s and Hamilton Smith’s work on restriction enzymes, segments of DNA could be snipped out at chosen sites. In a rush, from laboratories chiefly at Stanford University, came ways to link together genetic material from disparate sources. “We will be able to combine anything with anything,” one senior scientist told me at the time. “We can combine duck with orange.” The initial purpose was to get at the most basic questions of cellular biology, to find out exactly what individual genes do and how they do it. Immediately, though, a shining hope dawned: that this toolbox could be carried from the laboratory to the clinic, to cure hereditary diseases caused by genetic defects. Already, some scientists were dreaming of gene therapy.

By 1970, some 1,500 genetically determined diseases had been identified in humans. Some show up in babies; others surface at puberty; a few emerge only toward the end of the victim’s reproductive life. Some can be held in check by dietary restrictions, a few by drugs. But most cannot be cured or even palliated by conventional medicine. Though almost all are rare, some extremely rare, collectively they were coming to be recognized as a burdensome and costly medical problem. Many are marked by gross mental impairment. Victims of Lesch-Nyhan disease, for example, suffer severe mental retardation. They must have their arms splinted, because otherwise they bite their hands and arms. They die in childhood or early adulthood. Though scientists had traced fewer than a hundred of these human diseases to specific genetic deficiencies, they began searching for ways to cure them by safely inserting correcting genes into people suffering from them.

They were still trying nearly two decades later, when on September 29, 1999, the front page ofthe Washington Post carried the headline “Teen Dies Undergoing Experimental Gene Therapy.” Jesse Gelsinger was 18, a recent high-school graduate from Arizona who had a potentially fatal genetic disease. He was one of 18 patients taking part in a trial at the University of Pennsylvania. Viruses carrying a new gene had been injected into one of the arteries supplying blood to his liver. In gene therapy, an engineered virus is often used as a “vector,” delivering the desired gene to the patient’s cells; in this case, however, the virus apparently triggered a series of deadly events.

The New York Times picked up the story the day after it ran in the Post. The National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration started investigations, which moved with commendable speed; more details came out. Later, the U.S. attorney general got involved. But with those first newspaper reports, gene therapy seemed dead.

The trial that Gelsinger had been participating in was tainted by accusations of overconfidence, haste, negligent administration, and conflict of interest. Yet all this diverted attention from acute and fundamental problems with gene therapy itself–problems in the science and technology, problems in clinical exploitation of the technology, problems that were by no means new but that Gelsinger’s death made glaringly evident.

I had been following developments in gene therapy for a third of a century, watching as hundreds of millions of dollars were lavished on it, as new hopes cyclically turned to ashes, dramatic claims to sad farce. By 2000, more than 300 gene-therapy trials had been registered with NIH, involving more than 4,000 patients, according to an article printed that year in the Council for Responsible Genetics’ magazine GeneWatch. The Gelsinger affair was the most highly publicized failure. There had been plenty of others.

There were two chief reasons for pessimism about gene therapy. As had been plain from the start, although the total societal load of illness and debility caused by genetic defects is considerable, most individual diseases caused by single-gene defects–the kind that seem most likely to be cured by gene therapy–are rare. (Sickle-cell anemia and some other hemoglobin disorders are among the few exceptions.) Everybody in the field acknowledged this. Nobody seemed to face up to the implications. Because these diseases have different genetic mechanisms and affect different types of tissue, each presents a new set of research problems to be solved almost from scratch. As the millions burned away, it became clear that even with success, the cost per patient cured would continue to be enormous. And success had shown itself to be always glimmering and shifting just beyond reach, an ignis fatuus: from the start, step by step, everybody had underestimated the real difficulties the science presents.

The history of gene therapy can be told as the repeatedly frustrated search for viruses that work well as envelopes for gene delivery, paralleled by the increasingly baffling realization that far more than a few simple genes are needed to produce the desired proteins successfully. For the gene-therapy community, the years had been a calendar of failures. “We totally underestimated the fact that the viruses could present so many difficulties,” Inder Verma–a molecular biologist at the Salk Institute, in La Jolla, CA–told me in August 2006. “We underestimated the fact that it took billions of years for the viruses to learn to live in us–and we were hoping to do it in a five-year grant cycle!” He went on, “You know, the body is designed to fight viral infections. One hundred percent. Luckily for us! And here we are putting billions of viruses back into people and hoping that if we have a good virus, the body will say, ‘It’s okay, because we’re bringing the good stuff.’”

The first attempt at gene therapy in human patients began with a fortuitous observation. In 1959, the physician ?Stanfield Rogers, at the University of Tennessee, was working with the Shope papilloma virus, which causes warts on the skin of rabbits. He reported in Nature that the skin of these warts contained abnormally high levels of arginase, an enzyme that breaks down the amino acid arginine. He then found that some scientists who had worked with Shope virus, even 20 years in the past, had decreased blood levels of arginine.

The possibility that the virus had introduced its gene for arginase into the scientists was a curiosity, nothing more–until 1969, when the Lancet published a paper by ?Heinz-Georg Terheggen, a pediatrician in Cologne, Germany, and colleagues. Two little girls had been brought to Terheggen, deeply mentally retarded and suffering from a form of cerebral palsy, the British journal reported. Tests showed they had high levels of arginine, while very little of the enzyme arginase was detectable. This was a new genetic disease.

Rogers went to Terheggen to urge that he and his colleagues be permitted to inject the girls with Shope virus, hoping to give them a functioning gene for arginase. As an essential precaution, they did try inoculating the virus in a tissue culture of cells from one of the girls. They reported in the Journal of Experimental Medicine that they found arginase activity, apparently from the virus-introduced gene. But in the trial, there was no response, no reduction of arginine, no evidence of arginase activity. After an interval, they gave one child a larger dose. Still no response. The general consensus was that Rogers had made a premature attempt, with inadequate scientific understanding. That judgment was not wrong.

In the spring of 1972, Theodore Friedmann and Richard Roblin published the first extended study of the possibility of treating genetic diseases through gene transfer. “Gene Therapy for Human Genetic Disease?” appeared in Science. Disease by disease and therapy by therapy, the researchers warned of formidable technical problems; much that they laid out was prescient. They were the first to analyze the potential risks that gene therapy posed to patients and the grave ethical concerns it raised.

Nonetheless, the paper was a work of advocacy. With a medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania, ?Friedmann had spent three years in the 1960s at NIH, where, in the laboratory of Jay Seegmiller, he had begun to work on Lesch-Nyhan disease. Seegmiller had discovered that the disease is caused by the absence of the enzyme hypoxanthine phospho?ribosyltransferase, or HPRT, owing to a defect in its gene. Friedmann hoped to find a way to put the correct gene into Lesch-Nyhan cells in culture, perhaps using a virus. His imagination had been caught by the prospect of gene transfer. Indeed, as an assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of California, San Diego, in the early 1970s, he introduced the term “gene therapy.”

In January 1983, Friedmann and colleagues announced that they had isolated the normal gene for HPRT. Inder Verma, with whom Friedmann had struck up a collaboration in the early 1980s, had a potential viral vector: in this case, a type of retrovirus–one for a mouse leukemia. In August 1983, the two researchers reported that they had built the vector and used it successfully to introduce a functioning gene for human HPRT into rodent cells in vitro.

After that initial glimpse of success, Verma says, “very quickly we asked, ‘Can we do it in vivo?’” They began experiments on hemophilia in live mice. The gene defects causing hemophilia were known: the lack of a single protein could prevent blood from clotting. Working in vitro, adding the correct gene to cells in culture, “we could produce the protein forever,” Verma says. “And this is where the first surprise came.” The moment the cells were put back into the mice, “they instantly stopped making the protein. And this is the first limitation we recognized: retro?viruses can only introduce genes when the cells are dividing.” Verma adds, “We could take [the cells] out, grow them in vitro, transfuse them with the virus, put them back–but when we put them back, they shut off.” Why? “We still really have no idea,” he says.

Then, in 1990, an NIH research physician named ?William French Anderson announced to heated publicity that he was launching a gene-therapy trial, treating two young girls for a form of severe combined immune deficiency, or SCID. People with this disease completely lack a normal immune system. The precursor cells in their bone marrow that should make white blood cells are defective, so patients catch all the infectious diseases that white blood cells should fight off. Mild infections become grave; serious ones kill them. They die in early childhood. Anderson said the two girls were suffering from a form of SCID caused by a lack of the enzyme adenosine deaminase (ADA). He was injecting them with correcting genes carried in murine-leukemia virus.

Anderson was a flamboyantly effective publicist of gene therapy and of himself. He announced that the two little girls had been cured. In September 1994, he brought one of them to testify before the Science Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. She was eight years old by then, lively and apparently well. The chairman of the committee reportedly called her “living proof that a miracle has occurred.” Anderson made sure he was known to the public as “the father of gene therapy,” even displaying the title on his website.

Yet his scientific colleagues and competitors became exasperated, even contemptuous. In point of fact, the trial with the two girls had failed. All along, the girls had also been treated with injections of a synthetic ADA. And Verma and Friedmann had already shown the failure of mouse leukemia virus to introduce genes in vivo. “There was never production of the ADA protein–there never was,” according to Verma. Even before the girl appeared in front of the House committee, the failure was known throughout the medical community.

Since retroviruses presented difficulties in vivo, attention turned to the adenoviruses–which include the viruses that cause certain types of severe upper-respiratory infections in humans. They worked. “They were wonderful,” Verma says. “First of all, you could make billions of virus particles.” Secondly, wherever the particles were introduced, the imported genes would be expressed. Many researchers switched to adenoviruses. But they turned out to be highly immunogenic: they are difficult to use safely because they can provoke strong immune reactions. Next came adeno-associated viruses, AAVs. Because they have only two proteins, AAVs provoke the immune system less than adenoviruses do.

In the fall of 1994, Harold Varmus, the director of NIH, became increasingly skeptical about the quality of gene-therapy research. The agency’s Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (RAC) was reviewing all protocols for human trials of gene therapy funded by NIH. The committee’s first concern was safety. But as its recommendations passed across his desk for final approval, which was normally routine, Varmus realized that the committee was not systematically evaluating the trials’ scientific merits.

It turned out that Anderson’s were only the most egregious of many extravagant and unsupported claims surrounding gene therapy. Although NIH was giving out $200 million a year for gene-therapy research, and big pharmaceutical firms and swarms of biotechnology startups were thought to be spending as much again, not a single success with humans had been reported in any peer-reviewed journal. In May 1995,Cheap samsung 4k uhd 70 inch tv, Varmus convened a panel headed by Stuart Orkin, a professor at Harvard Medical School, and Arno Motulsky, a geneticist at the University of Washington, Seattle, to review the state of gene-therapy research and assess how funds should be apportioned among gene-therapy research areas.

Orkin and Motulsky reported in December, at length and scathingly. The promise of gene therapy appeared great, but its failures had persisted despite the RAC’s approval of more than a hundred protocols. Most clinical trials were too small and exploratory in nature to evaluate the medical merits of the treatment; they lacked adequate controls and rigorously stated goals. Gene therapy, the panelists concluded, had been widely and harmfully oversold.

The balloon was pricked. The RAC had been considering approximately 15 protocols at each of its regular sessions; but the next meeting, scheduled for March 1996, was canceled. No proposals requiring public review had been submitted.

Three years later came Jesse Gelsinger’s death.

Gelsinger and the 17 other patients in the trial at the University of Pennsylvania were being treated for a deficiency of the enzyme ornithine transcarbamylase, which the liver uses to break down ammonia, a by-product of protein digestion, into harmless waste products. In its most severe form, the deficiency kills babies in their first year. Gelsinger had been kept alive on a strict diet and a regime of pills. When he learned of the gene-therapy trial, he volunteered.

The trial was carried out at the university’s Institute for Human Gene Therapy, which was headed by James Wilson. It was one of the top such centers in the country. The corrective gene was loaded into an adenovirus. The 18 patients were divided into groups that got increasingly large doses. Gelsinger got the biggest–a culture of 38 trillion virus particles. He received the dose on September 13, 1999. By September 15, his vital signs were falling precipitously. With his father’s assent, he was taken off life support, and he died on September 17.

Jesse Gelsinger’s death was the first directly attributed to gene therapy. An alert went out to the hundred or so experimenters using adenovirus vectors. In the press and in scientific journals, the case was reported as a disaster for the field.

NIH investigated and called a special public meeting for December 8, 9, and 10. The problem became clearer. The protocol for the trials, as approved four years earlier by the RAC and the FDA, had called for the adenovirus vector to be injected intravenously. The FDA had subsequently authorized direct injection of the vector into the hepatic artery, which was the method actually used. Nonetheless, Gelsinger’s autopsy found that the vector was widespread in his spleen, lymph nodes, and bone marrow.

Meanwhile, the FDA was conducting its own inquiry. Investigators were harshly condemnatory. Selection of trial participants had been sloppy at best: Wilson and his colleagues were unable to produce proof that any of the volunteers had met the criteria for the trials. Informed-consent procedures had been grossly inadequate. Federal rules require that benefits and risks be explained fully and clearly; Paul Gelsinger, Jesse’s father, told the New York Times that the family had been led to think the treatment might help Jesse, though the trial had been designed only to test the safety of a treatment being developed for infants. Further, the consent form had failed to mention that monkeys had died after a similar though stronger treatment. In 1992 Wilson had founded a private research company, Genovo, in which he held stock. The company had not put money into this particular study, but it did contribute a healthy portion of the Institute for Human Gene Therapy’s overall budget.

On January 21, 2000, the agency ordered a temporary stop to all gene-therapy trials at Wilson’s institute. In 2005, Wilson settled with the U.S. Department of Justice: he was not to lead any clinical trials regulated by the FDA for five years.

Hope for cures based on gene therapy, it appeared, had all but died with Jesse Gelsinger. But in February 2000, Friedmann gave the opening talk at a Monday-morning session of an annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, in Washington, DC. He reviewed the fundamental difficulties of gene therapy, spoke of the many hundreds of protocols approved but so far not productive. He reminded his audience of Varmus’s impatient charge in 1995 that the field had been wildly oversold. Then–with a marked change in tone–he said, “We are on the verge of therapeutic efficacy.”

Two lines of work seemed to him to “have the feel of being correct.” A pair of American laboratories were beginning clinical trials of gene therapy for hemophilia. Proper blood clotting requires a cascade of responses, controlled by a series of proteins. Hemophilia A, the most common form of the disease, is caused by a defect in the gene for one of those proteins, factor 8; hemophilia B is caused by a defect in the gene for another, factor 9. The study ?Friedmann thought had that “sense of correctness” came from work with hemophilia B by Katherine High, a hematologist at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. At Stanford, the gene therapist and virologist Mark Kay was also working with hemophilia B. Kay and High had combined their efforts. Their methods worked with animal models of the disease. They were ready to start human trials.

But the most convincing results, Friedmann said, were just then coming from a group of pediatricians in Paris. Their leader was a man named Alain Fischer, a clinician working with small boys who had a form of SCID. Like the girls whom NIH’s Anderson had treated for ADA deficiency, these children produced no T lymphocytes, the white blood cells that fight infection. But their disorder was caused by a different gene. The children had been sick; they were not thriving. Then Fischer and his colleagues tried gene therapy. “These kids are now to all appearances immunologically reconstituted entirely,” ?Friedmann said. “All their immune properties seem to be optimized.” He went on, “And the thing that’s so impressive about it is, first of all, that it came from nowhere. It came from left field.” Experts on immune-system disorders “certainly must have known of Alain Fischer and his group,” Friedmann said, but the gene-therapy community was not as familiar with his work. “And it also is presented in meetings in a very low-key, very modest sort of way,” Friedmann said. “They say straight out there’s nothing new in method–they’ve done just a combination of a fortuitously good disease model [with] a lot of standard retrovirology that’s been developed over many years.”

Fischer and a dozen colleagues reported their method, and their success with their first two patients, in Science on April 28, 2000. They followed up with a report in the New England Journal of Medicine for April 18, 2002.

Meanwhile, Mark Kay and Katherine High reported that when they injected their vector into dogs with hemophilia B, the dogs had a therapeutic response. ?Avigen, a biotech company headquartered in ?Alameda, CA, collaborated with High and Kay to plan clinical tests of the treatment’s safety in people.

In November 2002, the French scientists halted their trials. The number of patients was up to 10, but now one of those patients who’d gained a fully normal immune system had come down with a disease similar to leukemia, out-of-control proliferation of the very white blood cells that had been restored.

Then the June 4, 2004, issue of Science reported that Avigen had backed out of the trials of the hemophilia treatment. Two of seven patients had developed slightly elevated levels of liver enzymes.

On September 28, 2005, I went to see Alain Fischer at the H?pital Necker, a children’s hospital in Paris. He was direct and clear. “I’m not a specialist in gene therapy,” he said at once. “My real field is immunology and, within immunology, genetic diseases of the immune system.” He had been working with these diseases for 25 years. “I am a physician. And here there is a clinical unit where children with immunological diseases are taken care of. So that’s where I’m starting from.” What kinds of diseases? “All kinds,” he said. “From deficiencies in T lymphocytes, B lymphocytes, innate immunity, there are … ” He drew breath. “We don’t know yet exactly. There are at least 140 different immunological diseases.” He added, “They are all very different.”

Fischer went on, “We are not going to become specialists in gene therapy–that is, to try to adapt gene therapy to different diseases. This is not our goal. We are specialists in these immunological diseases, and gene therapy is one strategy to try to treat these patients.” He was drawn to gene therapy in the early 1990s, when a new gene was identified that, mutated, causes a form of SCID. He had encountered patients with the mutation. “We understood very quickly, within one to two years, the pathophysiology of the disease,” Fischer recalled. “And we realized at that time that this disease could be the best candidate to test gene therapy.” The need for some type of effective treatment was certainly dire. Like all forms of SCID, he said, without treatment this one kills within the first year of life. The only treatment was bone-marrow transplants; but their success rate plummets unless close to identical immune-?system matches can be found, and that’s possible only about 20 percent of the time.

The types of cells affected by the disease also made it a good candidate for treatment with gene therapy, Fischer said. First, when the gene in which the mutation occurs is functioning properly, it encodes a protein that is vital if the precursors of T lymphocytes are to survive and proliferate. Second, unlike other types of immune system cells, T ?lymphocytes can survive for decades–sometimes even for an entire lifetime.

These two facts meant that even if the researchers could genetically alter only a few precursor cells, these cells might develop–or, as the scientists say, “differentiate”–into a large number of mature T cells that had a lasting benefit for the patient. “So we had the hope,” Fischer said, “that a very poor technology could–in that context, with that disease–work.”

Then came the drudgery. “We made vectors, retroviral vectors, the best technology of the time, blah blah blah,” remembered Fischer. But the tests went well. By 1998, Fischer and his colleagues were ready to seek approval to start human trials.

The first trial began on March 13, 1999. “And between ‘99 and 2002, we had treated 10 patients,” Fischer said. The researchers took bone marrow containing the lymphocyte?-precursor cells from the patients. In cell culture, they introduced the vector, a disabled retrovirus with the correcting gene. After several days, they injected the cells back into the patients. “And in nine out of ten, we were pleased to see that it worked,” he said.

As Fischer and his team had expected, the number of treated precursor cells able to generate T cells was very low. However, he said, it was sufficient to produce a normal number of T cells. “After a few months, these children could leave the hospital and start to live normally with their parents. And except for those who had the complication I’m going to describe in a moment, they are living normally still today.”

After the first three years, three of the ten children treated developed a severe complication, an uncontrolled proliferation of T lymphocytes. “I would call it a leukemia-like disease,” said Fischer. Childhood leukemia can usually be cured with massive doses of chemotherapy, and that’s how Fischer and his colleagues treated the three patients. One died. “The other two kids today are doing well, as well as the other seven,” Fischer said.

How much did all this cost? “A lot!” Fischer laughed abruptly. “A lot; but the treatment of a child with such a disease, without gene therapy, costs a lot, too.” Yes, he said, per patient, the cost of the research is huge. But “the cost of the therapy itself is not that big. Let’s assume it’s commercialized. I would assume the cost of the therapy itself, with the cost of the vector–the cell treatment ex vivo–shouldn’t cost more than maybe somewhere between $30,000 and $50,000, something like that. Per patient.” About the same as a heart transplant? “Exactly!” he said. “As it moves toward being a kind of, quote, ‘routine therapy,’ this is not much higher than many other therapies.”

And those complications? “We’ll see when we have enough follow-up to be sure,” he said, adding that if the chances of such a complication were reduced by a factor of 10, he’d consider the risk-benefit ratio “perfectly acceptable.” Fischer said he does not yet know whether his methods can be generalized to other types of genetic defects; he is not making any sweeping claims. His group is moving first to two other immune-deficiency diseases, involving other genes. “So we want to go step by step from the ones that are easiest to the most complex.”

From the first glimmer of possibility to the present day, Theodore Friedmann has written and spoken as gene therapy’s most ardent advocate. He has seen medicine enter a new era, which offers “new and definitive approaches to therapy that were previously only the stuff of dreams and scientific fantasy.” His has also been a voice of caution, of reason. He has had to warn his colleagues that they must openly address their discipline’s difficulties, its limitations, its failures. Yet he continues to marvel at the unprecedented possibilities raised by gene transfer. For the first time, he says, and one can sense his quiet exultation, medicine can do more than treat the signs and symptoms. It can reach the underlying causes. It can cure. “It’s going to be difficult,” he says. “Yet medicine has always had to work with imperfect knowledge and technology.”

Horace Freeland Judson is the author of five books, including The Eighth Day of Creation, a history of molecular biology that was published in 1979 and is still in print.

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    X-rays are a crucial tool of medicine, but to image the body’s soft tissues they generally require contrast-enhancing agents that must be swallowed or injected, and their resolution is limited. But researchers at MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital have come up with a new approach that could dramatically change that, providing the most detailed images ever―including clear views of soft tissue without contrast agents.

A sample x-ray of a human wrist demonstrates a new system’s ability to reveal very fine details.
The new technology could be smaller and cheaper than conventional systems, says Luis Velásquez-García, a principal research scientist at MIT’s Microsystems Technology Laboratories. It could also deliver higher resolution and reduce patients’ radiation exposure. The key is to produce coherent beams of x-rays from an array of micrometer-size point sources instead of a spread of beams from a single large point, as in conventional systems.

Velásquez-García says the technology would provide a unique view of the body’s organ systems. A simulation of the new system that the team performed with an eye from a cadaver clearly showed “all the structures, the lens, and the cornea,” he says.

Adapting hardware developed for microchip manufacturing, the researchers produced a nanostructured surface with an array of tiny tips, each of which can emit a beam of electrons. These, in turn, pass through a microstructured plate that emits a beam of x-rays. The resulting coherent beam is equivalent to something that can now be produced only by “incredibly expensive” systems at linear particle accelerators, Velásquez-García says. Those facilities were the first to demonstrate the diagnostic power of coherent beams―for example, revealing a cancerous tumor by showing the blood vessels supplying it.

“You can’t have a linear accelerator in every hospital,” he says. But the new system could potentially improve the resolution of conventional x-ray imagery by a factor of 100 with hardware that costs orders of magnitude less, he says.

The technology could also be applied beyond medicine. For example,Wholesale phones for sale, it could be useful in airport baggage screening, differentiating a bottle of shampoo from a container of explosives.

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    MINSK: Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko said on Thursday a tax on those not in full-time employment should not be enforced this year, after widespread public opposition to the levy led to the biggest protests in years.

Popularly known as the "law against social parasites" it requires those who work less than 183 days per year to pay the government US$250 in compensation for lost taxes,Wholesale backpack.

It has gone down badly with the Belarussian public at a time when many are struggling to make ends meet after more than two years of economic recession.

A protest against the tax in Minsk last month drew around 2,000 people, the largest demonstration in the country for six years. Similar protests have since been held beyond the capital and more were planned by the opposition for March.

"We will not collect this money for 2016 from those who were meant to pay it," Lukashenko was quoted as saying by state news agency Belta in a rare concession to public outcry.

Lukashenko, who once described himself as the "last dictator in Europe," has run the Belarussian economy along Soviet-style command lines since 1994.

He said the authorities could make amendments to the tax,Cheap mini fjallraven, but would not scrap it entirely.

Seeking to improve ties with the European Union and lessen Belarus''s dependence on Russia, Lukashenko has over the past year heeded calls from the West to show greater lenience towards political opposition.

Lukashenko said those who have already paid the ''parasite'' tax for 2016 would be reimbursed if they find a job in 2017.

According to the last tax inspection, 470,000 people should have paid the tax, but only 50,000 have done so,Wholesale backpack, generating just US$8 million in extra revenue for the government.

The country has been in recession since 2015 due to a slump in oil prices and contagion from an economic crisis in neighbouring Russia, with which its economy is closely tied and where many Belarussians work in order to send money home.

The average monthly salary has fallen from an all-time high of US$630 in mid-2014 to US$380 as of the start of 2017.

(Reporting by Andrei Makhovsky; Writing by Alessandra Prentice; Editing by Toby Davis)

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    LONDON: A top Federal Reserve regulator on Tuesday cited Wells Fargo & Co''s accounts scandal as evidence that incentives to drive performance remain a problem on Wall Street, saying that banks have "a long way to go" in reforming internal culture.

William Dudley,Cheap re kanken classic for sale, president of the New York Fed branch that acts as the U.S. central bank''s eyes and ears on Wall Street,Cheap Fjallraven kanken classic for sale, has complained about rotten bank culture for years. In a speech to bankers and regulators in London,Cheap Fjallraven kanken maxi for sale, he said the Wells case showed that "compensation, once again, seems to be at the center of a scandal."

It was revealed last year that thousands of employees at the U.S.-based bank had opened perhaps millions of unauthorized customer accounts, a scandal that rocked the bank and led its chief executive, John Stumpf, to resign.

Dudley - who did not discuss monetary policy or the state of the economy - said the Wells case appeared to involve "widespread fraud."

He added: "Incentives shape behavior, and behavior drives culture."

(Reporting by David Milliken; Writing by Jonathan Spicer; Editing by Leslie Adler)

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    More from the FT Group Markets data delayed by at least 15 minutes,Cheap fjallraven kanken mini. ,Cheap mini kanken? THE FINANCIAL TIMES LTD 2017,kanken kids for sale. FT and ‘Financial Times’ are trademarks of The Financial Times Ltd. The Financial Times and its journalism are subject to a self-regulation regime under the FT Editorial Code of Practice . Close

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    SINGAPORE: The rainy weather Singapore has been experiencing for the past two days is expected to subside later on Tuesday (Jan 24),Cheap kanken dual colour, said the National Environment Agency (NEA).

On Monday morning, a heavy downpour caused flash floods at Tanjong Pagar. Heavy rain and a high risk of flooding was also reported at Alexandra Road, Tiong Bahru as well as the West Coast area. The rain persisted for the rest of the day over most areas in Singapore,kanken big for sale, causing traffic congestion during peak periods.

In an update on its website on Tuesday, NEA said the rain was brought on by a monsoon surge, but is expected to ease later in the day.

“Periods of rain brought by a monsoon surge continues to affect Singapore. The monsoon surge is forecast to gradually weaken and bring an improvement to the weather situation later in the day,Cheap kanken classic for sale,” it said.

The weather forecast for Wednesday is cloudy with occasional light rain, NEA added.

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    Font WASP-12b? We all know that the planet is doomed to be consumed by its orbiting stars, a process that often takes billions of years. Unfortunately, WASP-12b is currently performing this tragedy. NASA estimates that the planet is only about 10 million years old. Pink Planet GJ 504b is a gas planet, about 57 light years away. The planet also brings us a lot of problems, such as how to form it. This is not to understand its strange color, but because it is a huge distance between the parent star (43 astronomical units). WeChat search and pay attention to science and technology news public account: kejixun more exciting,lg 75 inch tv for sale, I know!

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High Demand for BMW Used Classic Motorcycles


Why there are so much BMW motorcycles for sales in the market today? A reason is simple, you buy a BMW motorcycle then you''re a winner. It will save a lot of money of you when you buy a second hand or previously used motorcycles. Do you know what happen to the motorcycles when they going outside the showroom, you have to believe that there value is going down with some good percentage. The great advantages of BMW motorcycles for sale are it has a long life and also very good reliability. It always something to consider that is BMW motorcycles for sale are cheap than you think,Discount apple ipod, not at all, because of high demand for BMW motorcycles for sale there price is little bit in high side.

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Another few things we should look after that the BMW bike you''re going to buy should have less repairing in the future. SO you have to go through each and every part like clutches, plugs, lights, handles and breaks and so on of the bike before buying. When think about the sellers we all know that what kind of people are they. Some sellers try to make big profit by selling the bikes. SO we have to find whether price of the motorcycles for sales is worth to buy. So make sure all the things are perfectly match before buying the motorcycle.

When we talk about the main models of BMW motorcycles for sales are K and R series. K-series has the most of power because it has 3 or 4 cylinders within it. But R-series has only 2 cylinders within it. Another low rang model is F-series which only have a single cylinder and also chain and carburetor within it. R-series two types of motorcycles are old carburetor motorcycles and new modern fuel injected motorcycles. But if we talk about K-series it is most expendable motorcycles with better reliability, constancy and stability and it''s a dream of bike lovers.

The latest machine of K-series bikes if F800.Name also implies it''s a strong bike. It''s make with some incredible engine that has 6 gears with horsepower up to 8500rpm.It''s speed is amazing to see. So if you have a bike like that its means your dreams come true.


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    7 SUV domestic market is quietly heating up, the saturation before many manufacturers are stepping up the pace of product launch is not reached, the Skoda will Cody Ark so quickly into the domestic and domestic implementation is aimed at this market, this time I will experience is to be listed on the domestic 7 If you happen to version 7 of models has just to be with me, then you may wish to know about Cody Ark.
The arrival of Cody Ark
for Skoda what it means?

for the Skoda brand, either the car or SUV, without a tie with fellow Volkswagen models, although from the same platform, but Skoda models also can see the public as God car sales call, it is difficult to catch up. Take Skoda''s first SUV model Yeti, experienced from the wild emperor to Yeti, is still not out of No one shows any interest in it.
In the case of
and brand strength also have a certain relationship, but most importantly, I think Skoda and Volkswagen same level models is always less obvious differences, or no models show a comparison of popular models more dazzling bright spot, however, when the arrival of Cody Ark, this situation is expected to change. Next, let''s take a look at Cody Ark with the highlights.

provides 7 models:
Something is better than nothing.
in fact, in the Chinese market, 7 models may not be behind the hot demand, so why many people still prefer the 7 models? In fact, this 7 seat is really useful, consumers really need 7 seats Never mind, many people think it is there is better than nothing,apple iphone 6 online wholesale, at least a lot of people think, when I suddenly need not sit under the extra one or two people.

has been listed from the current Tiguan L and Tiguan, they do not provide 7 versions, and Cody Ark just make up for this, it offers a 7 seat version, this is for those who have just 7 people, Cody Ark is the German level SUV the only option.

appearance more features

Photography exhibition > landscape > Qinghai > Kanbula share to watercress equipment: NIKONCORPORATION - D80, 18-200 - Nikon F3.5-5.6G shooting in Qinghai: Hainan, 2014.01.07 21:30, published:

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    2015, a wave, do not take away.
n2016, through the haze, leisurely walk.
n about 2016, my biggest hope is only one, it has nothing to do with the business, and Kay has nothing to do with.
n I hope: the new year, we can see more blue sky. I hope we can breathe clean air, let us from the lungs to get free cleaning like O2O.
n happy new year. If you are in Beijing, the first day of the new year, please remember to close the window at home, go out wearing masks.
n right, 2015 do not look back, anyway, nothing to see.
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    Famous screenwriter time film director, well-known screenwriter. "The world without Thieves" won the Golden Horse Award for best adapted screenplay award. The film works include "Di Renjie" series of movies, ghost blows "dragon tactic". Month starting point Chinese net platinum writer Wei Lijun, starting point Chinese net platinum writer, Chinese Writers Association members. The representative of the "back to the Ming Dynasty when the king", "step by step Lotus", "night", "night emperor" and so on. Cai Jun famous suspense writer famous suspense writer, has published more than and 20 novels, sales volume has exceeded 10 million. The representative of "virus" and "ghost" Huang Cun inn "apartment" "hell nineteenth layer" "secret". Illustrator white tea well-known illustrator well-known illustrator, cartoon image, "emperor" author, published works like you can not bear to see me and I can not do it. NetEase game illustrator, has worked together over a number of games, is the Westward Journey 2, a loyal fan. The black banned domestic famous illustrators well-known illustrator, "definitely" mythical west art consultant and chief, had "Fantasy Westward Journey 2", "dream swims on the west" Mobile Games game cooperation output and the original fan works. Has been published, "audio emperor", "prosperous son" and other works. Wu Qiongqiong love painting popular beauty cartoonist micro-blog original popular beauty cartoonist, beauty makeup bloggers, had been invited to participate in the "heaven" game tasting. Comic style, has been published on behalf of "we are the same, each with a light". Non ink well-known illustrator CG CG well-known illustrator, white ink painting studio co-founder, good at portraying costume handsome, has repeatedly for NetEase game to draw roles and posters,Wholesale samsung 105 inch tvs, such as "the world 3", "Fantasy Westward Journey 2" etc.. Sketch Jun micro-blog famous variety master micro-blog famous variety blogger, to star fun figure P map based, high activity. In # days, # encyclical pinched face # Fantasy Westward Journey Mobile Games sun charm list # etc.. A well-known micro-blog hand piece chicken son well-known micro-blog Satin hand, and "the world 3", "Kung Fu Panda" official Mobile Games and a variety of games have been released by micro-blog, is a "Fantasy Westward Journey 2", "dream swims on the west" and a variety of games Mobile Games loyal game player. Charge cut YAKI domestic super popular Coser domestic super popular Coser, attended many large domestic and foreign ACG activities. Once Cos had "ghost story", "the world 3" and the "Westward Journey" Mobile Games game role, fans responded enthusiastically. Childe Fusu, well-known Coser well-known Coser, repeatedly invited to participate in the domestic large-scale exhibition activities of ACG, cos had a "ghost story", and the "Westward Journey" offering a variety of NetEase Mobile Games soul Calibur game character, acclaimed. Li Xiangzhe well-known domestic Coser well-known Coser, B station will be popular singing, animation show host, COSMOS studio members, there are several cover and COS masterpiece. With the "well behaved millions of King Arthur", "heaven" and other games have been cooperative. W small white well-known domestic Coser well-known Coser, NetEase game players, in 2009 as a dream floc

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    My apologies for the length of time since I last gave you an update. I hope that normal service is now restored,Cheap Fjallraven kanken maxi.

Last time (in March) I asked whether the recent increased appearance of anagrams in the Quick puzzles was generally welcome or not. There were a few responses in the comments online, including an enthusiastic thumbs up on behalf of sardanista’s 8-year-old granddaughter. It seems she enjoys anagrams greatly and, indeed, does most of the other Quick clues as well, provided doing so does not require specialised adult experience.

However, I also received 44 emails in response. This was clearly not a ‘Marmite issue’ (you either love or hate the very British savoury spread made from yeast and vegetable extracts,kanken dual colour for sale, which is too salty and makes the gums and roof of the mouth sting painfully).

There were 15 emails in the ‘Vote No’ camp, but of these only seven were actual card-carrying, diehard members of the Hate Party. The others said that they were OK, but only if they were much more strictly rationed. By contrast, of the 29 voters supporting the Love Party ticket, 18 could only be described as besotted anagram fans,Buy re kanken classic online, unable to get enough of the stuff, while the others said that they liked them but perhaps there were too many bunched together.

I shall be sitting down with my advisers shortly to discuss how the data should be interpreted and what policy decisions conclusions should be drawn.


As some of you will already know, Gordon Holt (Otterden) died at the end of April. He started setting puzzles for us in 2013, when he was crossword editor of the New Statesman, to which he continued to contribute. He had a prolonged period of illness and recuperation in 2014 but was then back and in good form. He chose his nom de plume because a holt is the den of an otter. An obit by his friend and collaborator Maskarade was published online on 3 May [see www.theguardian.com/crosswords.2016/may/03/gordon-holt-obituary]. This obit was then also published in the paper itself on 16 May.


There seem to be new names appearing in first-past-the-post prizes in the Genius stakes. I know (though at the time in question I am normally asleep) that there have been continuing problems with the launch of the Genius puzzle in recent months. It is the last Guardian crossword puzzle that still has to be entered ‘manually’ in to the production computer system and, since the Guardian is not willing to pay for someone to sit up overnight just to check the uploading of one puzzle, it takes some time on the first Monday of each month to discover what, if anything, has gone wrong and for the morning shift to find out why it happened and to put it right.

As a result, the March offering by Vlad (No 153) attracted only six correct entries on the first day: M1F at 05:05 and ID@gmail leading the field at 05:05 and 08:44 respectively. There were 212 entries by the deadline and the prize winner was Alan Roberts in New Zealand.

Last month’s puzzle (No 154 by Monk) had 30 entries on the first day with ‘mic’ in Australia first in at 02:06 and the new bookies’ favourite M1F at 02:23. Peter Scrace, also in Australia, won the April prize, as well as being the third correct entry received at 04:2.

If you have any technical problems with our crossword service, please email userhelp@theguardian.com. If you have any comments or queries about the crosswords, please emailcrossword.editor@theguardian.com. For Observer crosswords please email crossword.editor@observer.co.uk.

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    U.S. stock-index futures pointed to a slightly higher open on Monday, setting the stage for a modest bounce after a three-day holiday weekend as investors tracked a heavy round of corporate earnings as well as geopolitical tensions.

Dow industrials futures rose 23 points to 20,436, while S&P 500 futures added 2 points to 2,329.5. Nasdaq-100 futures gained 5.3 points to 5,364. All three were up about 0.1% on the day. U.S. financial markets were closed for the Good Friday holiday on April 14.

Equities have been struggling for direction, with investors looking for confirmation that valuations--following a rally sparked by President Donald Trump''s election, which took major indexes to repeated records--will be justified by economic activity. Early reads from big banks were encouraging (but markets could be vulnerable to broader disappointment. Dozens of companies will be reporting this week as the earnings season ramps up.

The S&P 500 has fallen for three straight sessions, losing more than 1% over that period. It has also dropped for two straight weeks, closing at its lowest level since February on Thursday. The Dow and the Nasdaq have also dropped over those periods.

Geopolitical issues will also remain in view, and could depress sentiment if they show signs of greater tension.

Over the weekend, North Korea put on a massive military parade, followed by a failed missile launch. In an unannounced visit to the Korean Peninsula''s demilitarized zone, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence on Monday warned North Korea "not to test" the resolve of President Donald Trump (the military strength of the U.S.

See more:Stocks ride into North Korea ''danger zone'' before Monday open (

Separately, investors are also digesting news of a recent U.S. bombing mission over Afghanistan and the fallout to an election in Turkey (that gave the office of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan additional powers, sparking protests.

Read: U.S. defense stocks easily outperform the broader market (

Data and a key Federal Reserve speaker may provide some distraction for investors. The National Association Home Builders April index is expected at 10 a.m.

On top of that, investors will get the first chance to react to March retail sales data released Friday, which posted their worst two-month stretch in two years (while March consumer prices fell for the first time in over a year (

Fed Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer will speak on Fed communication at Columbia University in New York at 5 p.m. Eastern.

Stocks to watch: It will be a busy week for earnings, kicked off Monday by United Continental Holdings Inc.(UAL), which has been taking heat in recent days and faces a lawsuit over a passenger being dragged off an overbooked flight, which went viral on social media. It reports after hours on Monday.

Read:United Airlines earnings: can profit beat expectations for fifth-straight quarter? (

Read:This is how long it could take for United to recover from its PR disaster (

Netflix Inc.(NFLX) will also report after the market close,kanken kids for sale. Read an earnings preview (here.

Shares of MoneyGram International Inc.(MGI) could be active after Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.(BABA) - controlled Ant Financial Services lifted its bid for the U.S. money-transfer unit to around $1.2 billion (

In other deal news, Ashland Global Holdings Inc. (ASH) said it would buy Pharmachem Laboratories Inc. for $660 million (while Blackstone Energy said it would buy EagleClaw Midstream Ventures for $2.1 billion in debt.

Other markets: European stocks were closed Monday for an extended Easter break (while much of Asia was also shut,Cheap Fjallraven re-kanken classic. The Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.7% (after China''s country''s securities regulator urged tighter supervision of listed companies,Wholesale backpack.

Gold prices inched higher, up $3 to $1,291.60 an ounce, while crude oil prices (fell (data Thursday showed the 13th weekly rise in a row in the number of active U.S. oil rigs.

Read:OPEC faces ''lose-lose'' decision on extending oil production curbs (

The dollar fell 0.3% against major rivals.

(END) Dow Jones Newswires

April 17, 2017 08:36 ET (12:36 GMT)

Copyright (c) 2017 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

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Fallout Shelter - Windows 10 App Die kostenlose Windows 10 App "Fallout Shelter" bringt das beliebte Mobile-Game auch auf Ihren PC. Im Spiel bauen Sie Ihren eigenen Vault, einen unterirdischen Bunker, der seinen Bewohnern in der post-apokalyptischen, verstrahlten Welt von Fallout Schutz bietet.

Fallout Shelter: Kostenloser Download für PC
Damit Ihr Vault in "Fallout Shelter" alles Notwendige zum ?berleben hat,Cheap kanken mini for sale, müssen Sie verschiedene R?ume bauen. So sichern Sie als aller erstes die Wasser- und Stromversorgung und sorgen mit einer Kantine für das leibliche Wohl der Bewohner. Hin und wieder wird Ihr Bunker auch von Feinden angegriffen. Dann müssen sich die ?berlebenden bewaffnen und den Vault verteidigen.

Potenzielle Bewohner erscheinen von Zeit zu Zeit automatisch vor der Schutz-Tür Ihres Unterschlupfs. Jeder von Ihnen hat ganz eigene Fertigkeiten und Sie müssen ausw?hlen,Cheap fjallraven kanken dual colour, wo in der Gemeinschaft diese Fertigkeiten am besten zur Geltung kommen. Auch Expeditionen in das umliegende ?dland stehen an der Tagesordnung, um wertvolle Gegenst?nde zu sammeln.

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    Ink with autumn rank: 13 Name: Queretaro City: Queretaro team home court: Coach: J. Lozano: details of a total score of 13144371619 -3 28.6% 21.4% 50% 1.14 1.3615 13731310100 42.9% 14.3% 42.9% 1.43 home court for 1.4310 14.3% 28.6% 57.1% 14712469 -3 away for 0.86 1.295 super 2017-04-16 10:00:00 America 1:0 ink ink -0.75 ink over Queretaro 2017-04-16 10:00:00 1:0 America Queretaro ink negative 1.25 inking super 2017-04-13 08:00:00 Queretaro 0:1 Tijuana -0.25 2017-04-09 06:00:00 super negative inking Queretaro 1:4 Atlas 2017-04-03 07:00:00 1:0 Laguna ultra negative ink Queretaro negative -0.5 inking super 2017-03-19 07:00:00 Queretaro 3:0 Pachuca 09:00:00 Monterey 4:1 wins over 2017-03-05 grams of ink Thunder Tarot negative -1.25 inking super 2017-02-26 07:00:00 Queretaro 4:3 puma wins 0 win over 2017-02-19 11:00:00 1:4 ink Casa Queretaro wins the -0.5 win over 2017-02-12 Queretaro 07:00:00 ink 2:1 Leon wins 0 win compensate nearly 10 field distribution and trend of Shengping Fu Qiu 2017-04-23 06:00:00 Queretaro ink combination,Discount sharp tvs; Jaguar 2017-05-01 01:00:00 Toluca ink combination of autumn; Queretaro 2017-05-07 06:00:00 Queretaro ink contact autumn tiger; Super 2017-07-17 10:45:00 University; Queretaro About NetEase Guadala; hot navigation - Introduction - contact - Recruitment - customer service - Privacy Policy - Network Marketing - site map - NetEase lottery network value-added telecommunications business license: Zhejiang B2-20110418 | website the relevant qualification certificate NetEase''s pleasure company copyright 2011-20:

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    If isMoc/if if = constant.MODE_MOOC/if dt.mode! If! LazyLoad! Else /if if! Dt.termPanel! Dt.termPanel.isOver if course schedule: if! Dt.termPanel.isStart! If dt.termPanel.startTime = = constant.UNDETERMINDED_STARTTIME start time pending else $format:" yyyy-MM-dd" /if else; start in week $dt.termPanel.onProgress/$dt,cheap sony playstation vr.termPanel.termLength /if else /if if has ended!! dt.termPanel.scoreCardDto & & dt.termPanel.scoreCardDto.totalScoreWithBonus &!! & =0 if; dt.termPanel.scoreCardDto.totalScoreWithBonus! IsMoc ($dt.termPanel.scoreCardDto.totalScoreWithBonus) else /if /if /if
if!! dt.schoolPanel
/if if! Dt.termPanel if! Dt.termPanel.yocTermFightCardDto & & dt.termPanel.fightEnable! = 0 if!! dt.termPanel.yocTermFightCardDto.certGenerated else if dt.termPanel.yocTermFightCardDto.detailStatus to view the certificate > = = constant.DETAIL_STATUS_APPLY_FIGHT_AVAILABLE
20 in fact, I want to say, or is a good man to find a very good and very beautiful girl here, I had to find a girlfriend online or very doubtful... [32] emotion medicine no married woman will happen 20 yes, in fact, can not find the right people, what. Marriage? The 32 year old woman who does not get married will have the consequences of the 19 upload the head 4-19

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    Easecredit WeChat QQ micro-blog more space science and technology information [rolling] LinkedIn registered users exceeded 200 million U.S,Discount sharp tv. users 74 million (01-09 22:56) [rolling] NOKIA and Avanade cooperation to large enterprises to promote Lumia mobile phone (01-09 22:38) [rolling] Google appointed Tim Saimanni as head of Asia Pacific (01-09 22:24) [rolling] Google will be in New York the construction of the coverage of the largest free Wifi (01-09 22:20) [Taiwan] rolling display manufacturers sued NOKIA for patent infringement claims $4 million 280 thousand (01-09 20:52) [rolling] Torgovnik Torgovnik EU plans to limit the number of users using Internet Co (01-09 20:13) [rolling] global consumer electronics sales this year is expected to increase by 2.7% (01-09 19:02) [rolling the Internet] from the stage of history experts say the function of products such as chicken ribs transition (01-09 18:28) [CES2013:TCL] rolling release Google super intelligent electric lazy As the "(01-09 16:52) [rolling] Dish Network $2 billion 280 million bid for Clearwire (01-09 16:43) [J] rolling the U.S. government called for the ban of key patent infringement products should be carefully (01-09 16:42) [rolling] Google to withdraw Microsoft video compression standard patent infringement allegations (01-09 16:40) [rolling] Matsushita released 20 inch 4K resolution Windows 8 (01-09 16:06) [CES2013] rolling: the strongest configuration Win8 tablet Razer Edge lands (01-09 16:03) [rolling] Panasonic release two tablet computer were equipped with Win8 and Android (01-09 16:01) [rolling] CES2013: DELL XPS10 tablet computer at Qualcomm (01-09 15:58) booth [rolling] Samsung consumer electronics the president: new interactive (01-09 15:44) is the future goal of [rolling] Marvell smart TV will become the mainstream chip manufacturer (01-09 15:44) [rolling] CES 2013: a variety of tablet Samsung booth Parts (01-09 15:35) [rolling] Hitwise:360 search traffic share fell to 8.7% in December (01-09 15:21) [rolling] Facebook issued a press conference invitation or pushing heavy products (01-09 15:07) [rolling] Intel Atom upgrade Acer led three new machines at CES (01-09 14:59) [rolling] China Unicom will reform the net this year in order to enhance the benefits of road construction investment mode

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    Guitar Center,Custom Manchester City Jersey, the world''s largest retailer of musical instruments and equipment, and DirecTV, one of the world''s leading providers of digital television entertainment services,Custom Brazil Jersey, will spotlight SMASHING PUMPKINS in the first episode of the new season of the award-winning music series Guitar Center Sessions on Friday,Eliaquim Mangala Jersey, May 17 at 9 p.m. ET/10 PT on DirecTV''s Audience Network (Channel 239). Guitar Center Sessions features exclusive performances and intimate, enlightening conversations conducted by revered musical tastemaker Nic Harcourt. A preview clip of SMASHING PUMPKINS performing the song "The Celestials", captured live in a rooftop concert at the South By Southwest festival in Austin,Bas Dost Netherland Jersey, Texas, can be seen below."Today,Marc-Andre Ter Stegen Jersey, more than ever before,Luke Shaw Jersey, any artist,Marco Reus Dortmund Jersey, established or up and coming, is working within a new convoluted paradigm full of challenges,Marc Bartra Jersey," Harcourt said in a statement. "The new episodes of Guitar Center Sessions feature a truly diverse group of artists, all sharing the ups and downs of their careers in the interviews and delivering blistering performances on stage."

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    Format: 0102030405 06:01 0102030405 06:01 021) each for a betting number; 2) each for at least six red balls and a basketball, each ball must be two digits,Buy samsung 4k suhd 75 inch tv online store, between the red ball and basketball with one or 3 separate "); between the red or basketball with a space between the double chromosphere 2016131 forecast Shuangse Qiu 16130 details: 8 note first prize... 16131st NetEase Shuangseqiu lottery expert kill... Exclusive - easy red Shuangseqiu 16131st period of history... - 16131 exclusive breeze Shuangseqiu Set Blue: blue... Shuangseqiu play Shuangseqiu play the ball play double regulations introduced Shuangseqiu award rules help the center of novice lottery lottery telephone graphic process how? How to win the prize? What is the number? What is the cost? How to start to buy? How to buy? How to extract the prize money? Payment problems encountered how to do? Novice problem Q& A? Lottery Daquan Daquan hot navigation

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    [0] three] 478 two Danma bile bile 78 alone 8; [location] [8**]; compound 745673717, [five] five yards and 13478 yards [recommended] key recommendation 470471473475476477478481482485, [] the bottom group selected 713715716717718720721728730731, 733735736737760761763770771773, 781782785792793795796811812813, 815816817818821822823825826827,cheap sony cameras, 828831832861862865871872875881, Shuangseqiu welfare special send!!! 3D Danma: 3, 8: SSQ zhk1 WeChat can send Shuangseqiu more wonderful recommendation. Source: Northern Legal Report - double chromosphere special (exclusive) source: NetEase lottery

Fangfei April, the temperature gradually increased, and the good time Home Furnishing decoration. Many owners began to decorate their houses, building materials market has ushered in a thriving scene. In order to repay the support and trust of consumers, Arrow wardrobe will be held April 16th -5 month 3 days launched a strong "phase" arrow "5· the 1 type of promotional activities to raise public benefits million cash delivery" as the theme. Come Arrow wardrobe flagship store to receive a raise raise price card, buy good things, there are millions of cash home!

activity theme: phase arrow 5· 1 raise millions of dollars in public cash delivery

activity time: April 16, 2016 -
Venue: National Arrow wardrobe flagship

activity content:

NO.1 2016 new starting new home is to stunning

2016 Arrow wardrobe introduced a new ( "Q=%E7%8E%B0%E4%BB%A3" rel= "nofollow" > modern decoration effect diagram ) style "cappuccino" cloakroom, multifunctional den ( library renovation renderings ) and multifunctional tatami, ( Mediterranean "Q=%E5%9C%B0%E4%B8%AD%E6%B5%B7" rel= "nofollow" > Mediterranean decoration effect diagram ) style of the "Aegean coast"

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    This.p={m:2, b:2, loftPermalink:'''', id:''fks_087065087095088068082085086064072085083066085084084070092'', blogTitle:''based communications services are threatened operators WeChat war or outbreak? BlogAbstract:''< P> '', before the arrival of the Spring Festival in 2013 the year of the snake, WeChat officially released version 4.5. The Ministry of magic personally tested, the new version of the biggest feature is the conversation into a voice chat room, many people joined the real-time intercom function, users can conduct real-time call and install version 4.5 and above version of the user. < /p> < P> with the development of mobile Internet, a variety of mobile applications are a step by step to erode the amount of SMS users to send, the operator''s "enemy"". The emergence of WeChat products, a direct challenge to operators based on the survival of the communications business. The new version of WeChat''s voice calls to adjust, it seems that the operator naked provocation. < /p> < P> December 14, 2012, at the Guangdong Internet Conference, Ma Huateng, chairman of the board of directors of Tencent announced that WeChat users will break through 300 million. From 200 million to 300 million, WeChat only took up to 4 months, such a growth rate even in the era of the development of the Internet is also very rare. < /p> < P> on the contrary, the operator''s SMS business has begun to decline. According to the latest statistics of the Ministry of industry, in 2012, the national mobile messaging volume reached 897 billion 310 million, an increase of only 2.1%. According to last year, China''s mobile phone users grew by 11% to calculate, in 2012 the per capita SMS volume fell by about 9%. < /p> ''blogTag:'', WeChat, blogUrl:''blog/static/32112258201316111814782'', operators'', isPublished:1, istop:false, type:0, modifyTime:0, publishTime:1360120694782, permalink:''blog/static/32112258201316111814782'', commentCount:1, mainCommentCount:1, recommendCount:1, bsrk:-100, publisherId:0, recomBlogHome:false, currentRecomBlog:false, attachmentsFileIds:[], vott
2016 China real estate home Championship awards ceremony 2017-01-03 17:45 artwork comment (0)
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2016 China real estate home Championship awards ceremony atlas has been finished browsing Browse again comment (0)
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look! These enterprises have received a handsome beauty...

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    Imagine a Nintendo Game Boy with the gee-whiz graphics of a Sony PlayStation 2 console. That’s one of the visions that inspired a team at the University of California, Berkeley,imac online store, to design a new microprocessor that puts the capabilities of chips found in game consoles and personal computers into battery-powered handheld devices.

Berkeley computer scientists David Patterson, Kathy Yelick, and their students combined several unusual features for their Vector Intelligent Random Access Memory chip. The researchers placed transistors dedicated to short-term memory along with the processor on a single chip: that’s a departure from the typical microprocessor arrangement that has most memory on separate chips. This change alone reduces the chip’s power consumption to less than one-twelfth that of the processors inside most PCs and laptops. The Berkeley researchers also wrote a program that breaks the repetitive instructions involved in video processing into chunks that can be processed in parallel. Finally, the researchers tailored the chip around a single task: processing 30 frames per second of video data. This simplified its wiring and made the chip cheaper to manufacture than previous memory-in-processor chips.

IBM volunteered to fabricate the first batch of prototype chips, which are being tested now. Dean McCarron, principal at Mercury Research, a semiconductor research firm in Cave Creek, AZ, says the Berkeley group’s “unique” approach offers “a subtle way to get more processing” out of a low-power chip.

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    Clean Technology Innovation Is in Decline The last two years have been slow for green energy patents, and plans to cut federal R&D could make that a real problem. by Jamie Condliffe Berkeley Lab Program Champions Neglected Energy Entrepreneurs Cyclotron Road is trying to provide a way out of the dead end that is the fate of most energy research. by James Temple Why America’s Old Nuclear Plants Could Be Dragging Down Clean Energy Development Money spent nursing nukes may be better spent on wind, solar, and research into new technologies. by Jamie Condliffe More from Sustainable Energy See details+ What''s Included Bimonthly home delivery and unlimited 24/7 access to MIT Technology Review’s website. The Download. Our daily newsletter of what''s important in technology and innovation. Access to the Magazine archive. Over 24,000 articles going back to 1899 at your fingertips. Special Discounts to select partner offerings Discount to MIT Technology Review events Ad-free web experience *

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    How an American animator became a guiding force in China’s bubbling VR scene. by Merck’s Vaccine Won’t Be the End of Ebola A vaccine against the deadly virus has passed a key testing milestone, but it’s not a long-term solution to stop it. by Meet Kuri,Discount samsung tablets store, Another Friendly Robot for Your Home Mayfield Robotics set out to build an approachable robot on wheels for surveillance and entertainment. Will anyone buy it? by China’s Ride-Hailing Firm Didi Chuxing Heads to Brazil And so it squares up against its rival Uber once more. by Mathematicians Create Entirely New Dive with 5 Twists and 1.5 Somersaults Theorists use mathematical modelling to invent a dive that’s never been attempted, but could be soon. by Holograms and Alexa are Coming to a Car Near You A series of emerging technologies is taking aim at transforming how drivers interact with their cars. by A Genetically Modified Malaria Vaccine Has Passed an Important Hurdle Researchers have tested a modified malaria parasite in humans that has been shown to be safe and to trigger an immune response. by A Coal-Fired Power Plant in India Is Turning Carbon Dioxide Into Baking Soda But most impressive of all, it’s running without subsidies. by

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    = UxTheme Multi-Patcher 15.0 Englisch "UxTheme Multi-Patcher" ist unverzichtbar,Cheap kanken classic for sale, wenn Sie neue Windows-Themes nutzen wollen. 759.721 = Classic Theme Restorer (Customize UI) 1.6.2 Deutsch Firefox kommt seit Version 29 in einem neuen Look. Das Australis-Theme wird der neue Standard. Wer das alte Design zu... 29.707 = Technic Launcher für Minecraft Englisch Mit dem Technic Launcher steht Ihnen eine gro?e Menge an Minecraft-Mods ganz unkompliziert zur Verfügung. 7.374 = Dark Theme WhatsApp Web für Chrome 1.0 Englisch Mit dem kostenlosen "Dark Theme WhatsApp Web" für Chrome verpassen Sie "WhatsApp Web" eine neue Optik. 1.151 = WhatsFapp APK - Android App 1.25 Englisch Die kostenlose "WhatsFapp"-App für Android bringt das bekannte "WhatsApp+" zurück und erweitert Ihren Messenger mit z... 1.096 = Windows 10 Startmenü für ViStart Englisch Mit dem Windows-10-Startmenü für ViStart nutzen Sie eine Kopie des Startmenüs aus Windows 10 unter Windows 7 oder 8. 727 = Themeboard iPhone- / iPad-App 1.0 Englisch Mit Themeboard ?ndern Sie das Design der iOS-Tastatur nach Ihren Wünschen. 162 = Hola Launcher - Android App 1.5.3 Deutsch Der "Hola Launcher" verspricht Ihrem Android-Ger?t kostenlos einen neuen Anstrich zu verpassen. 7

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    Aviator ist der sicherste Browser der Welt. Das behauptet zumindest Hersteller WhiteHat Security,Cheap Fjallraven kanken kids for sale.
Aviator Als Basis für den Aviator-Browser dient Chromium. So müssen Sie sich um Speed und Surfkomfort keine Sorgen machen. Alle Chrome-Extensions laufen übringens auch. Für die n?tige Sicherheit sorgt eine extrem hohe Sicherheitseinstellung, die von Beginn an aktiviert ist.

Aviator: Inkognito-Modus ist Standard
Der Privatmodus ist bei Aviator die Normaleinstellung. Sprich, es wird weder ein Surfverlauf aufgezeichnet,Buy kanken maxi online, noch überdauern Browser-Cache und Cookies die aktuelle Session.

Schluss mit Tracking und Google
Werbung und Tracking-Versuche werden automatisch blockiert, zus?tzlich schaltet Aviator die Click-to-Play-Funktion ein. So muss die Ausführung von Plug-ins explizit per Mausklick genehmigt werden. Google ist dem Aviator zu unsicher und muss DuckDuckGo als Standardsuche weichen.

Fazit: Datenschutz wird in diesen Zeiten gro,Cheap fjallraven kanken? geschrieben. Aviator legt ein hohes Sicherheitsniveau fest und nutzt die Geschwindigkeit von Chrome. Bis dato befindet sich der Browser noch in einer Beta-Phase.

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    Privacy Policy Data is a real-time snapshot *Data is delayed at least 15 minutes Global Business and Financial News,Cheap fjallraven kanken, Stock Quotes,Buy kanken maxi online, and Market Data and Analysis Data also provided by ? 2017 CNBC LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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    Heroin addiction is notoriously difficult to overcome, but a new study finds that some people with particularly serious addictions may benefit from treatment with a drug related to morphine.

The study, from researchers in Canada, focused on the small portion of people with heroin addiction who have tried and failed to treat their addiction multiple times with existing medications — mainly, the oral medications methadone and buprenorphine — and who continue to use street drugs and engage in illegal activity to obtain the drugs.

Among this specific group, treatment with medical-grade heroin has been shown to be effective in reducing illegal heroin use and getting people to stick with treatment. But in many countries, including the United States, medical-grade heroin isn''t an option for patients because the drug''s use, even for medical reasons, is illegal.[10 Interesting Facts About Heroin]

So, in the new study, researchers wanted to see if an alternative treatment with a similar drug, a pain reliever called hydromorphone,Wholesale sony wireless speakers for sale, would work as well as treatment with medical-grade heroin.

And they found just that: Among the 200 people who were randomly assigned to take either hydromorphone (which is related to morphine) or medical-grade heroin, people in both groups reduced their use of street heroin by similar amounts. (Medical-grade heroin contains only the active ingredient in heroin, diacetylmorphine, whereas street heroin usually contains other compounds in addition to heroin.)

At the start of the study, participants were using street heroin an average of 27 days per month, but after six months of treatment, participants in the hydromorphone group were using street heroin about five days per month, and those in the medical-grade heroin group were using street heroin about three days per month.

The findings suggest that "in jurisdictions where diacetylmorphine is currently not available … hydromorphone could be offered as an alternative," the researchers, from the Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences at St. Paul''s Hospital in Vancouver, wrote in the April 6 issue of the journal JAMA Psychiatry.

Treatment with hydromorphone was also linked with fewer serious side effects, such as overdoses and seizures, than treatment with medical-grade heroin.

All of the injections were supervised by a nurse, and participants were not allowed to take the medications out of the exam room. The idea is that the injections will reduce withdrawal symptoms, and keep patients from using street heroin while they are undergoing treatment.

The researchers came up with the idea to try hydromorphone for heroin addiction after they noticed, in another addiction study, that people treated with hydromorphone couldn''t tell that they weren''t being treated with heroin.

It''s important to note that both medical-grade heroin and hydromorphone are considered "last resort" treatments for people with serious addictions. In the study, people had been using street heroin for an average of 15 years, and had failed at least twice to treat their addictions with other methods. About 60 percent of the study participants were homeless.

"The study results indicate that for an important but small and carefully defined population, supervised injection of hydromorphone has comparable efficacy to supervised heroin injection," Dr. Richard Schottenfeld and Stephanie O''Malley, of the Yale School of Medicine, wrote in an editorial accompanying the study.

Still, even though hydromorphone is an approved drug for pain relief in the United States,cheap sony camcorders, doctors cannot use it right now to treat people with heroin addiction. That''s because hydromorphone is an opioid (like heroin), and it is not legal to use any opioids (other than methadone and buprenorphine) to treat heroin addiction, Schottenfeld and O''Malley said.

This means that "regulatory changes would be required to permit supervised hydromorphone injection" in the United States, they said.

Copyright 2016 LiveScience, a Purch company. All rights reserved. This material may not be published,Buy cameras online shopping, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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    The opening games of the new National Football League season are expected to be marked by peaceful demonstrations during the U.S,Buy wholesale 11 online. national anthem on Sunday by players trying to draw attention to racial disparities in the country''s justice system.

San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick began the protests when he refused to stand for "The Star-Spangled Banner" during preseason games, at first choosing to sit on the bench and then later kneeling on one knee in a gesture that has divided fans.?Other players have followed suit, most recently Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall ahead of Thursday''s season opening win against the Carolina Panthers.

The players have been praised as high-profile allies of the Black Lives Matter movement, which grew as a response to a spate of police officers in cities around the country killing unarmed black men. About two-thirds of NFL players are black.

The protests have also provoked anger in some fans who see the gesture as disrespecting the U.S. flag and the country in general.

Denver Broncos inside linebacker Brandon Marshall (54) kneels during the national anthem before the game against the Carolina Panthers at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Ron Chenoy/USA Today/Reuters

Sunday''s 13 games coincide with the 15th anniversary of the attacks by al Qaeda hijackers that brought down the two largest towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. The league will play videotaped messages from President Barack Obama and his predecessor, George W. Bush, before each game, and a 9/11 decal will be placed on players'' helmets,Buy iphone 7 128gb wholesale, the league said.

The Seattle Seahawks have said they have decided as a team to stand and interlock their arms during the anthem on Sunday.?"Progress can and will be made only if we stand together," Doug Baldwin, a Seahawks wide receiver, said in a video he posted online announcing the team''s decision.

Kaepernick''s 49ers play their opening game against the Los Angeles Rams on Monday evening. Obama has defended Kaepernick,imac for sale cheap, saying this week the player is exercising a constitutional right and provoking conversation "around some topics that need to be talked about."

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    Courtney Stodden is officially off the market,Cheap nikon cameras. So who''s her new man,Cheap nikon lenses?

Her old man.

That''s right -- it''s her estranged husband,Buy samsung s6 online, Doug Hutchison. The controversial couple is back together again and plan to renew their vows by the end of the year, Courtney -- and her mom -- confirmed to FOX411.

"Courtney realized just how much love she really had for Doug," Stodden''s momager Krista Keller told FOX411. "They really love each other and wanted to be together."

“@SashaFB: Is it true @CourtneyStodden? Are you and Doug engaged?!” It''s true, hun??????

— Courtney Stodden (@CourtneyStodden) August 11, 2014

Stodden told FOX411 last November that the reason for her legal separation from Hutchison was because of their age difference, and the 19-year-old''s wish to just "be 19."

"Doug and I decided to separate and end our marriage because of the obvious," Stodden told FOX411. "Our age gap of 34 years.

"Right now I’m just looking to have fun and to grow into who I am as a woman and be single and independent and build my own foundation,” she said then. "I’m just my taking the time to be me and be single and be 19 and to try and be as much as a normal 19 year old as I possibly can."

But Keller says her daughter has had time to "experience other men" during their break and she now "want[s] to be with her original choice, her husband."

Stodden was 16 when she married "Lost" actor then 51-year-old Hutchison meaning Keller had to sign off on her daughter''s marriage certificate.

"When I signed that [marriage certificate], I think moms sometimes know their daughters and I’m very very happy for them that she''s made this choice again for herself," said Keller.

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    However, if he is demonstrating tentativeness, he might reside precisely using the "role confusion" measure in addition singular need in direction of find facts of leadership certainly off just one near go through where he belongs below the run hierarchy. So , should you unintentionally drop it, you''ll be able to be positive that this Canon digital camera inside, as well as your Canon digital gear will likely be protected using the padding.The Futures Game, which is now in its 16th year of existence, annuallypits some of the best prospects in the game against each other in amidseason exhibition game. Today, the pro''s are few and far between and dedication has a price which, unfortunately, usually is not worth the price.Within the industry I am known as a ''relationship'' builderI like to network and combine talents and see people soar.For instance, if your pet has quick consideration the role of "Alpha dog", your starting at ring finger will want instant additionally gripping action. Let''s face it; what good is a highly expensive design or a ten thousand dollar book cover if Wholesale Jerseys 2018 there is no money left within the budget to market that product?Well, the unfortunate truth is that many players within my industry (who basically are my competition) really don''t care and the irony is is that their success rate is not very high.The DetailsStreet cards are shown on glossy or smooth surfaces, mostly walls, by sticking them with assistance from wheat stick or gum. Make them available throughout the company so that everyone within the organization is Wholesale Jerseys on the same page. You need to work extremely difficult to keep your clients pleased. These days, people may be sued for just about anything.Tattoos for women are usually prettier Wholesale Jerseys Cheap and smaller sized than male tattoos.

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     Apple contains just lately presented different savings upon iPods and personal computers. It’s never been a better time to start your online marketplace. Dickey says that if he doesn''t reach an agreement on a contract extension with the Mets before the 2013 season, he''ll likely walk after the Nuggets Malik Beasley Jersey season. Basically the Aristocrat software used in it also has 25 lines. This method on kicking will enable you to improve the distance you are able to kick the ball down industry. They are specially designed for toilets, so that when you place Alex English Womens Jersey the padded section at the bottom of the bowl and you shove the handle down with a strong fast motion, a piece of coiled metal will snake its way 45 feet into your toilet drain.I am simply a busy procreator of 4 lovely little ones and a free lance writer. So, they start home remodeling, still, it appears that they Nuggets Wilson Chandler Jersey have hardly any precious time and also money to do the job. For more details please visit subsonic. There are development enterprises for iPhones which are owned and managed with a linkage which has at least one App in the Applications store.A. Author Resource:The merchant cash advance loan helps them to get cash quickly and revive the production process.

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    rigid demand is still the main market ,Cheap projectors for sale

spring cold, mild climate, the cycle of the real estate market in the "four establishments" coming in after the lunar new year will usher in a wave of small peak phase plate. According to NetEase real estate data center statistics show that in March, Shanghai is expected to have 28 sets of the market, compared with the previous 2 months of supply has significantly improved, but compared with the same period last year, the 40 market, reducing the number of.

this month with the passenger car driver

this month with the total passenger growth of 14.01%
over the previous month

this month with a car to see the regional distribution of

this month, Fengxian, Qingpu, Jiading, Songjiang, followed by the regional market, followed by Pudong, Baoshan, the second city.

this month with the hot market sale price TOP10
phone Xi Hua Village in the apartment layout: 113 square meters Sanju, offer the superposition of 122 square meters: 4008-163-163 15726 Biguiyuan Jiayu 3.2-3.5 million / square meters flat 85-140 4008-163-163 15040 villa Esplanada 3.1-3.2 million / square meters, 89 square meters Sanju: -110 superposition 115-138: 4008-163-163 15183 square meters; the garden of Pudong star for average 2 million / Sanju: 90-93: 108-126 square meters 4008-163-163 square meters, superposition; 15231 Swiss and Shanghai impression: 57 square meters, the price of a home home: 74 square meters

recommended daily English more ]

aircraft in flight may be the cause of the accident - >

1. Catastrophic structural failure

This could have the or engines. the impressive safety record, experts suggest this is unlikely.
plane''s airframe damaged Given
catastrophic damage to aircraft structures

structural damage is likely to damage the fuselage or engine. But given the good safety record of the aircraft, experts say the cause may not be.

2. Bad weather

Planes are designed fly most severe storms, but poor has crashes in past. However the, the skies were in clear this case.
caused to weather though
bad weather

although the plane can fly in most bad storms, but in the past there have been cases of aircraft crashed due to bad weather. But in this accident, the sky is clear.

3. Pilot disorientation

The pilots could taken plane off and somehow gone autopilot off have the course.

pilot disorientation
pilot may turn off the autopilot 1

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    About NetEase - Introduction - contact - Recruitment - customer service - Privacy Policy - Network Marketing - site map - NetEase lottery network value-added telecommunications business license: Zhejiang B2-20110418 | website relevant qualification certificate NetEase''s happy company copyright 2011-2017 NetEase to remind you: rational lottery lottery,Discount samsung 50 inch tvs, public spirited. Minors under the age of 18 and banned lottery lottery!

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    MONEY MIND We''ll tell you how to make the most of your money but also why money is not an end in itself and connecting financial goals to your life goals is really what you should be doing. Of course we will also still continue to provide tips for investors,Buy kanken kids online, business ideas for businessmen and comments on the economy,Buy re kanken classic online, markets, companies, financial products, and trends. SHOW TIMES web exclusive Dreaming about your next holiday? Before planning your getaway,Cheap kanken, learn about these six travel hacks to get cheaper airfares. Embed

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    Top 100 Brennen & DVD-Downloads des MonatsKategorien im ?berblickInternet, Online & WebFoto & GrafikDesktop & ModdingAudio & VideoBrennen & DVDSpieleTuning & SystemSicherheit & HilfeOffice & GeldPortable & MobileLinuxMacOSOster-SpecialDateiendungenHobby & UnterhaltungBeta-Downloads3D, Drucken & VorlagenAPK Android Apps - CHIP ExklusivWindows 8 AppsWindows 10 AppsDownload-Tag ChartsFilter:AllesFreewareKostenpflichtigRang NameDownloads 1. =
VLC media player (64 Bit) 2.2.4
Der "VLC Media Player" in einer finalen 64 Bit-Variante zum Download. Fr moderne Systeme bringt das mehr Performance.
2. =
CDBurnerXP ist ein erstklassiges Freeware-Brennprogramm fr Windows.
3. =
VLC media player (32 Bit) 2.2.4
Download-Tipp: "VLC media player" ist ein echter Multimedia-Allesknner.
4. =
Virtual CloneDrive 5.5
"Virtual CloneDrive" ist ein Gratis-Tool, um bis zu acht virtuelle DVD-Laufwerke anzulegen.
5. =
Daemon Tools Lite 10.5.1
Mit der kostenlosen Lite-Version der "Daemon Tools" erstellen Sie virtuelle CD-, DVD- oder Blu-ray-Laufwerke sowie IS...
6. =
Windows Media Player 11.0
Die neue Ausgabe des "Windows Media Player 11" bietet ein neues Design und viele Funktionen.
7. =
ImgBurn ist ein kostenloses Brenn-Leichtgewicht, das sich auf Image-Dateien spezialisiert hat.
8. =
Vollversion - Ashampoo Burning Studio 2017
Laden Sie sich bei CHIP Online die kostenlose Vollversion der Brennsuite "Ashampoo Burning Studio 2017".
9. =
VMware Player (Workstation) 12.5.5
Freeware, die es erlaubt, virtuelle Maschinen unter Windows und Linux zu nutzen, die mit anderen VMware-Produkten ers...
10. =
VSDC Free Video Editor 5.7.5
Der "VSDC Free Video Editor" ist ein ausgezeichneter Video-Editor fr Windows mit vielen Funktionen. Er bietet Videob...
11. =
Nero 2017 Classic
Nero rstet weiter auf: Die Brenn- und Multimedia-Suite gibt''s jetzt in der neuen Demo-Version 2017 Classic kostenlos...
12. =
Exact Audio Copy 1.3
Mit der Freeware "Exact Audio Copy" knnen Sie Audio-CDs auf die Festplatte kopieren.
13. =
Sandboxie 5.18
Das kostenlose Tool Sandboxie ermglicht das Starten von Anwendungen in einer sicheren Umgebung.
14. =
UltraISO 9.6.5
Mit UltraISO erstellen Sie ISO-Dateien und brennen diese auf CD/DVD.
15. +1
AVS Media Player 4.3.3
Der kostenlose "AVS Media Player" ist die Komplettlsung fr DVD, Video und Audio auf dem PC.
16. -1
VLC media player Portable 2.2.4
Der fr den mobilen Einsatz optimierte "VLC media player" spielt nahezu alle Audio- und Video-Dateien ab.
17. =
Media Player Classic - Home Cinema (64 Bit) 1.7.11
64-Bit-Version der beliebten Windows Media Player-Alternative.
18. =
TrueCrypt 7.1a
TrueCrypt ist eine kostenlose Verschlsselungssoftware zum sicheren Verschlsseln einzelner Daten oder des ganzen Sys...
19. =
VLC media player Beta
Der "VLC media player" ist in der neuen Beta-Version erschienen.
20. =
CloneDVD 2 ist jetzt auch kompatibel zu Windows 10. Der DVD-Kopierer rippt, konvertiert und brennt Video-DVDs auf ein...
21. =
Free Audio CD Burner
Exklusiv bei CHIP mit sauberem Installer: "Free Audio CD Burner" ist eine einfache Brennsoftware zum Erstellen von Au...
22. =
BurnAware Free Edition 10.2
BurnAware ist ein hervorragender Brenn-Allrounder, der auch Daten auf Blu-rays presst.
23. +1
VLC media Player 3.0 Nightly Build
Die Vorab-Version 3.0 des beliebten Allesspielers "VLC media player" ist fr Windows, Android,Buy kanken classic online, Mac und Linux erschienen.
24. -1
VLC Web Browser Plug-in 2.2.4
Mit diesem "VLC Web Browser Plugin" fr Firefox, Chrome, Safari und Opera knnen Sie Videos direkt im Browser ansehen.
25. =
Nero Burning ROM 2017 v1.10.0.6
Nero kostenlos ausprobieren: mit der Demo-Version des bekannten Brennprogramms "Nero Burning ROM 2017".
26. =
Free Video to DVD Converter
Exklusiv bei CHIP mit sauberem Installer: Mit dem "Free Video to DVD Converter" machen Sie aus Ihren Videodateien ech...
27. =
VidCoder 2.51
Das Open-Source-Tool VidCoder rippt DVDs & Blu-rays und speichert Filme im MP4-, MKV- und H.264-Format auf Ihrer Fest...
28. =
Nero Burning ROM-Classic
Drei Versionen, in denen Sie die Entwicklung von Nero Burning ROM der letzten Jahre nachverfolgen knnen.
29. =
Ashampoo Burning Studio Free 1.14.5
Ashampoo bringt mit dem "Burning Studio Free" einen umfangreichen und benutzerfreundlichen Brenner kostenlos auf Ihre...
30. =
PowerISO 6.8
PowerISO ist eine Gesamt-Lsung fr Image-Dateien. Sie brauchen zum Erstellen, Öffnen und Brennen von Images nur noch...
31. =
CDBurnerXP Portable
Den erstklassigen Freeware-Brenner CDBurnerXP gibt es jetzt auch in einer portablen Version - zum Mitnehmen auf dem U...
32. =
PowerDVD 17.0
PowerDVD, einer der bekanntesten Software-Player fr DVDs und Blu-rays, ist jetzt in einer berarbeiteten Version 17 ...
33. +1
Burn fr Mac OS 2.5.1
Mit der Software Burn brennen Sie unter Mac OS einfach und schnell Daten, Musik und Videos auf CD/DVD.
34. -1
WinCDEmu 4.1
Mit der Freeware WinCDEmu gelingt das Emulieren von virtuellen Laufwerken einfach und intuitiv.
35. =
Windows Media Player 12 fr Windows 7 N
Wer Windows 7 N oder Windows 7 KN installiert hat, muss auf den Windows Media Player, das Windows Media Center und de...
36. =
VLC media player fr macOS 2.2.4
Download-Tipp: Die Kostenlos-Software "VLC media player" ist ein echter Multimedia-Allesknner.
37. +1
LightScribe System Software
Die "LightScribe System Software" aktiviert die LightScribe-Funktionalitt bei kompatiblen Brennern.
38. -1
Unstoppable Copier 5.2
Mit dem Minitool "Unstoppable Copier" knnen Sie Dateien von zerkratzten CDs oder defekten Festplatten retten.
39. =
Free DVD Video Burner
Exklusiv bei CHIP mit sauberem Installer: Der kostenlose "Free DVD Video Burner" brennt Video-Ordner und Dateien auf...
40. =
Media Player Classic - Home Cinema (32 Bit) 1.7.11
Weiterentwicklung der beliebten Windows Media Player-Alternative.
41. =
Alcohol 52% Free Edition
Die kostenlose Version von Alcohol 52% erstellt kinderleicht 1:1-Abbilder von CDs sowie DVDs und stellt virtuelle Lau...
42. =
DVDStyler 3.0.3
Das Open-Source-Tool DVDStyler erlaubt es Ihnen, DVD-Mens anzulegen und Kapitel- und Navigationsstrukturen zu erstel...
43. +1
VLC media player fr Linux 2.2.4
Download-Tipp: der "VLC media player" 2.2.3 ist ein echter Multimedia-Allesknner.
44. -1
VMware Workstation 12.5.5
Virtueller Computer: "VMware Workstation" bringt ein beliebiges Betriebssystem unter Windows und Linux zum Laufen.
45. =
PowerDirector Ultra 15.0
Der "PowerDirector Ultra" ist die All-in-One Video-Produktions-Software von CyberLink.
46. =
Virtual CD
Mit "Virtual CD" knnen Sie Ihre CDs/DVDs platzsparend auf dem Rechner speichern und dank virtueller Laufwerke jederz...
47. +1
Nero Lite
Abgespeckte Version von Nero. Das Lite-Paket enthlt die wichtigsten fnf Programme der Brenn-Suite.
48. =
Mit dem Open-Source-Projekt DVDx knnen Sie in wenigen Schritten DVD kopieren und Filme in andere Formate wandeln.
49. +1
WinX DVD Author 6.3.7
Das Gratis-Tool brennt all Ihre Lieblingsvideos auf eine DVD - inklusive Menfhrung versteht sich.
50. -2
DeepBurner 1.9
DeepBurner ist ein Gratis-Brennprogramm fr CDs und DVDs.
51. +1
Video DVD Maker Free 3.30
Mit dem kostenlosen "Video DVD Maker" knnen Sie Videos aufnehmen und brennen.
52. -1
Daemon Tools Pro
Mit den "Daemon Tools" knnen Sie CD-ROMs, DVDs und Blu-ray-Disks auf die Festplatte kopieren und virtuelle CD-Laufwe...
53. =
Windows DVD-Player Windows 10 App 3.6.1176.0
Microsoft bringt die Windows DVD-Player App in den Windows-Store. Doch die Funktionen sind schlecht und der Preis ist...
54. +1
Nero 2017 Platinum
Alles unter einem Dach. Mit Nero 2017 Platinum bekommen Sie die am besten ausgestattete Version der aktuellen Nero-Su...
55. +1
Daemon Tools fr Mac OS 4.3
Mac-Nutzer knnen mit "Daemon Tools" virtuelle CD-, DVD- oder Blu-ray-Laufwerke erstellen.
56. -2
WinDVD Pro
WinDVD ist ein guter Software-DVD-Player mit vielen Zusatz-Features und einer leicht zu bedienenden Oberflche.
57. =
TrueCrypt Portable 7.0
"TrueCrypt Portable" ist ein kostenloses Open-Source-Programm fr unterwegs zum sicheren Verschlsseln einzelner Date...
58. =
Media Player Classic fr Win XP, Vista, 7 Rev. 02/10
Im schlichten Design des alten Media Players 6.4 verpackt ist das Innenleben dieses Players auf der Hhe der Zeit.
59. =
DVDFab Virtual Drive
"DVDFab Virtual Drive" ist ein kostenloser Emulator fr virtuelle DVD- und Blu-ray-Laufwerke.
60. =
CdCoverCreator 2.5.3
Mit dem CdCoverCreator erstellen Sie mhelos Cover und Inlays fr Ihre Lieblings-Alben.
61. =
IsoBuster (letzte Freeware-Version) 0.99.9
Mit dem kostenlosen Programm IsoBuster dringen erfahrene Nutzer tiefer in die Struktur von CDs und Images ein, als Wi...
62. =
AnyBurn 3.5
AnyBurn ist ein extrem mchtiges Freeware-Brenn-Programm fr Windows, das mit CDs, DVDs und Blu-rays umgehen kann.
63. =
Free Disc Burner
Exklusiv bei CHIP mit sauberem Installer: Mit dem "Free Disc Burner" brennen Sie jede Art von Datei auf CD, DVD oder ...
64. =
Nero InfoTool 8.0.1
Die Freeware "Nero InfoTool" informiert Sie ausfhrlich ber Ihre CD-/DVD-Laufwerke.
65. =
Ashampoo Burning Studio 18.0.3
"Ashampoo Burning Studio 18" ist ein modernes Brennprogramm mit unzhligen Funktionen.
66. =
MediaPortal 1.16.0
Gelungene Alternative zum Windows Media Center: das kostenlose MediaPortal.
67. =
Active ISO Burner 3.0
Der "Active ISO Burner" brennt selbst groe Images auf Rohlinge - ohne selbst ins Gewicht zu fallen.
68. +3
Express Burn 6.02
Mit "Express Burn" lassen sich Audio- und Daten-CDs, DVDs sowie Blu-ray Disks schnell und einfach brennen.
69. -1
LiquidCD 2.08
Mit dem kostenlosen LiquidCD bekommen jetzt auch Mac-User eine komfortable Brennsuite.
70. -1
PowerDVD 10 Ultra - Mark II Update
Mit dem kostenlosen Mark II Update fr PowerDVD 10 Ultra knnen Sie endlich auch 3D-Blu-rays abspielen.
71. -1
IsoPuzzle 1.7 Beta
Die Freeware IsoPuzzle kann wichtige Daten von kaputten oder zerkratzten CDs/DVDs retten.
72. =
Burn4Free ist ein kostenloses Brennprogramm fr Audio- und CDs/DVDs und Blu-rays.
73. =
Power2Go 11,Cheap fjallraven re kanken mini.0
Mit der Brennsoftware Power2Go von CyberLink brennen Sie Ihre Daten zuverlssig und einfach auf verschiedene Speicher...
74. +1
DVD Flick
Das Open-Source-Tool "DVD Flick" macht aus Ihren Videodateien DVDs zum Abspielen auf dem DVD-Player.
75. -1
Folder2Iso 3.1
Das kostenlose Windows-Tool Folder2Iso erstellt ISO-Images aus Ihren Ordnern.
76. =
Nero2Iso 1.1
Mit "Nero2Iso" lassen sich von Nero erstellte CD-Images vom NRG-Format in das ISO-Format konvertieren.
77. =
InfraRecorder (32 Bit) 0.53
Brennen und kopieren Sie mit der Open-Source-Lsung InfraRecorder CDs und DVDs ganz einfach und unkompliziert.
78. =
ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre Platinum 6.5.1
"ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre" ist ein umfangreicher Player fr DVDs, Blu-ray- und HD-Videos.
79. =
DVDStyler Portable 3.0.3
Der DVDStyler bietet Ihnen zahlreiche Optionen zum Erstellen von eigenen Video-DVDs.
80. =
InfraRecorder (64 Bit) 0.53
Jetzt brennen und kopieren auch Nutzer eines 64-Bit-Systems mit der Open-Source-Lsung InfraRecorder CDs und DVDs gan...
81. =
Vollversion: Ashampoo Music Studio 2016 v6.1.0
Mit der Gratis-Vollversion "Ashampoo Music Studio" wird das Verwalten Ihrer Musik-Dateien zum Kinderspiel.
82. +1
Nero Video 2017 v1.10.0.6
Mit "Nero Video 2017" versprechen die Entwickler der Brennsoftware eine benutzerfreundliche Software zur Videobearbei...
83. -1
MagicISO 5.5
MagicISO legt Abbilder von jeglichen Datentrgern an, bindet diese in virtuelle Laufwerke ein oder brennt DVDs.
84. =
DVD Flick v2 v1.3.0.9
Nachdem die Originalversion der Authoring-Software "DVD Flick" nicht mehr weiterentwickelt wird, gibt es mit "DVD Fli...
85. =
MediaPortal 2 Spring 16
MediaPortal, eine der besten Alternativen zum Windows Media Center, gibt es jetzt in einer neuen Version.
86. =
Burrrn 1.13
Gratis-Tool, um Musik-CDs aus beliebigen Audiodateien zu brennen.
87. =
Magix Photostory Deluxe 2017
Magix bringt mit Photostory (Fotostory) 2017 Deluxe eine Neuauflage Ihrer Software fr animierte Fotoshows mit Videoc...
88. +1
Auto Gordian Knot 2.55
Die Freeware "Auto Gordian Knot" kopiert Film-DVDs hochwertig ins DivX- oder Xvid-Format.
89. -1
CD-Bremse 1.49
CD-Bremse regelt die Drehzahl von CD- und DVD-Laufwerken.
90. +1
ShrinkTo5 v2.0.4
Das Open-Source-Programm ShrinkTo5 schrumpft Film-DVDs auf Rohlings-Gre.
91. -1
Nero DiscSpeed 11 v7.0.2.100
"Nero DiscSpeed" ist ein Freeware-Benchmark, mit dem Sie die wichtigsten Funktionen eines CD/DVD-ROM Laufwerks testen...
92. =
WinOnCD 9.0
Kostenlose Testversion der Multimedia-Suite WinOnCD, mit der dauerhaft gebrannt werden kann.
93. =
CDRWin 10.0
CDRWin, das altbekannte Brennprogramm, knnen Sie jetzt in der Version 10 herunterladen.
94. =
Das bekannte Windows-Brennprogramm Nero gibt es in einer neuen Version fr Linux-User.
95. =
K3b 2.0.2
K3b ist ein kostenloses Linux-Programm zum Brennen fr CDs und DVDs.
96,Cheap kanken dual colour for sale. +2
AVStoDVD 2.8.6
Mit der Open-Source-Software AVStoDVD konvertieren Sie Ihre Videos in ein DVD-fhiges Format - inklusive Zusatzoption...
97. -1
CDCheck 3.1.14
Testen Sie die Geschwindigkeit Ihres CD/DVD-Laufwerks und finden Sie Fehler auf eingelegten Datentrgern.
98. -1
VMware Server 2.0.2
Mit dem kostenlosen "VMware Server" erstellen Sie virtuelle Server.
99. +1
Xilisoft DVD Ripper Platinum 7.7.3
"Xilisoft DVD Ripper Platinum" ist die perfekte Programmsammlung zum Rippen von DVDs.
100. -1
StarBurn 15.5
StarBurn ist eine kostenlose Brennsoftware, die auch Blu-ray-Discs beschreiben kann.
123 >

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    Recep Tayyip Erdo?an: is he a threat to Turkish democracy? Turkey votes today on whether to cement the power of a man revered by many, reviled and feared by many others Published: Paul Nuttall''s troubled relationship with the truth finally catches up with him Whether it’s lies about being a footballer, having a PhD or losing close friends at Hillsborough, the Ukip leader always has someone else to blame Published: Isis bomber Jamal al-Harith: from Manchester to Iraq via Guantánamo British-born jihadi who blew himself up for Islamic State this week was a convert detained for two years at Camp X-Ray Published: Paul Dacre: the Mail man leading the Brexit charge Lord Neuberger’s attack last week on sections of the press for undermining the judiciary provoked a typically brutal response from a paper shaped in the image of Fleet Street’s most enduring editor Published: The Unilever-Kraft Heinz takeover: the three key players One of the biggest takeovers in corporate history hinges on fabled investor Warren Buffet, 3G founder Jorge Lemann and the Unilever CEO, Paul Polman Published: Vladimir Putin: behold, the other man of the moment At home, social and economic disarray reign,Buy re kanken classic online, but internationally, he has been setting the agenda ? outflanking the west over Syria, causing mayhem in America and generally fulfilling his mission to reassert Russian influence Published: Sir David Clementi: City grandee ready to do the business at the BBC The ex-Bank of England deputy governor advised the government to introduce a corporate-style BBC board ? and has the experience to run it Published: Natalie Portman: bringing Jackie Onassis back to life The star nearly crushed by the critics early in her career has them eating out of her hand in her intimate portrayal of America’s most remarkable First Lady Published: Reina: site of Istanbul attack, a nightclub renowned for famous guests Venue is popular with Turkish footballers and soap stars,Cheap Fjallraven kanken laptop, as well as celebrities including Kylie Minogue and Daniel Craig Published: After Jo Cox: the unsung MPs quietly making Britain better Following the murder of the MP in June, readers asked us to write more about other inspiring parliamentarians. So here we profile five tireless campaigners Published: Luca Scatà: rookie police officer who shot Berlin attack suspect Family and friends say the officer,Cheap fjallraven kanken maxi, who has been praised by German and Italian leaders, always wanted to join the police Published: Zsa Zsa Gabor: oddly modern figure shaped contemporary celebrity Actor and socialite pioneered concept of being ‘famous for being famous’ and creating personal brand seven decades ago Published: Chris Grayling: Tory in combative mood to deal with rail union bosses Transport secretary has shown no sign of toning down his tribal approach to politics in his handling of the Southern train strikes Published:

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    SEOUL: South Korean prosecutors will summon ousted president Park Geun-hye for questioning as a suspect in a corruption case that led to her impeachment, a prosecution official said on Tuesday,Cheap kanken kids for sale, amid a political crisis that has gripped the country for months.

The prosecutor''s office would notify Park on Wednesday when she will be summoned and would not negotiate on the timing, said the official who declined to be identified.

There was no immediate comment from Park. Her legal representatives were not available for comment.

The Constitutional Court dismissed Park from office on Friday when it upheld a parliamentary impeachment vote over an influence-peddling scandal that has shaken the political and business elite. Park has denied any wrongdoing.

She became the country''s first democratically elected president to be removed from office.

Park left the Blue House presidential palace in Seoul on Sunday to return to her private home in the city as an ordinary citizen,Cheap re-kanken mini, stripped of her presidential immunity that has shielded her from prosecution.

Park said through a spokesman that she felt sorry about not being to complete her term but added that the truth would come out,Cheap Fjallraven kanken no.2, striking a defiant tone about the prospect of facing an investigation.

A special prosecution team had earlier accused Park of colluding with a friend, Choi Soon-sil, to pressure big businesses into contributing to foundations set up to support her policy and allowing her to exert influence on state affairs.

Park and Choi both denied wrongdoing and while she was president, Park declined to answer prosecutors'' questions.

(Reporting by Ju-min Park, Christine Kim and Se Young Lee; Editing by Robert Birsel and Nick Macfie)

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    The current smart phone running points have made many users feel numb,Buy nikon cameras online shopping, but high-performance is undoubtedly an important basis for mobile phones can run smoothly. Recently, the 2017 January performance list TOP10 to run the software security Bunny released in the famous mobile phone ". In contrast, in 2016, the new list of more new release of new products, but the overall ranking is not changed. As of January 31st, in the mobile phone list, the current mobile phone run of the performance is the highest in the apple family of iPhone 7 Plus, the average run score of 185494; the second is 7 iPhone, the average run sub score of 175455. Subsequently, is from the Chinese mobile phone brand OnePlus 3T, ran 163352, won the top third. In addition to ranking the top three in the top list, above the Android platform, OnePlus 3T ranked first. Previously, OnePlus 3T is an annual 2016 run the highest mobile phone Android Bunny camp, this run of glory has been extended to the start of 2017. Comprehensive security Bunny run objective data points, it can be said that the OnePlus 3T is the first domestic mobile phone brand run. The official OnePlus another model OnePlus 3, on the Android platform list also won the sixth, we can see the official launch of the OnePlus models are strong. As the current OnePlus official flagship flagship model OnePlus 3T, with the most current hardware configuration, even in the next year''s perspective, OnePlus 3T is still not outdated. It is equipped with a main frequency of 2.35GHz Qualcomm snapdragon 821 processor, with 6GB LPDDR4 memory and 64/128GB UFS2.0 flash, bringing a smooth system operation, running on a large package of the game is not a problem. In the camera, with dual front and rear 1600W pixel camera combination. Price, 64GB version priced 2699 yuan, 128GB version priced at $2999. For the OnePlus brand, Google& BrandZ China; jointly issued 2016 to the top 30 brands, OnePlus mobile phone total ranked twelfth in the list, among them are HUAWEI, Alibaba, Xinjiang and other high-tech companies. It is based on the official OnePlus has been insisting on high-quality international routes, making it a representative of the Chinese made sea phone. Recently coincided with the opening season, there are plans to purchase models of students, may wish to pay more attention to the current OnePlus official flagship flagship model OnePlus 3T. WeChat search and pay attention to science and technology news public account: kejixun more exciting, I know!

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    Font???? Egypt, the ancient city of Heraklion has a beautiful and mysterious legend, it was a prosperous seaport city, sank in 1500, the Greek historian Ciro Dodd in the fifth Century BC praise Heraklion is a magnificent city. ???? Herodotus also tells about the peerless beauty of the story of Helen, she was the most beautiful woman in the world,Buy nikon cameras online discount store, before the outbreak of the war of Troy and Paris love travel to Heraklion. ??? until 2001 but have not found any evidence of the sinking of the Heraklion archaeological site, eventually French marine archaeologist Frank - Gaudio (Franck Goddio) accidentally found some traces, which confirmed that this is a great discovery of Archaeology in twenty-first Century. ???? Late Gaudio and Oxford Maritime Archaeology Research Center and the Department of Egyptian antiquities found a large number of cultural relics, facing the initial stage of archaeologists a tricky task -- how to reassemble pieces of stone blocks of submarine. ???? They have found some huge statues, including: the Egyptian goddess Isis, happy, and not a God with identification of the Egyptian pharaoh statue, their condition is very good, is completely wrapped up by mud. The importance of the ancient city of Heraklion was further confirmed by the discovery of 64 ships, the largest number of ancient vessels found in one location, and the discovery of the more than and 700 anchors. Other findings show the importance of the ancient city of Heraklion in the ancient economy, found a lot of gold, lead, copper and stone from Athens Farmar, confirmed that Heraklion was the most important trade port in the mediterranean. ??????: Science and technology news home page

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    cinema Description:
Xianju Hengdian film city by the Zhejiang Hengdian Studio Entertainment Co. Ltd. and Zhejiang Hengdian cinema line Co. Ltd. jointly invested five star luxury multifunctional studios, Zhejiang is the highest grade of studios. In accordance with the highest international standards for the construction of the Five Star Cinema design, construction and decoration luxury, high-grade facilities, first-class environment, viewing comfort. The cinema hall is spacious and bright, the advanced ticketing system, the rich variety of goods sold, the barrier free access to the disabled, the design of human nature and the style of international cinema. Located in Xianju Hengdian film city, downtown Jinding Xintiandi Plaza two floor, city area of 2000 square meters, has 4 first-class professional hall, can accommodate more than 400 spectators. The auditorium today''s most high-end audio-visual equipment configuration: America JBL power amplifier and audio, British DOLBY digital decoder, Germany imported high-definition projection lens, the reflectivity of the screen back huneker. High quality clear picture to bring you the visual enjoyment of the value, so that you immersive, linger, enjoy never heard the shock! Hengdian film city is the country''s first national film and television industry experimentation area, the world''s largest film and television shooting base, there are more than and 100 film and television crew in this year''s shooting, by the domestic and foreign media as the "Hollywood of China"". The competition of the cinema, to a large extent,Buy cameras wholesale, depends on the competition of the brand and the competition of service. Hengdian city has its own characteristics, will rely on the Hengdian film base, cinema line resources, the star will meet, held lucky audience free tour of Hengdian and other activities, let the audience get more surprises and enjoy the beauty.

business hours: business hours: 09:30~~~24:30

the rise of a variety of new technology makes the division of the advertising industry chain tends to refine, technology companies are playing an increasingly important role in the advertising industry, they like a sharp knife, stabbed into the industry.

third party data monitoring is a sample of pure technology companies in the industry. "We are the emergence of advertisers on the Internet advertising market more recognition, and began to increase investment." The second hand system CEO Wei Zhu said.
The second is a
system of third party advertising technology company, to help advertisers and agencies, network media evaluation and optimization of digital advertising effect, enhance the media investment returns. Procter & Gamble, Microsoft , Coca-Cola and many other international brands in the use of second hand products and services.

is currently the second hand system of daily processing data of more than 2TB, with the average daily processing 100 billion ad requests data processing ability, the cumulative storage and processing data of more than 2PB. Zhu Wei said, in the third party data testing company, second hand systems market share of 70%.
Independent data monitoring, through the effect of cross media advertising
Zhu Wei believes that the types of advertising, television advertising is still important, and now in the mobile terminal advertising ratio is relatively low, because the mobile terminal penetration is not high enough; the two is still no convincing standard, everything remains to be continued development of mobile terminal.
The impact of
technology companies on the advertising industry

"twenty-first Century": what is the division of roles between you and 4A?

Zhu Wei: we are a technology company, with 4A''s cooperation is mainly from a technical point of view to increase the professionalism of the company can not do this, they are relatively weak in the technical point of view of the development of 4A. And we provide the server and bandwidth to help advertisers do data management, advertisers are to buy our data to 4A.

"twenty-first Century": how do you improve the efficiency of advertisers?

Zhu Wei: we each year to provide advertisers with the efficiency of media research, such as our biggest customer P & G, every year need to optimize the efficiency of their media delivery. We provide data, so that their advertising agencies to achieve the goal of improving the efficiency of advertising investment, the annual completion of about 10%.

last year, the overall cost of advertising is 5 billion, a few years ago the figure was $100 million. Since the emergence of technology companies, advertisers on the Internet advertising business to improve the recognition and increase the budget. For example, the video site accounted for the share of digital media advertising grew from 0 to 43%, these are not from the portal to grab, but from other media, such as television, Internet advertising is a pure increment. This is our greatest value for the development of digital media.

twenty-first Century: when is the advertising industry''s demand for technical advertising 1

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    so, the main show is coming! Powerful businesses are competing to launch air purifier series products.

(see my super thunder invincible tornado)...... Filter screen)

now, the air purifier has almost become a necessary device for your family to fight haze. Air purifier can effectively settle the air of dust, coal dust, smoke, fiber impurities and other respirable suspended particles, to avoid the human body to breathe these harmful dust particles. The use of air purifiers to filter and replace indoor gas, indoor air can ensure a virtuous cycle.

since know the existence of this artifact, niche feel "all around" security ~ ~ but! When I know the news, I''m not all right...

incorrect use and clean air purifier, may cause indoor air pollution two times!

Most of the air purifier on the
market is the physical purification technology using HEPA filter as the carrier. (HEPA) a dry type filter composed of stacked boron silicon micro fibers (
)Is that defects in
physical purification technology, screen after working for a period of time, will lead to accumulation of dust and bacteria and blocking the purifier, thus no longer has air purification function, resulting in two severe pollution. therefore,Cheap sony ps4 pro, the timely maintenance and cleaning of the air purifier, it becomes necessary for each household to use air purifiers knowledge and skills.

once, there was a group of aspiring foreign B funny youth, to create tens of millions of air purification house to resist haze. Niche just want to own experience to tell them: the ideal is full, the reality is the fat of africans.

related: Beijing international school built tens of millions of air purification house to resist haze

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    Instructions,Buy iphone 6s plus online

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    Sequencing Price Drops Even Lower Start-up Complete Genomics reveals three new human genomes. Emily Singer News A Battery-Free Implantable Neural Sensor A tiny radio chip implanted in a moth harvests power and senses neural activity. Kate Greene Betting on a Metal-Air Battery Breakthrough A government-funded start-up claims it can make ionic liquid energy storage feasible. Tyler Hamilton News Spraying on Skin Cells to Heal Burns A new technique in burn treatment provides an alternative to skin grafts in the operating room. Lauren Gravitz News Software Listens for Hints of Depression A large-scale trial will test whether software can identify depressed patients. Jennifer Chu News Stealthy Nanoparticles Attack Cancer Cells Drugs embedded in special polymers can more effectively shrink tumors. Emily Singer News A Test Ride with the Droid Motorola''s new Android-based smart phone is a viable iPhone alternative. Erika Jonietz News Implantable Silicon-Silk Electronics Biodegradable circuits could enable better neural interfaces and LED tattoos. Katherine Bourzac An App so You''ll Never Forget Adaptive-learning algorithms calculate how often people need to see information to remember it. Erica Naone News Can Amazon''s PayPhrase Combine Convenience with Security? Amazon hopes its latest payment technology will steal its competitors'' thunder. Robert Lemos ? Editions Find your preferred version. Choose from six languages and in 13 regions worldwide. Archives Explore 114 years of innovation from the most respected technology publication. Lists Discover the most important people, companies and technologies shaping our future. Events Attend one of our over 400 thought-provoking live events worldwide. Subscribers Have MIT Technology Review delivered to your doorstep, desktop,Cheap iphone 7 plus for sale, or tablet? More

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    Leading the Charge MIT researchers are developing the new batteries and ultracapacitors we need for a green economy. Katherine Bourzac, SM ''04 MIT News Inside Baseball As assistant GM of the St. Louis Cardinals, John Abbamondi ''93 revels in the data analysis that goes into fielding a winning team. Carol Hildebrand Photo Essay Surface Restoration Engineers restore high-resolution photos of the moon. Katherine Bourzac When a Good Idea Works Purity, openness,Buy sony playstation 4 online discount store, and simplicity are engines of design. John Maeda Notebook Biological Solar Combining synthetic biology and solar technology could provide a way to trap carbon dioxide and produce fuel. David Berry Notebook A Consumer Revolution Our collective demand for environmental responsibility has stimulated the market. Christina Lampe-Onnerud Notebook Cleaning Coal Converting coal to natural gas is our best strategy for limiting carbon dioxide emissions today. Andrew Perlman MIT News John Chisholm, Menlo Park, CA and Elda Chisholm Palo Alto, CA MIT News Staff Letters Letters and Comments TR Readers MIT News Friends Gather at Tech Reunions MIT News Staff ? Editions Find your preferred version. Choose from six languages and in 13 regions worldwide. Archives Explore 114 years of innovation from the most respected technology publication. Lists Discover the most important people, companies and technologies shaping our future. Events Attend one of our over 400 thought-provoking live events worldwide. Subscribers Have MIT Technology Review delivered to your doorstep, desktop, or tablet? More

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    SAO PAULO/CURITIBA, Brazil: Brazilian police raided the premises of global meatpacking companies JBS SA and BRF SA on Friday, as well as dozens of smaller rivals, in a crackdown on alleged bribery of health officials that could threaten US$12 billion in annual exports.

The probe, known as "Operation Weak Flesh," found evidence of meatpackers bribing inspectors and politicians to overlook unsanitary practices such as processing rotten meat and shipping exports with traces of salmonella, police said.

Police investigator Mauricio Moscardi Grillo said there was evidence of some companies manipulating certificates for meat exports to European markets, raising the risk of foreign restrictions on Brazil''s powerhouse protein industry.

"We''ve never seen a scandal like this in the sector ... It''s horrifying," said Alex Silva, a livestock analyst with Scot Consultoria. "This stains the entire system that Brazil has spent years building."

Brazil exported US$6.9 billion of poultry and US$5.5 billion of beef last year, according to industry groups, as producers ramped up shipments to China and started sending raw beef to the United States.

Shares of JBS and BRF plunged 11.0 percent and 7.0 percent respectively in Sao Paulo. JBS, the world''s biggest meat producer, booked net revenue of 170 billion reais (US$55 billion) last year from sales in 150 countries. BRF, the largest poultry exporter,Cheap kanken backpack, booked net revenue of 39 billion reais in 2016.

Police said they arrested three BRF employees and two from JBS in Friday''s raids, as well as 20 public officials.

JBS said in a securities filing that three of its plants and one of its employees were targeted in the probe, but its senior executives and headquarters were not targeted. The company said it followed rigorous quality standards and sanitary regulations.

BRF also said it followed industry regulations and was cooperating with authorities in the investigation.

Court documents cited recordings of BRF director Andre Luiz Baldissera allegedly discussing on March 13 how health officials could help defend the company after inspectors in Italy found traces of salmonella in four containers shipped from a plant in Goi??s state in central Brazil.

The ruling by federal judge Marcos Silva also included transcripts of BRF government relations executive Roney Nogueira allegedly discussing bribery of health inspectors, including one called on to help avoid the closure of the same Goi??s plant.

The judge also ordered that BRF Vice President Jos?? Roberto Pernomian Rodrigues be brought in for questioning.

Baldissera,kanken kids for sale, Nogueira and Rodrigues could not be reached for comment.


Brazil''s Agriculture Ministry temporarily closed three plants cited in the investigation, one run by BRF and two run by smaller rival Grupo Peccin, and began removing their meat products from supermarkets.

Eumar Novacki, the ministry''s executive secretary, said there was some concern that other countries would begin blocking shipments of Brazilian meat. Agriculture Minister Blairo Maggi will meet on Monday with foreign ambassadors to allay concerns.

Sergio De Zen, a livestock expert at the University of Sao Paulo, said other countries may be eager to block Brazilian exports in the fiercely competitive protein market.

"But the impact will not be as big as it would be if another country had discovered this problem," he said. "It is Brazil itself that is revealing this."

The food industry investigation is the latest in a string of corruption probes in Brazil, as a tougher judiciary takes on cozy relations between the government and powerful businesses, backed by public outrage during a deep economic slump.

After investigations into political kickbacks on public works and oil and gas contracts, Friday''s probe struck at the heart of the booming agricultural sector, one of the few bright spots in Brazil''s economy and a major source of exports.

Police said there was evidence that meatpackers falsified documentation for exports to Europe, China and the Middle East.

Judge Silva wrote in his ruling that employees of some meatpackers, including BRF,Cheap kanken mini for sale, arranged bribes and favours for inspectors ranging from political donations and favourable bank loans to small bribes including hams and other meat products.

In some cases, those inspectors would then allow employees of the meatpackers to enter government offices, access computers and issue their own export certificates, investigators said.

(US$1 = 3.098 reais)

(Reporting by Brad Haynes; Additional reporting by Sergio Spagnuolo in Curitiba, Pedro Fonseca in Rio de Janeiro, Guillermo Parra-Bernal, Brad Brooks and Alberto Alerigi in Sao Paulo; Editing by Daniel Flynn and Marguerita Choy)

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    Competition entries for the latest Everyman crossword must be postmarked not later than Saturday night. The ?rst three correct solutions opened will receive a set of stylish Penguin Dictionaries, worth ?30 and perfect for anyone who revels in the English language. ?15 book tokens for the ?rst ?ve correct solutions opened. Completed Everyman crosswords should be printed out and sent to: The Observer PO Box 6604, Birmingham,Buy kanken no.2 online, B26 3RW

Everyman,Buy re kanken mini online, 3676

Philip Berridge, Lincolnshire
Ruby Murphy, Suffolk
Roy Tunis-Mousine,Buy kanken dual colour online, Sheffield
John Morris, Leeds
T West-Taylor, Bristol

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    is accustomed to male experts questioned and opposed
in a meeting, Sun Xiaomei is doing about the "prevention of child sexual abuse" theme "mentioned in the waste of a male prostitute experts suddenly outraged, say" want to go off in a huff". In this regard, Sun Xiaomei said that he was accustomed to male jurists and sexology researchers, standing on the professional position and gender positions questioned. She knew that the end of the group to pay the cost of this crime, is not far away. more >
cancer still insist on bed
Sun Xiaomei, partner of China Women''s University School of law, associate professor Zhang Rongli in an interview with Sun Xiaomei on the recall, the relevant departments for the "waste" in response to prostitution has always been very tight, but there was a time to slow down. It was only after the phone that she had just finished her breast cancer surgery. Zhang Rongli later learned that after chemotherapy, Sun Xiaomei, endure the pain of the arm, every day to write two thousand or three thousand words. more >
number of cases related to the surge of attention
2009, Guizhou Lishui, Fujian Zhejiang Xishui, Anxi and other places have a national "girl sex case". As a professor of the Department of women, Sun Xiaomei keenly feel that such a short time, so many people focus on the emergence of sexual assault case, is certainly a link in the protection of the broken chain". Sun Xiaomei believes that "the surge in the number of complaints, and the number of the subsequent rise greatly, especially around the grass-roots cadres, civil servants, teachers and judges involved in prostitution juvenile cases have occurred, it is difficult to disassociate with Article 360 of the criminal law protection of the relationship between the reduced girl." more >

Hengda Liaozu with the game still make the same mistake -- waste many absolute opportunities. Gao Lin ''s single tool does not go in, Paul''s shot hit the post,nikon cameras for sale, a few times in the forbidden area of the defender missed the opportunity of Alan. "The team lacks the ability to score goals." believes the team is not determined and capable of shooting.

prior to the three season, Hengda home court face can easily win Liaozu three goals or more, there is no Liaozu defenseless. But this did not last for Liaozu Hengda pressure, creating opportunities, but also to the back several times the opponent played very embarrassed, but CengCheng first half from pole, Hengda may soon fall behind.

why Hengda now? Liaozu coach Marin has his own opinion. "Hengda players age every year increases, compared to previous seasons, now Hengda in conversion speed is not as fast, the player''s running distance is not too large to cover before, opponents of oppression is not strong before, so in the face of such a Liaozu Hengda respite, also have the opportunity to fight back." Ma Lin pointed out the problem of hengda.

has not been able to present the best season, even if the winning game is not convincing. Fortunately, the lucky goddess still visit this team in the Super League, so embarrassed circumstances it is difficult to reverse, so Scolari really need as soon as possible to adjust the team, not every team to create opportunities and not regret scored.

the source: Author: Jin NetEase sports editor: Zhang Zenong _NS5732

   评论人:slci1wn84  评论时间:2017/7/26
    The user has not yet opened LOFTER this.p = b:2, lofterBlogId:-1, currentYear:2017 if curyear! /if$month+1 months $count =year$year article if post.type! If post.values.imgurl! =null $post.values.title
$post.month+1 $post.dayOfMonth 0$post.noteCount =1
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SuperTuxKart: Virtuelle Kart-Rennen mit Open-Source-Feeling
Insgesamt über 20 Rennstrecken,Buy kanken kids online, verschiedene Spielmodi und Multiplayer-Unterstützung sorgen schon jetzt für jede Menge Abwechslung. Momentan steckt SuperTuxKart noch in der Entwicklung, so dass nicht alle Features funktionsbereit sind.

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    Don’t call Brexit a divorce, said Theresa May recently. “I prefer not to use the term of divorce from the European Union because very often when people get divorced they don’t have a very good relationship afterwards,” she explained to parliament. And indeed, in her subsequent passive-aggressive article 50 letter to European council president Donald Tusk, she insisted Britain was the EU’s “closest friend and neighbour”, albeit a friend who was storming out of the EU dinner party because he didn’t like the number of foreigners among the guests. At the same time, the friend was whining over his shoulder that he really wanted a “deep and special partnership” in the future – a phrase repeated in May’s letter an embarrassingly needy six times.

May’s comment, however, did not stop everyone and their dog from continuing to call Brexit a divorce. It would necessarily be a “painful” divorce after 40 years of marriage, though some said the marriage had always been “loveless” and others hoped its ending could still be “amicable”. But what exactly is the change in our status going to mean, romantically speaking? It would certainly be accounted odd if a married couple were to get divorced just so they could then enter into a “deep” and “special” civil partnership.
Theresa May''s article 50 letter annotated
Read more
Other metaphors for Britain’s exit have been tried – it is a “tragedy”, suggested some, though a tragedy usually involves a noble person laid low by a fatal flaw, rather than a flouncing idiot committing pointless self-harm. Others pictured the EU as a cake, which we could not, it turns out, both have and eat. The constellation of divorce metaphors is, however, seemingly irresistible. Britain is, after all, leaving a “union”; and seeking a “settlement” with the EU, with “terms” ostensibly agreeable to both parties, though one is already chafing at the prospect of a hefty “divorce bill”, even if the lawyers, as usual, are licking their lips.

Politicians may make ''overtures'' to rival leaders, which can lead to them being ''in bed with'' each other

The language of romance, doomed or otherwise, has long been part of the rhetoric of both domestic politics and international relations. Politicians may make “overtures” to rival leaders,Buy re kanken classic online, which if successful can lead to them being “in bed with” each other. They may experience tiffs and reconciliations – or, like a timid doormat with no self-respect, they may spend decades insisting that they have a “special relationship” with the more powerful partner. When such relationships go wrong it is a “split” or a “breakup”, in which countries who used to have hot sex together now sit around dolefully listening to 1970s acoustic singer-songwriters. The common resort to such imagery by the media is a synecdoche for the larger, endemic problem of political coverage in our time: its default mode is to treat politics as though it were a soap opera, voyeuristically focusing on personalities,Cheap Fjallraven re-kanken classic for sale, armchair psychology and gossip, attacking reasonable changes of mind as “U-turns” or “humiliating climbdowns”, and in general portraying matters of state in the manner of cheap daytime TV drama, rather than doing the more difficult, and democratically responsible, job of analysing policy.

‘We are leaving the EU but we are not leaving Europe’ Theresa May with Tusk outside No 10 Downing Street. Photograph: Andy Rain/EPA
It is at least thankfully rare that the potential creepiness of “relationship” language in politics spills over into inappropriate physical contact between leaders, such as the moment when George W Bush decided to give Angela Merkel an unsolicited massage, or when Donald Trump grabbed Theresa May’s hand (because he is afraid either of stairs or of independent-minded women). But to mask the realities of power plays in realpolitik with the language of romantic relationships is at once weirdly infantilising and actively misleading. The few politicians who actually act in the erratic manner of lovers newly found or spurned – Trump, say,re kanken mini for sale, or Kim Jong-un – are the most dangerous. We might pay the rest the respect of thinking that they are considering the issues with a clear-eyed rationality, even if that is often just a fond wish: it is an ideal, at least, to which they should be held.

“We are leaving the European Union, but we are not leaving Europe,” May assured Donald Tusk, which can only mean that she has soberly decided not to affix massive engines to the east coast of Britain and literally drive the whole island out into the middle of the Atlantic. So the separated parties, she hopes, will continue to live next door to each other and enjoy a deep and special partnership of the most meaningful kind. In which case, what exactly was the point of the divorce, again?

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    When we introduced the new technology review, we promised we would cover the entire “innovation system “of the United States and the rest of the industrial world. And we’ve begun to do that-giving you an inside view of university research labs, venture capital firms, high-tech startups and major technology companies. Within the overall innovation system, the glamor part is the startups. Magazines like Wired, Red Herring and Upside zero in on companies started by 20-year-olds working 18 hours a day so they can sell their startup to Microsoft by the time they’re 22. It’s understandable that these ventures get so much attention. They’re romantic, and unique: No other country has a climate so favorable to entrepreneurship.

But a look beneath the surface of our system shows that innovation is not confined to the double-latte set. In order to succeed, major technological corporations must also create internal environments as white-hot as anything you might find in a Seattle garage. To highlight the combined contributions of startups and industrial giants in our innovation system, we’ve chosen to pair two intriguing articles in our first Technology ReviewSpecial Report: Innovation Large and Small. Contributing Writer Robert Buderi takes you behind the scenes at the “new “Bell Labs. Bell Labs was for many years the crown jewel of American industrial R&D. Powered by a “research tax “on telephone service that was made possible by AT&T’s monopoly status, the labs allowed elite basic researchers to pursue fundamental investigations far removed from the goal of improving telephone service.

But times change. Following the breakup of AT&T in 1984, Bell Labs became a component of a new company called Lucent Technologies. Lucent shrank the lab and focused its work on the bottom line-provoking outrage from the research community and prompting the departure of some talented investigators, who found more congenial homes at universities. Buderi’s reporting shows that despite these protests basic research at Bell Labs may be healthier than ever.

This story is part of our September/October 1998 Issue See the rest of the issue
The heart of Buderi’s tale is a large institution that has flourished because of the contributions of many individuals. In our companion piece, Simson Garfinkel tells the story of a scrappy company called Dragon Systems that was built by one married couple: Jim and Janet Baker. The Bakers are researcher-entrepreneurs who met at their computer screens. Their lives and professional interests are inextricably intertwined, and their company is a direct reflection of their personalities. In contrast to some of the flash-in-the-pan startups we see today, the Bakers worked for decades at the cutting edge of speech recognition, building a company and numerous products that today compete head-to-head with IBM in the marketplace.

Taken together, these penetrating articles offer a look at two dimensions of our innovation system: the very large and the very small. In future issues, we’ll be covering the rest of the innovation system. Because that’s our mandate. Innovation.

Tech Obsessive?
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    The Small Screen Wireless phone companies, broadcast networks, and software makers are in a cautious, cutthroat dance to bring mobile TV to U.S. cell-phone users. Brad King Review In Google We Trust Internet users should think carefully before relying on Gmail. Simson Garfinkel Years Ago Click "Oh yeah?" How the Web''s inventor viewed security issues a decade ago. Katherine Bourzac Hearing Multiple Signals MIMO, the new wireless technology, promises faster and more powerful Wi-Fi. But just how well does it work? Michael Fitzgerald Review The Get-Ready Men The cheap oil will end one day. What about civilization? Bryant Urstadt Review The Integrator Robert Noyce dreamed up the microchip in a 1959 notebook entry. Roger Lowenstein From the Labs From the Lab: Nanotechnology New publications, experiments, and breakthroughs in nanotechnology -- and what they mean MIT TR Staff From the Labs From the Lab: Information Technology New publications, experiments, and breakthroughs in information technology -- and what they mean MIT TR Staff From the Labs From the Lab: Biotechnology New publications, experiments, and breakthroughs in biotechnology -- and what they mean MIT TR Staff Featured Story TR 35 Technology Review''s top 35 innovators under the age of 35 Technology Review ? Find your preferred version. Choose from six languages and in 13 regions worldwide. Archives Explore 114 years of innovation from the most respected technology publication. Lists Discover the most important people, companies and technologies shaping our future. Events Attend one of our over 400 thought-provoking live events worldwide. Subscribers Have MIT Technology Review delivered to your doorstep, desktop, or tablet?

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    Robert Y.C. Hsiung studied visual arts throughout his childhood in China—learning Chinese calligraphy from his father and then watercolor painting from an artist in Hong Kong, where he attended a Jesuit school. In 1952 he won a scholarship to Wisconsin’s St. Norbert College, where he continued watercolor as a hobby. After a family friend suggested that he major in architecture, Hsiung transferred to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and found his calling.

“Design involved everything I had,” he says. “My mind, feelings, hands, eyes, gut. It was creative, open-ended, involved problem solving.” After graduation, he studied architecture for nine months in Europe, which fueled his passion for the discipline but left no energy for painting.
Downtown Crossing, Boston is one of Hsiung’s watercolors.
In 1960, he began graduate studies at MIT, where he focused on large-scale urban design. With classmates, he entered a competition to design Boston’s City Hall. Their design, one of five finalists, marked the first of many MIT collaborations. First he worked 10 years with his thesis advisor, Herbert Beckwith ’26, MArch ’27, a partner in the firm Anderson Beckwith & Haible, ultimately becoming lead designer. Then Pietro Belluschi, former dean of the MIT School of Architecture and Planning, brought Hsiung to Jung/Brannen Associates, a firm cofounded by Hsiung’s classmate Yu Sing Jung,Discount sony 4k hdr 65 inch tv online shop, MArch ’62. Until he retired in 2004, he was design principal; he set the firm’s aesthetic standard and taught young architects.

“The expression of architecture has to come out naturally and effortlessly,” Hsiung says. “My buildings are not out there to get attention. They are seldom self-conscious.” Those buildings include Baltimore’s Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall; the Poynter Institute for Media Studies in St. Petersburg, Florida; Tufts University’s Elizabeth Van Huysen Mayer Campus Center; and high-rises at One Post Office Square and 125 High Street in Boston.
Hsiung rekindled his love of painting 18 years ago. He creates landscapes and portraits that aim to render a fleeting instant full of emotion. He plans meticulously, but the actual painting generally happens in one sitting. “Watercolor is fast, clean, spontaneous,” he says. “It’s almost like a performance to me.” He has won prizes, sold numerous paintings, and exhibited work in regional and national shows.

These days he spends much of his time painting, teaching at Boston Architectural College, and completing small design projects, donating proceeds from his painting and architecture to charities. He also practices tai chi and plays tennis and squash. He and his wife, Dora, live in Newton Centre and have two daughters, a son, and three grandchildren.
Climate Bill Whimpers, Collapses Senator Harry Reid opts for a bill without carbon dioxide limits or renewable electricity standards. Kevin Bullis Facts ''n'' Fixes The best of the rest from the Physics arXiv this week: The Physics arXiv Blog "Crisis" in Availability of Wireless Spectrum Is a Myth Stanford engineers argue that outmoded protocols and business rules, not technology, are why 95 percent of spectrum goes unused. Christopher Mims Why Space Isn''t Filled with White Holes A new study explains why astronomers have never seen one of these weird objects. The Physics arXiv Blog Social vs. Market Norms at Reddit Behavioral economics challenge the news aggregator''s plan to make money. Tom Simonite Sedentary Kids Become Gamers While Active Kids Become Hackers New study resolves age-old question of whether technology makes us sedentary, or being sedentary gives us more time to mess with technology. Christopher Mims How to Distinguish Fiction from Nonfiction Telling fact from fiction isn''t always easy on the on the Web. Now researchers have discovered a method that could help automate the process. The Physics arXiv Blog Divers Command Robot with Waterproof Tablet Water is an unforgiving medium for communication, but a new approach using visual tags shows potential. Christopher Mims Boeing''s New Crew Spacecraft The company wants to be the first from the private sector to build a human-rated capsule. Brittany Sauser View Quantum Chemistry Comes of Age Quantum computers are now capable of simulating the behaviour of atoms and molecules. The Physics arXiv Blog Find your preferred version. Choose from six languages and in 13 regions worldwide. Archives Explore 114 years of innovation from the most respected technology publication. Lists Discover the most important people, companies and technologies shaping our future. Events Attend one of our over 400 thought-provoking live events worldwide. Subscribers Have MIT Technology Review delivered to your doorstep, desktop, or tablet?

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    Nothing in our system currently matches this topic. Please make another selection. by ! article.published Sponsored by
The retina is an enormously powerful tool. It sorts through massive amounts of data while operating on only a fraction of the power that a conventional digital camera and computer would require to do the same task.

Your browser doesn''t support HTML5 video.
Dynamic vision: The camera’s strength is in capturing movement, like the milk drops seen here.
Now, engineers at a company called iniLabs in Switzerland are applying lessons from biology in an effort to build a more efficient digital camera inspired by the human retina.

Like the individual neurons in our eyes, the new camera―named the Dynamic Vision Sensor (DVS)―responds only to changes in a given scene. This approach eliminates large swaths of redundant data and could be useful for many fields, including surveillance, robotics, and microscopy.

“Your eye and my eye are digital cameras too. [They’re] just a different kind of digital camera,” says Tobi Delbruck, the chief scientific officer at iniLabs. “We had machine vision that was as good as possible with existing architecture and hardware. But compared to biology, machine vision is pathetically poor.”

An ordinary camera will take in everything it sees, storing the information to be processed later. This uses up a lot of power and a lot of space. Neurons in the eye, however, fire only when they sense a change―such as when a particular part of a scene gets brighter or dimmer. The DVS mimics that selectivity, transmitting information only in response to a shift in the scene. That takes less power and leaves less information to be processed.
Artificial retina: The Dynamic Vision Sensor (DVS) responds only to changes in the scene, eliminating large swaths of irrelevant data.
This feature could be especially useful for recording scenes that do not change often. For example,iphone 6s 16gb for sale cheap, when sleep researchers videotape their subjects, they are later forced to comb through hours of uneventful footage. With a sensor like the DVS, important, active portions of the data are automatically highlighted.

The pixels in the DVS also mimic the way an individual eye neuron will calibrate itself to a particular location: that cell and those responsible for another area will respond to incoming data in slightly different ways, so one neuron might be very sensitive to input while another takes more stimulation to fire. Similarly, each pixel of the DVS adjusts its own exposure. This allows the DVS to handle uneven lighting conditions, though it also requires enormous pixels that are 10 times the size of those in a modern cell-phone camera.

The DVS is built to work with IBM’s new TrueNorth computer architecture (see “IBM Researchers Show Blueprints for Brainlike Computing”). TrueNorth is a programming approach that mimics biology―information is stored, processed, and shared in a network of “neuromorphic” computer chips, inspired by the neural networks in the brain.

“What we’re talking about―the cameras sending information when something changes―is actually a very central theme to how the brain works, or at least how neuroscientists think it works,” says Nabil Imam, a computer scientist at Cornell University, who is part of the Cornell team that helped IBM develop its neuromorphic chips. “We’re capturing brain features at a high level.”

By combining their camera with TrueNorth architecture, Delbruck and his team believe, they will achieve a device that’s better at handling dynamic, real-time problems.

The DVS is available for purchase for about $2,700 and has been used in several research projects, including one that recorded traffic and another that involved tracking particles in a fluid. The team plans to continue improving the device. The next goals are to add color sensitivity and to enlarge the camera’s retina from its current resolution of 240x180.

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    "Orbiter Space Flight Simulator" ist ein Freeware-Projekt, dass sich die m?glichst realistische Simulation von heutiger aber auch zukünftiger Raumfahrt auf die Fahne geschrieben hat.
Orbiter Space Flight Simulator Wo Microsofts "Flight Simulator" die Marke für den Flug in der Atmosph?re ist, m?chte "Orbiter Space Flight Simulator" zum Standard für die Raumfahrt-Simulation werden. In der Freeware k?nnen Sie selbst Ihr Shuttle aus der Erdatmosph?re hinaus in All führen,Cheap kanken, um dort etwa an eine Raumstation anzudocken. Daneben stehen jedoch auch viele andere Raum-Vehikel für Simulationisten zur Verfügung. Darunter auch noch nicht existente, futuristischere Designs. Ebenfalls noch Zukunftsmusik sind Mond- und Mars-Basen, die Sie in "Orbiter Space Flight Simulator" ansteuern k?nnen.

Eine ausführliche Anleitung zu "Orbiter Space Flight Simulator" finden Sie im Verzeichnis "\Doc\" des Spiels,Buy kanken classic online. Hilfe im Spiel erhalten Sie durch Drücken der F4-Taste,Wholesale backpack.

Fazit: Hobby-Astronauten, die sich nicht vor ein bisschen Einarbeitung scheuen, kommen bei "Orbiter Space Flight Simulator" voll auf ihre Kosten.

Hinweis: In unserem Download finden Sie die bereits mit "Patch 1 2010" und hochaufl?senden Texturen versehene Version von "Orbiter Space Flight Simulator". Auf der Seite des Herstellers finden Sie au?erdem einige Links zu Erweiterungen und Modifikationen für die Raumfahrt-Simulation.

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    Today’s nightmare fodder: the disembodied faces of nine different politicians and celebrities―including Barack Obama―all in sync with the expressive quirks of former president George W. Bush. It’s as though Bush put on nine different photorealistic masks, and the effect is surreal. (The segment in question begins at 1:30 in the video.)

This video was created by a team of researchers from the University of Washington who wanted to answer the question “What makes Tom Hanks look like Tom Hanks?” To do so,Cheap iphone 7 128gb, they developed machine-learning algorithms that mine the Internet for images of a person and use them to create a three-dimensional reconstruction of that person’s face that captures not only features but also unique expressions and mannerisms.

They can sync one face’s “persona” to one of the re-created faces, as with the example mapping Bush’s mannerisms onto Obama’s face. But their software works in the other direction as well: to map the “performance” of one person onto another’s face while preserving the second face’s persona. As explained by coauthor and professor of computer science Steven Seitz in a press release: “How do you map one person’s performance onto someone else’s face without losing their identity? […] We’ve shown you can have George Bush’s expressions and mouth and movements, but it still looks like George Clooney.”

The team has high hopes for using the technology. What if you could build three-dimensional reconstructions of deceased loved ones to use with the incoming wave of virtual-reality technology; reconstructions that capture the gestalt of the person in question?

To me, they have a ways to go―those videos are uncanny but not quite convincing. Yet it’s an undeniably fascinating proof-of-concept. The press release makes no mention of potential applications in history or archaeology―but wouldn’t it be amazing if we could use the historical record not just to create a three-dimensional image of Abraham Lincoln but one that also captured some of his persona as well?

The team will present its latest findings at the International Conference on Computer Vision in Chile on December 16.

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    Singapore Parliament Parliament will sit at 1.30pm on Monday (Jan 25) to debate the President’s address,Buy re kanken classic online. This will be the first sitting of Parliament after various ministries issued their addenda in response to Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam’s speech on Jan 15,Buy kanken kids online. Cabinet > SHARE THIS SPECIAL REPORT Be the first to recommend or tweet this special report to your friends,re kanken classic for sale. Email

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    Privacy Policy Data is a real-time snapshot *Data is delayed at least 15 minutes Global Business and Financial News,Wholesale backpack, Stock Quotes,Cheap fjallraven kanken maxi, and Market Data and Analysis Data also provided by ? 2017 CNBC LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Hinweis zur Installation: Download und Installation dieser Software sind nicht n?tig. Das Setup m?chte w?hrend der Installation die nicht ben?tigte "Yahoo Toolbar" in Ihren Browser Integrieren, was Sie bei einer benutzerdefinierten Installation jedoch abw?hlen k?nnen.

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snowflake refrigerator

with the 1956 Beijing snowflake refrigerator factory successfully developed into the first domestic refrigerator, the refrigerator can be said to be snow into the thousands of families, though, the refrigerator is not so complicated, but the snow refrigerator because of its stable performance, low repair rate good reputation has become a classic, even in a few years later, we still can see the figure of the snow refrigerator.

Yanwu recorder


Samsung Exynos ARM 4210 using the V7 instruction set of the Cortex-A9 kernel architecture based on integrated Mali 400 MP nuclear GPU 45nm process, using 8 million pixel camera flash: LED lights Chinese networkstandardof GSM/WCDMA support China Unicom 3G network: 1280x800 Super screen resolution AMOLED: without backlight, lighter and thinner, the viewing angle more, and can significantly save power consumption. But there are use... Time to market 2500mAh removable battery view all HUAWEI P9 plus 5.5 inch 2.5GHz (quad core), 1.8GHz (small quad core) MHZ eight core models into the information page [evaluation] 3790 yuan 2 HUAWEI Mate 86 inch 2.3GHz (quad core), 1.8GHz (small quad core eight core MHZ really enter) type information page [evaluation] 2380 yuan 3 vivoX6 D 5.200 1.7GHz MHZ true eight core models into the information page [evaluation] 1899 yuan 4 apple iPhone7 4.7 inch dual core models into the unknown information page [evaluation] 5388 yuan 5 SONY Xperia XZ 5.2 inch 2.2GHz quad core into the model information page [evaluation] 4999 yuan of the most popular brands

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    Wudaokou salon 23 online education special chat network Xu Dechen

NetEase technology news news June 25th, twenty-third Wudaokou Salon "online education" was held in Beijing in June 23rd, talking about education co-founder Xu Dechen made a speech in the salon scene, Xu De said in the chat dust education is the online education platform of English education as the main body, the traditional the Internet tools combined with education and.

Xu Dechen introduced, and now the online education industry standardization model is to be on the site of the foreign teacher. But in the chat education is not the traditional offline model copied to the line, but the development of their own teaching materials and courses. Integrating Internet tools with traditional English teaching.

Xu Dechen also said that online education in this industry inside most of the business in the company basically at least 95% are done before the Internet or previously engaged in technology, if it is already doing education are more advantages.

is the following Xu Dechen speech:

Xu Dechen: the founder of chat education co-founder Xu Dechen. Give us a brief introduction of our chat education. We are talking about education is an online one to one English education as the main online education platform. Many colleagues will know our company to do the most is not the beginning of mobile phone online education, most of us start to do is platform veeker English online opportunities, they register themselves as our website users themselves to sell their own time and Chinese users communicate, China users through Alipay with them to pay for online teaching. By way of using SKYPE or QQ this video voice software, which is the earliest model.

we can talk about things in the industry colleagues, such as we have a Shanghai counterparts. We also know that the traditional mode of 51talk are put on the site with a foreign teacher, this model is actually very common,samsung note 5 for sale cheap, basically has become the norm in the field of online education industry. But because we used this model to do less than a year''s time, our website is from this time last year on the line 1

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    NetEase reported on April 22nd:

Lebron seems unstoppable in the playoffs. He is currently leading Cleveland Knight to take a 3-0 lead in Indiana Indiana, second round points can be expected. Cavaliers general manager David - Griffin before the interview with the media, praised the Lebron court influence, he said Lebron plays like "plug-in" general invincible.

Cavaliers general manager Griffin to take a new nickname for the "cheat code" for Lebron". To Griffin''s understanding of the extent of Lebron, this may be the best addition to the emperor,Buy iphone 7 online store, in addition to the nickname of "Lebron".

"I''ll call him a cheat, because you know he can make the best of every player on the offensive end. On the defensive end, he cut some of the tasks. But, judging from his game, he''s still on the court."

Griffin said: "I would like to say that if he is regarded as a big player, then he is better than all the inside. If he is counted as a small player, he is better than all the outside. This is the fact that he is the most unique player in the league."

Griffin continued: "Lebron is much better than everyone else. No one''s influence is at the same level as him. Lebron is everything about this team. He set the pace for the team, he set the team culture for the team."

against series three games before the game, Lebron field can contribute 32.7 points and 9.7 rebounds, 10.7 assists and steals and 2 blocks. One of the third series, the Cavaliers in the first half on a 4

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    The legal questions persist following the fatal crash in which NASCAR superstar Tony Stewart ran over Kevin Ward?Jr. during a dirt race. Now,Wholesale galaxy s6 online store, another driver in the race says that he saw Ward "clear as day" on the track and easily avoided him.

Witness: Tony Stewart Sped Up Right Before Fatal Crash

Ward had gotten out of his car, running onto the track to confront Stewart after the two collided, sending Ward''s car into the wall.

"It''s not a good idea to get out of your car ... but nobody can speak for Tony. Only Tony knows exactly what happened," Kinney said in an interview with NBC News.?"I [saw]?Kevin clear as day. Nobody else ran into him either."

Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson?Jr. reacted this morning on Fox and Friends, saying this could increase the chances of Stewart being charged with a crime. But he added that criminal intent in such a case will be difficult to prove.

Johnson?pointed out that Stewart does have?an unfortunate history of outbursts on the track and has made threatening comments to fellow drivers.

Stewart said about?driver Joey?Logano?in 2013, "If he ever turns down across in front of me again, I don''t care what lap it is, he won''t make it through the other end of it."

Johnson also discussed recent comments from the family of Alysha Ruggles?- a driver who suffered a fractured back in a 2013 crash caused by Stewart at the same track.

A cousin of Ruggles believes Stewart was attempting to spin his wheels near Ward in order to spray him with dirt,Buy nintendo games online store, but that the stunt went horribly wrong.

The New York Post reported:

??I??m upset because last year, Stewart did the same thing to my cousin, Alysha. He pushed her out of the way, broke her back and almost killed her,?? said Greg Cooper, 44, a cousin of sprint-car driver Alysha Ruggles, on Tuesday.

Ruggles, then 19, suffered a fractured back after her car was struck in a 15-car pileup caused by Stewart at Canandaigua Motorsports Park in July 2013.

Cooper was at the track Saturday when Stewart?fatally struck fellow driver Kevin Ward Jr.?after Ward angrily got out of his car to confront Stewart about being knocked off course.

Cooper said it was clear to him that Stewart was trying to teach the younger driver a lesson by ??stoning???? him with mud, or getting close enough to spray dirt on him. Only things went horribly awry.

??[Stewart] has the audacity to come back this year and thinks he could just push more people around ?? this time, it was stoning a kid with mud,???? Cooper said.

??Stewart did this on purpose. He saw Ward out there and wanted to say ??screw you?? in some way. He was just too close and ended up hitting him.

??You could see his car do a little whiplash maneuver in the video if you watch it closely,Cheap samsung led tv. It definitely looked like he was trying to splash mud all over Kevin Ward.

??He??s responsible, plain and simple,???? Cooper insisted, adding that he thought Stewart should be banned from racing.

Ontario County authorities are investigating?whether the three-time NASCAR Sprint Cup champion may have hit his throttle moments before smashing into Ward. Lighting at the track also is being reviewed.

The investigation is expected to take at least two more weeks, Sheriff Philip Povero said Tuesday.

??Investigators continue to seek witnesses,?? Povero said.

He told The Post that video taken that night will be crucial in determining whether Stewart is criminally responsible for Ward??s death.

??It??s in the videos. We need the videos. If they are out there, we??ll get them,?? the sheriff said.

A video of the crash surfaced over the weekend. Investigators are now reportedly looking at a second video of the crash.

Witness: Tony Stewart Sped Up Right Before Fatal Crash

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    Two lawsuits ended in jury verdicts worth $127 million. Two others were tossed out by a judge who said there wasn''t reliable evidence that the talc in Johnson & Johnson''s iconic baby powder causes ovarian cancer. So who''s right? And is baby powder safe?

Most research finds no link or a weak one between ovarian cancer and using baby powder for feminine hygiene,Cheap vizio tv, a practice generations of American mothers have passed on to their daughters. Most major healthgroups have declared talc harmless. Johnson & Johnson, whose baby powder dominates the market, says it''s perfectly safe.

Yet some 2,000 women have sued, and lawyers are reviewing thousands of other potential cases, most generated by ads touting the two big verdicts. Meanwhile, another trial begins this week.

A look at the issue:


Talc is a mineral that is mined from deposits around the world, including the U.S. The softest of minerals, it''s crushed into a white powder. It''s been widely used in cosmetics and other personal care products to absorb moisture since at least 1894, when Johnson & Johnson''s Baby Powder was launched. But it''s mainly used in a variety of other products, including paint and plastics.
More on this...


Like many questions in science, there''s no definitive answer. Finding the cause of cancer is difficult. It would be unethical to do the best kind of study, asking a group of people to use talcum powder and wait to see if it causes cancer, while comparing them to a group who didn''t use it.

While ovarian cancer is often fatal, it''s relatively rare. It accounts for only about 22,000 of the 1.7 million new cases of cancer expected to be diagnosed in the United States this year.

Factors that are known to increase a women''s risk of ovarian cancer include age,Cheap iphone 6s for sale, obesity, use of estrogen therapy after menopause, not having any children, certain genetic mutations and personal or family history of breast or ovarian cancer.


Two other kinds of research are possible. Neither of them, though, can conclusively prove something causes cancer. One looks back in time, after an illness has occurred. It compares two groups of people, one with the illness, one without, and asks about past exposures that might be factors. But people have trouble remembering details years later.

The second approach follows a large group of people. It assesses their health at the start and follows them for years, recording any illnesses while tracking possible influences such as diet and use of medication, alcohol or other substances. Scientists generally find these "prospective" studies most reliable.


The biggest prospective studies have found no link between talcum powder applied to the genitals and ovarian cancer. But about two dozen smaller, look-back studies over three decades have mostly found a modest connection ?? a 20 to 40 percent increased risk among talc users.

However, that doesn''t mean talc causes cancer. Several factors make that unlikely and there''s no proof talc, which doesn''t interact with chemicals or cells, can travel up the reproductive tract, enter the ovaries and then trigger cancer.

One large study published in June that followed 51,000 sisters of breast cancer patients found genital talc users had a reduced risk of ovarian cancer, 27 percent lower than in nonusers. An analysis of two huge, long-running U.S. studies, the Women''s Health Initiative and the Nurses'' Health Study, showed no increased risk of ovarian cancer in talc users.


If there were a true link, Dr. Hal C. Lawrence III says large studies that tracked women''s health for years would have verified results of the smaller look-back ones.

"Lord knows, with the amount of powder that''s been applied to babies'' bottoms, we would''ve seen something" if talc caused cancer, said Lawrence, vice president of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The National Cancer Institute''s Dr. Nicolas Wentzensen says the federal agency''s position is that there''s not a clear connection.

"It is very hard to establish causal relationships," he said, adding, "A lot of ovarian cancers occur in women who have never used talc, and many women have used talc and not gotten ovarian cancer."

Research director Elizabeth Ward of the American Cancer Society says it is unusual to have so much discrepancy between studies. "The risk for any individual woman, if there is one, is probably very small," Ward said.


Like the studies, courts have produced mixed results.

In the first trial two years ago, a South Dakota jury found Johnson & Johnson liable for one woman''s ovarian cancer but didn''t award any damages. This year, state court juries in St. Louis awarded plaintiffs $72 million and $55 million ?? verdicts the company is appealing

But U.S. District Judge Nelson Johnson in Atlantic City threw out the first two of the 400 lawsuits in his court. He reviewed the research and testimony from two doctors who are the plaintiffs'' key expert witnesses and concluded the two aren''t reliable, noting they had previously written that there was no proof talc causes ovarian cancer. Other courts approved them as experts, noted the plaintiffs'' attorney, Ted Meadows of Montgomery,Cheap iPhone 7 256gb for sale, Alabama.

J&J attorney John Beisner says the health care giant plans to fight every lawsuit, rather than settle, "for the fundamental reason that the science on which they''re based is totally lacking."

Most of the pending cases are in Missouri, California and New Jersey, where J&J is based.

In the case set to begin Monday in St. Louis, lawyers for Deborah Giannecchini of Modesto, California, say she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012 after years of talcum use. Her lawsuit accuses the company of "negligent conduct" in making and marketing its talc.

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    Why Doesn''t NASA Develop Reusable Rockets? Reusable rockets are only valuable if the frequency of launches is great enough to outweigh the cost of developing and utilizing the technology. Opinion What We Know About Jupiter Thanks to Juno Spacecraft It''s been a bumpy start but Juno just needs to "get into its groove" to bring us more data. Opinion Look to Stars to Understand How Milky Way Was Created To get a meaningful answer, we need to collect more Milky way samples. Tech & Science When Juno Meets Jupiter: NASA Spacecraft to Enter Orbit The Juno mission seeks information about the origins of Jupiter and our solar system. Tech & Science Quora Question: What is Project Starshot? The Breakthrough Organization is planning to send a fleet of robots to Alpha Centauri, which is 4.37 light-years away. Tech & Science Zuckerberg Launches Initiative to Explore Nearby Stars Facebook''s CEO will be joined by astrophysicist Stephen Hawking and Russian billionaire Yuri Milner in Breakthrough Starshot. Tech & Science Japan’s Newest Satellite Goes Silent, Worst Is Feared Hitomi, which launched this February, has been silent since Saturday. World Red Planet, Green Light Putting astronauts on Mars is one of NASA’s biggest goals for the 2030s—and 2016 is pivotal. World Five People to Watch in 2016 Five leaders, thinkers and doers who will greatly impact 2016. Tech & Science Britain''s First Astronaut Is Set For Landmark Flight Tim Peake is due to fly to the International Space Station on Tuesday morning. Tech & Science Forward Thinking: 2015''s Most Groundbreaking Innovations Groundbreaking innovations from the last year that will change our world—and hopefully save it. Tech & Science Quora Question: What Forms of Life Could We Find on Other Planets? "Any life forms would likely be carbon based because the carbon atom is so well suited to forming a vast number of organic compounds." Tech & Science Calling All Aspiring Astronauts: NASA Is Recruiting The next class of astronauts could head to the ISS, fly on NASA’s Orion or embark on a commercial crew spacecraft. Culture NASA and ''The Martian'': It Was Written in the Stars The new Ridley Scott film''s success could decide the future of space exploration. Tech & Science Photos: Mars on Earth An ambitious team of NASA researchers learns what it may be like to live on Mars by living in a volcano on earth. Tech & Science NASA Begins 12-Month Experiment Simulating Life on Mars The yearlong project will isolate six researchers on the slopes of Hawaii’s Mauna Loa volcano. Tech & Science Quora Question: Do Astronauts Need Passports When They Travel to Space? You don''t need a passport right now, a retired astronaut says. Tech & Science Quora Question: How Do Different Countries Share the International Space Station "We have various levels of training certification for the crew for each system." Tech & Science Quora Question: Why Doesn''t the New Horizons Mission Put the Spacecraft Into Orbit Around Pluto? "To make New Horizons an orbiter mission would have increased the complexity and cost greatly." Tech & Science For Pluto ''Truthers,'' the New Horizons Mission Is Only the Latest Lie Continuing a long tradition of space program conspiracy theories,Wholesale samsung 4k uhd 70 inch tv, ‘Pluto Truthers’ claim NASA is faking it. Tech & Science Most Distant Galaxy Discovered The galaxy allows astronomers to see what things were like 600 million years after the Big Bang. Opinion The $100 Million Alien Listening Project May Be a Huge Waste of Time If intelligent life is common in the galaxy, where is everybody? Why haven’t we heard from them? Tech & Science Inside the Pluto ''Truther'' Movement A group of people sees the New Horizons as just the latest phony space mission. Tech & Science New Horizons ''Phones Home'': Pluto Flyby Goes Smoothly The spacecraft’s team waited anxiously for it to “let us know it’s OK.” Tech & Science Pluto’s Best Portrait Yet Reveals Complex World, Surface Features NASA published its most detailed image yet, taken one day before the flyby. Even better images are still to come. Tech & Science Introducing the Astronaut Clothing of the Future For years,iPhone 7 32gb for sale, the standard on the International Space Station has been cargo shorts and T-shirts,Wholesale nikon lenses, but that’s about to change. Tech & Science A Year in Space: NASA’s Latest Efforts to Ready Humans for Mars Scott Kelly’s time on the ISS will prepare us for our deepest space explorations yet. Tech & Science Most Americans Would Reject a Free Trip to Space Poll reveals Americans’ modern attitude toward travel outside Earth’s atmosphere. Tech & Science NASA Mission to Jupiter’s Moon Edges Closer With Obama proposing a $18.5 billion budget for the space agency, a mission to Europa is edging closer. Tech & Science Space, the Final Startup Recent advances are about to put entrepreneurs into orbit. Pages

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    The next theme for our weekly photography assignment in the Observer New Review is “technology”,Cheap kanken mini for sale. Share your photos of what technology means to you – and tell us about your image in the description box,Buy kanken laptop online.

The closing date is Thursday 20 April at 10 am. We’ll publish our favourites in The New Review on Sunday 23 April and in a gallery on the Guardian site.

You can share your “technology” pictures by clicking on the blue ‘Contribute’ button on this article,Buy kanken dual colour online. You can also use the Guardian app and search for ‘GuardianWitness assignments’ – and if you add it to the homepage you can keep up with all our assignments.

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    ABU DHABI: U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Sunday distanced himself from President Donald Trump''s assessment of the media as "the enemy of the American people," saying during his first trip to the Middle East that he had no problems with the press.

Mattis,mini kanken for sale, a retired Marine general seen as one of the most influential voices in Trump''s cabinet, did not mention his boss by name. But asked about Trump''s Tweet on Friday that branded the media as America''s enemy, Mattis took a different position entirely.

"I''ve had some rather contentious times with the press. But no, the press, as far as I''m concerned,Cheap Fjallraven re-kanken mini, are a constituency that we deal with," he told reporters travelling with him in the United Arab Emirates.

"And I don''t have any issues with the press, myself," Mattis added.

Since his Jan. 20 inauguration, Trump has fiercely criticized various news outlets that have reported unflattering revelations of dysfunction or other problems in the White House.

He has described them as "lying", "corrupt" and "failing," and late on Friday he said the news media was "the enemy of the American people."

Asked about the latest salvo, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus told CBS''s "Face the Nation" programme, "I think you should take (Trump''s Twitter statement) seriously."

"Certainly we would never condone violence. But I do think that we condone critical thought," Priebus said, adding the media, in some cases, needed to "get its act together."


Mattis spoke after talks with European leaders at a security conference in Munich, Germany, where U.S. Senator John McCain warned that suppressing the free press was "how dictators get started."

"If you want to preserve democracy as we know it, you have to have a free and many times adversarial press. And without it, I am afraid that we would lose so much of our individual liberties over time,Cheap fjallraven kanken kids," McCain told NBC''s "Meet the Press" programme on Sunday.

On Friday McCain told the Munich forum that the resignation of Trump''s national security adviser, Michael Flynn, over his contacts with Russia reflected "disarray" in Washington.

But Mattis played down any concerns about the reshuffling within the administration.

"Welcome to democracy. It''s at times wildly contentious, it''s at times quite sporting. But the bottom line is this is the best form of government that we can come up with," he said.

Mattis added that the military was very ready to "hold the line" as the political process played out.

"We don''t have any disarray inside the military and that''s where my responsibility lies," he said.

(Reporting by Phil Stewart; Additional reporting by Jonathan Landay and Andrea Shalal in Munich and Andy Sullivan in Washington; Editing by Mark Potter and Jeffrey Benkoe)

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    Adobe bietet die nicht mehr im Handel erh,Cheap fjallraven kanken?ltliche Vollversion Acrobat 8 Pro zur PDF-Erstellung und -Bearbeitung nun zum Download an.
Vollversion: Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro Nachdem Adobe den Support eingestellt hat,Cheap fjallraven kanken big, wird die früher teuer vertriebene PDF-Software "Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro" (in der Creative Suite 2 enthalten) nun zum Download angeboten.

Acrobat 8 Pro Serial: So holen Sie sich den Produkt-Key
Sie finden die zur Freischaltung ben?tigten Seriennummern auf der offiziellen Adobe-Webseite (über archive.org). Wir empfehlen Ihnen,Buy kanken big online, den Acrobat-Key mit der Maus zu kopieren, um ihn w?hrend der Installation in das Setup-Fenster einfügen zu k?nnen.

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    Welcome to NetEase video! The 60 phase of the air defense missile -3 Taiwan top secret weapons production screen recently, Taiwan, Chinese Academy of Sciences announced the launch of the image of the Paris air show. The main show of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the C4I system, missile weapons, supercomputer systems, unmanned combat aircraft systems, aerospace and other major achievements. We can see the rare treasures of IIE,Wholesale apple watch, III, III, Feng Tien Kung II sword missile assembly workshop trailer, and live fire scene. The introduction of hot weapon weapons: Treasures three anti-ship missiles, is composed of the Republic of China Zhongshan Institute of science and technology to develop the supersonic anti-ship missile officially displayed in the Republic of China in October 10, 2007 National Defense act. The male three anti-ship missile body is equipped with two different satellite navigation systems to replace, to prevent the missile can not find the target. Male three missile effective range of 30 to 130 kilometers, flying height of about between 20 meters to 200 meters, but also preset multiple turning point flight. At present, the Republic of China Navy 8 successful class frigates are equipped with the two joint mounted air force type three missile launch box of 2. Jinjiang class patrol ship from a total of 7 ships from the high river, with a joint launch of the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States, a total of two pairs of air force type missile launch box of the 2, the ship is equipped with a number of patrol boats, the configuration of the 2 units of the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States,, china. Military planners immediately published comments only for their personal views expressed, does not indicate the position of NetEase.
Shanghai fair in September 7th that people remember the product, 20 of Shanghai is a bit cold, we have lost in the Shanghai Hongqiao "clover" National Convention Center, how to find a through the North Square to the hall 1234 of the "yellow carpet", along the yellow carpet found a familiar brand, not the same product display. > > international with van · brand | live Shanghai Hongqiao fair in September 7th, the thirty-eighth CIFF Shanghai Hongqiao Home Expo will come to the party, at the Shanghai National Convention Center curtain. On September 7th -8, the NetEase Home Furnishing full live, easy to take you to this year''s Fair for surprise. > > detailed live: (): Design Salon design good business a promotion of good design in Asia, try to make a good design to become a good business furniture design exhibition. September 8th, with good design good business as the theme of the meaning of Design Salon debut, NetEase home full live. [with] live: Eleventh China Home Furnishing industry CEO Forum in the "The Belt and Road" and "China manufacturing 2025" national strategy background, Home Furnishing industry will face what challenges and opportunities? This forum focuses on the intelligent transformation of the industry, focusing on China''s wisdom made 2025". [with] live: China fashion furniture design competition conference "I want to go to Milan China fashion furniture design contest" in 2016 jointly launched the joint NetEase Home Furnishing Cognex board of public events, the objective is to provide new forces of contemporary design China and future design force to provide a stage to show themselves. [with] 20162016 years from (meaning:) jointly organized design exhibition and the youth market NetEase Home Furnishing [] released fiery, a cross age youth exhibition, global interesting designers to show their market stall way of life energy and attitude, make good design into a good business. In order to stimulate the possibility of infinite life design. [with] 20169 Sept. 7, 20 of Shanghai is a bit cold, we have lost in the Shanghai Hongqiao "clover" National Convention Center, how to find a through the North Square to the hall 1234 of the "yellow carpet", along the yellow carpet found a familiar brand, different products. [details]

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    In an interview with
[background] hosted by the Italy Embassy Cultural Office, nest investment group, Italy IMOLA ceramics hosted the 2016 session of the second "painted Cup" children''s painting competition has entered the review stage. The contest lasted five months, after the mainstream media and local competition, the work of the summary, the work has been completed. For the first time this year, the use of regional qualifiers in the form of a total of 8600 national collection of works, after the national qualifying screening, the final selected works of 4000. After the initial evaluation and review committee, September 1st 1500 shortlisted works delivery review review.


network reporter - Beijing is one of the judges on the layer of decorative design director Ms. Zhang Ping interviewed to understand how she is with a professional perspective and thinking across the adult to understand and appreciate the children''s creativity, but the kids turn for their creative inspiration and what kind of collision.

NetEase home: this year, the Italian Cup draw Italy jointly organized, you think the meaning of what is it?

Zhang Ping: through the Italian co organized the painted cup cup competition, so that more children can be in the early stages of the beginning of contact with the arts, to see the wider world. As soon as we mention Italy, we naturally associate with their well preserved culture. As a designer, I appreciate Italy''s architecture and design. In particular, Italy''s indelible contribution to the design community, the children''s works show the city landscape and a variety of different colors, so I clearly see the collision between China and Italy culture.

I think this activity opens up the world of children''s thinking, so that children can learn more about their own culture and foreign culture opportunities. And the game winning works in Venice have the opportunity to show a good opportunity, which provides an opportunity for the children to go abroad to broaden their horizons, but also to take this opportunity to let the Italians feel we Chinese the imagination of children.

NetEase home: in the review of the works and the previous imagination to see what is different?

Zhang Ping: because I review the age group mostly five to seven year old children, see in the works before the concerns is whether the children would be more work will not be in the topic a powerful and unconstrained style, with difficulty.

now this is one kind of prejudice, think children are not what binding, but after seeing the work, I found that both the theme works, or application materials, are very extensive, take the material as an example, useful, watercolor, paper and even print.

is the diversity of this style and theme reflects the importance of our children''s painting education and the importance of children''s "painted Cup" competition,apple iphone 6 for sale, as well as their self expression. It''s a real eye opener.


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    2014-03-03 09:32:31 if there are only one or two high-rise residential cleaners, how should organize garbage recycling? First of all, the clean trade union in the process of garbage collection checks, if households do not have a good class, this bag of garbage will be rejected, if the owners do not adhere to the classification, it will be reported to the government, the punishment by them. 2013-11-21 11:13:29 since July 1st, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce furniture second implementation of the new project, so far has been nearly 2 months. Compared with last year''s first pilot, this year in the recycling and utilization of second-hand furniture have different ways of recycling and processing. Recently, the reporter visited a number of furniture sales enterprises and dismantling enterprises to understand the true flow of second-hand furniture. [reading] to continue to share source: Beijing News | 2013-05-30 09:46:32 a flat solid wood cabinet sold 5 yuan, a large wardrobe can only sell 10 yuan. Furniture recycling price is too low for people to change is not easy. [reading] to continue to share source: Taiyuan News Network - Taiyuan evening news | 2012-12-08 06:54:00 due to the meager profits, a considerable part of the old furniture recycling businesses, while the ordinary people become the home of "chicken ribs". In desperation, the old furniture was discarded as garbage [reading] to continue to share source: NetEase Home Furnishing | 2012-10-20 19:42:16 in Beijing furniture with old change new pilot project tender results, bidding documents second pack and third Pack: the determination of renewable resources recycling enterprises as renewable resource recycling projects designated suppliers and identify waste harmless processing enterprises as the designated supplier of waste harmless treatment project, because less than three suppliers to participate in the bidding and bid. [reading] to continue to share source: Beijing News | 2012-10-22 09:44:07 analysts pointed out that the enterprises of renewable resources recovery and waste harmless processing enterprises implement bidding invalid may give the furniture with old change new policy brings certain difficulty. Old furniture recycling and processing is also the biggest problem with the old. [reading] to continue to share source: China | 2014-11-05 09:32:01 first net materials in your house of the old furniture how to deal with it? Banan municipal sanitation department of every person on the streets, once found people discard the old furniture, will be sent to processing, while the average a week down,Buy note edge online, light is the old sofa will pick up to " " six or seven, about 1 tons. [reading] to continue to share source: | people.com.cn 2014-09-18 18:41:18 marble of natural texture gives people a sense of noble elegant atmosphere, has always been a luxury design standard, there is no point marble floors, marble table, like home grade will not go up. However, marble and its elegance is proportional to the high price, so many working-class prohibitive. London designer M has

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    29日の国会で、民主党の玉木雄一郎院が指摘していた。 【基生物学研究所制作】レントゲン 生 生物 ダルビッシュ のその他の果 告 @mic GO! GO! ~原子と原子核 基座~ (17)X 2 - さ: 14:01。 モンクレル ロング コト 「安全」「激安」「迅速」してお取引していただくことが出来るサビスを提供いたしております。 年末からいた、病管理も今日で一段落した。 モンクレル レザ ダウン で、こちらシの方もやはりクリスマスモド全!!※撮影:子虎温も当然14℃だったかまで上し、としちゃあシェラのマンパでも暑いくらい。 造作にモンクレルのダウンジャケットが吊るしてあった、16万くらいのが2着·ベストが一着、ベストだって6万くらいするもので、一着くれといったが断われてしまった。 モンクレル ダウン ウル 事故で水素爆し、がれきが散乱する建屋上部が、カバ置から三年ぶりに姿をのぞかせた。 smartでも109系が取り上げられるようになった。 モンクレル ダウン タグ 女の子用より断然男の子用の方が素でして、なぜかダンナ君用に入ようと思ったジャケット、私にも似合う。 叩けばホコリの西川公也相(71)については日刊ゲンダイ本の既通りだが、今度は政策秘の男(43)にまで疑惑が浮上している。 モンクレル フランス 格 (笑)当然、ちゃんが面白いと言う程度のアトラクションでして、始泣きまくっている子虎にちゃんの一言、「お兄ちゃん、甘えてばっかりねぇ~。 1980年代、セレクトショップなどでモンクレルのダウンジャケットが置かれるようになる。 モンクレル ベビ 店モンクレル ダウン ロング コト

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    花より男子の撮影で口に膏をる、が小さくバランスがとれないため膏を少し小さく切ってからった。 こうした「ニュスメディア」は在、雨後の竹の子のように次から次と登し、しかも玉石混交だ。 ドクタ 邦 人 カンソラ いやはや、先日、古本屋のを整理していたら、ごく古い本のから、おじさんが、小学生の、集していた切手のストックブックがつかった。 15日、「KARA」の所属会社「DSPメディア」がハラ、スンヨン、ギュリなど3人の属契の了を表したことにし、数の国芸能者は「KARA」を脱退するハラが大手芸能事所「キイスト」と移籍するとしている。 婚 契 dvd パクヘジンとカン·ソラ                             にやられちゃった。 突っまれた思い出にり写メしておきました。 ボクらの勇 未都市 ネタバレ ()*-*-*()  ()*-*-*()   ()*-*-*()  ()*-*-*()※正直、ガインちゃんはチョ·グォン君の方が···似合っていると思うよぉ···。 BESTTIMESに高さんのインタビュ事エンタメOVOには丸の柳弥さんのインタビュ事。 主君 の 太 日本 字幕 ダンスって、バズる可能性は高いから、つくるはそれをわかって仕けている。 思う存分んでいただきたい」と明らかにし、エネルギあふれる撮影を予告した。 太 レンタル 90年代は他にも、本当の家族になるまでをリアルに描き多くの世代の共感を集めた『あなた、そして私』や、国初の女性企家のサクセスストリを描いた『グッキ』など、るだけで元をえる作品が多く作られたことが特的だ。 いわゆる、1964年、昭和39年と言う年は、子供にとっても、それ程に、エポックメキングな年だったのだろう。 星 から 来 た あなた キャスト

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    – Lawyer says client’s life in dangerOliver HincksonSedition accused Oliver Hinckson made yet another appearance at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court,NFL Jerseys Discount, yesterday, and was once again refused bail.Prior to the commencement of deliberations, Hinckson’s lawyer Nigel Hughes pointed out to the presiding magistrate, Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson-Ogle, that his client was still shackled.Hughes argued that not only is the treatment meted out to his client unfair, but the action is not in keeping with a fair trial.Following Hughes’s heartfelt expressions, the Acting Chief Magistrate then ordered that Hinckson’s restraints be removed.In his client’s defence, Hughes then proceeded to establish that there are two issues he must raise before the actual Preliminary Inquiry begins; one being that a warrant was signed by the magistrate on August 15, 2008 and that his client was taken from the Georgetown Prisons to be questioned.According to Hughes, Hinckson was taken to Police Headquarters, Eve Leary, then to the Brickdam Police Station and lastly to the La Grange Police Station. The lawyer said that while his client was at the La Grange Station, he was exposed to someone who was infected with Tuberculosis, which is a highly contagious disease.Hughes debated that there was no proper explanation as to why his client was taken from the prison, even as he added that he is aware that when a police officer needs to question a prisoner who is already in custody, that officer would have to do so at the prison.The lawyer further disclosed that it is his understanding that when a magistrate signs a warrant it in essence becomes the property of the prison.In addition to highlighting the apparent breach of protocol,Jerseys From China, Hughes went on to reveal that according to information received his client’s life is in danger.He opined that apart from that, there is a clear attempt being made to negatively impact the trial.Hughes articulated that there are forces trying to interfere with the court’s work, even as he questioned whether it is legal for his client to be placed in solitary confinement for 22-and-a-half hours daily.The lawyer told the court that Hinckson is allowed to see sunlight for merely one-and-a- half hours,Cheap Jerseys Supply, noting that the treatment is 鈥渦nusual and cruel鈥?for his client.Special Prosecutor Sanjeev Datadin said that he was unaware of the accused being removed from the prison and as such he could not comment on that matter.Datadin said in relation to the solitary confinement that the prison reserves the right to institute any punishment it sees fit.The defence then began cross examination of the first witness.After Hughes had completed his cross examination,Deion Sanders Falcons Jersey, he made a series of requests that the defence would like to have fulfilled by the state.Among these were that the names of the 鈥渧irtual complainants鈥?be made available to the defence; that the defence receives a copy of the transcript and notes that were used when the accused was interviewed; and that a copy of the case docket be made available to the defence counsel.The lawyer further made a bail application on behalf of his client.He said that a number of things had changed since that Friday in July when a previous bail application was overruled. He pointed out that the defence has since won a petition in the High Court in this regard.According to Hughes,Cheap Jerseys, it is only Magistrate Robertson-Ogle who can grant bail for the accused and no one else, adding that Justice Ramlall can only sanction on what has happened before September 3, 2008.The lawyer further noted that Judge Ramlall cannot make a prospective order against the accused.The Special Prosecutor, however,http://www.airmaxfantasy.us.com/Adidas/, interjected in order to declare the state’s objection to bail. Datadin said that he does know about any order that was granted in regards to what the lawyer said, but admitted that he could be mistaken.Hughes, as a result, said that he is willing to take the matter to the Caribbean Court of Justice because Judge Ramlall has no right to intervene in the matter.Magistrate Robertson-Ogle then refused bail and requested to see the relevant documents before she adjourned the matter until next Monday (September 8).

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    鈥?Pres. GrangerOn a day set aside by Commonwealth Nations across the world to remember and honour the memory of the brave men and women of the armed forces, who died in the line of duty, President and Commander-in-Chief, Brigadier David Granger announced the return of a fixed annual State subvention for the Guyana Veterans鈥?Legion. This announcement was received with loud applause from a packed room of mainly ex-servicemen and women at a Remembrance Day reception organised by the Legion, at Coghlan House on Carifesta Avenue.Several cheques were handed over to the organisation inclusive of promised unpaid subventions in the sum of $1.5M,Andrew Franks Dolphins Jersey, a contribution of $300,Cheap Hockey Jerseys,000 from the Office of the Prime Minister,Cheap Soccer Jerseys Wholesale, $1M from President Granger as patron of the Guyana Veterans鈥?Legion, $1M for the repair and maintenance of Coghlan House and $1M for the National Veterans鈥?Rest Home in Lamaha Springs to offset expenses. This brings the total to $4.8M, which will help to improve the quality of life of veterans.鈥淲e do not see this as a reward for past services. We see it as an investment in the future, so that young entrants in the Defence Force must know that they can look forward to a comfortable and dignified retirement,鈥?the President said.In addition to financial assistance, the President outlined several initiatives, which his Government will be implementing to ensure that veterans are given their due. This includes the convening of the National Veterans鈥?Commission on November 21. This Commission will be tasked with examining the conditions under which veterans are living and working and making recommendations for improvements.President David Granger handing over cheques in the amount of $4.8M to President of the Guyana Veterans Legion, Lt. Col. (ret鈥檇), George GomesSurviving members of the British Guiana Battalion of the South Caribbean Forces at the Remembrance Day reception.A Veterans鈥?Trust will be established to raise funds for the continuing education, training and resettlement of veterans following retirement. It will also seek to procure for veterans land for housing and agricultural purposes.The Veterans鈥?Department, which has already been established at Base Camp Ayanganna, will be staffed and equipped to ensure that veterans and their families receive their entitlements from the State in a timely fashion. All of these entitlements and benefits will be consolidated with the passage of comprehensive legislation.President Granger said that the Veterans鈥?Act will ensure that the entitlements of soldiers and their families are guaranteed and secured under law. 鈥淭he State acknowledges and accepts its obligation to assist our veterans to ensure that they, too, can enjoy a good life. The State will help to open opportunities for veterans when they leave active military service,鈥?he said.President of the Guyana Veterans鈥?Legion, Lt. Col. (ret鈥檇), George Gomes said that the greatest service a person can give to their country is to serve in its military. He said that as the aging process begins to take its toll on surviving veterans,Evan Engram Jersey, there is need for institutionalised veteran care.Meanwhile,Nike NFL Jerseys China, British High Commissioner, Greg Quinn,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, who also delivered remarks, said that it is important that countries continue to honour the memories of those who sacrificed their lives so that future generations can live in peace. 鈥淭hey have not and must not have died in vain,鈥?he said.Remembrance Day, also known as Poppy Day, has been observed by Commonwealth Nations since the end of the First World War.

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    Less than half of the depositors who were eligible to recoup their savings from Globe Trust and Investments Company Limited (GTICL) have come forward to claim their payments.According to Liquidator, Nizam Ali, while 3,050 account holders were written to, only an estimated 鈥?0 per cent or 50per cent鈥?have so far come forward.The account holders currently being paid from the financially-stricken company are those that have balances under $100,000 when the Bank of Guyana seized control of the institution over nine years ago.And it may take another two weeks before account holders whose savings are over the $100,000 mark will have a word on how much they will be getting back.Ali said that from indications, many account holders had moved, migrated or died.According the Liquidator,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, the news still remains bleak for these customers whose savings average around $2M. In a few cases, account holders at GTICL had over $10M.Not much has changed since October when Ali announced that the local courts had made a ruling paving the way for some account holders to be paid.At that time, he had indicated that account holders with large balances will only, in all likelihood, be getting back a percentage of their deposits.Account holders with balances over $100,000 number just over 900.In October, Ali announced that he was preparing to send letters to over 3,000 account holders who had balances under $100,Cheap NFL Jerseys,000. This was following a court decision shortly before that which paved the way for payments to account holdersIn 2001,Custom Raptors Jersey, when the regulator, Bank of Guyana, had stepped in, Globe Trust鈥檚 finances were in tatters. Investigations unearthed several cases of unsecured loans and non-payments.Since being placed in the hands of liquidators, previously under former banker, Conrad Plummer, and then under Ali,Nike NFL Jerseys China, attempts were made to recover outstanding loans but with little success.Kaieteur News understands that out of the almost $800M in loans outstanding in 2001, just over $100M would have been recovered.The head office of Globe Trust in Middle Street has since been sold to an overseas buyer for just under $50M.鈥淒ebtors are being pursued relentlessly. Some ofthe matters we have been able to resolve.鈥漈he Chief Justice,Evan Engram Jersey, in his rulings, cleared the way for the first set of depositors to start receiving payments.鈥淭his is significant to the liquidation process since people will actually start receiving their monies.鈥漈he Financial Institutions Act (FIA) also gives 30 days for objections to the Schedule of Steps for the liquidation process. After this, it is unlikely there would be any hurdles in the winding up.A few months ago, payments were made to holders of Education Trust Accounts which totals around $40M with 1,220 depositors involved. Only half of these have come forward despite letters being sent to the last known addresses.Under the liquidation process, expenses incurred by the Liquidator have to be met. Then there are the unpaid claims for taxes. These are followed by wages and salaries and outstanding fees to the regulators-Bank of Guyana.After this, the account with the larger balances will be addressed.During the liquidation process, several attempts were made to first find an investor and then liquidation. However, the process to find the investors fell through and the process began earnestly within the last several months to wind up Globe Trust.More than 5,000 investors who had their life savings at the institution were said to be left in the cold after the Bank of Guyana stepped in on Globe Trust in 2001. There have also been several calls for prosecutions for the former management.Last year October,Wholesale Jerseys Paypal, Chang had ordered compulsory liquidation of the entity after an application by the Bank of Guyana.It was the second such application鈥攖he first was filed in 2002 when numerous depositors had attempted to intervene in the case.

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    Barba era morto all''istante risorto, il suo volto indossando uno strano sorriso, non c''猫 alcun modo il minimo danno.
Qi Jian Chuan Xiong e pi霉 volte,also in realt脿 lampeggia sul restauro,scarpe hogan outlet, che fa sentire tutti molto Lady erano disperati.

& quot; questo non 猫 morto, non 猫 proprio la giustizia, questo ragazzo non 猫 umano, alla fine, ah? & quot; Hu Lin''er sguardo amaro, viso pallido ora emana united nations debole,swindle la solita differenza caldo Trinidad.

tutti negli occhi della paura,con la barba molto soddisfatto, questa 猫 la sua vita reale, la paura dei Pirati giganti oscuri okay tempestosi di tutti.

& quot; ciarlatano, questa ragazza sciocca plus in realt脿 controproducente, una vasta gamma non si tocchi il mio avversario sprecato una buona figura,e posso unattended Lashoucuihua su & quot!xd
barbuto strapp貌 Qi Jian, senza la minima pausa verso bianco can be acquired la neve di distanza, questa volta il tempo di uccidere questa donna, che 猫 una grande confusione di andare troppo.

are engaged morire!

Long Zhaoshou strappato dal primo giorno di mano,an all in one forma di treno infuriare il vuoto spazzato maestoso slancio plus in realt脿 miscelato con una traccia di prestigio mondiale, questo attacco attacco andare bianco can be bought la neve sar脿 difficile sopravvivere opportunit脿.

inattaccabile pallido, questo attacco pu貌 essere descritto can come si avvicina l''estrema, lunga barba quantit脿 Yun di una mossa uccidere. Anche rifiutato di nascondere nulla, una luminosa spada laser bianco Piercing.

& quot; Spada di Dio!of up to Conoscere la spada & quot;

superficie di neve bianca,can be bought la cenere, si suppone di avere una piccola possibilit脿, ma non si aspettava questo contatore barba cos矛 as well as in fretta, si avvicina proporzioni inimmaginabili.

& quot; ero bianco could be purchased la neve,is available potrebbe cos矛 semplice da morire, non pu貌 credere che, io assolutamente non posso morire, non si pu貌 morire anche pazzo & quot!xd

In questo momento, il bianco della neve, non poteva usarlo in line with crash okay bruciare also in una mossa, questa mossa sotto die la barba, ma lei sarebbe tagliare.

& quot; Ma al momento ho ancora scelto voi,a multi function patto che mantenere le sorelle, certamente vendicarsi in step with my hand & quot!; Bianco are offered la neve sgomento guard貌 alle spalle alcune donne, vengono intrappolati in quei pirati oscuri e tempestosi, gli occhi improvvisamente rassodano.

& quot; Forse sono sopravvissuto, 猫 di per s茅 sbagliato & quot!:

strappare attraverso, neve bianca 猫 una forza potente also in vivo adescamento, quasi colpo, ma sentivo una spada lampante che significa cielo, non pu貌 fare a multi function pallido.

tocco Jianguang, fugace. Questa volta ci sono le persone effettivamente attaccare la barba, questo uomo realmente cercando la morte 猫? Bianco neve cuore spaventato, poi vide una figura familiare, non pu貌 fare a multi functional cuore sconvolto,plus in realt脿 猫 l''uomo.


& quot; buona spada veloce,are available poteva avere una tale forza, non un intervento chirurgico Sword 猫 esso? & quot;

Drago barbuto artiglio mano che afferra giorni si 猫 conclusa, il braccio era stato completamente tagliato fuori la spada laser, 猫 uno sguardo di paura sembrava inattaccabile, il ragazzo ha fatto una tale forza.

& quot; Spada della chirurgia, 猫 alla fine, che 猫 in realt脿 una buia nited kingdom tempestosa rubare le cose su di me & quot;

Si ricacci貌 indietro il braccio il dolore e cercando molto solenne, questo non 猫 united nations compito facile da trovare. Scherma ma una vera nited kingdom propria rabbia strada, proprio quella spada alone pu貌 effettivamente lui decapitato, ma il giovane ha scelto di salvare questa donna.

& quot; Se non mi sbaglio, il tuo cuore non 猫 nella posizione di sinistra, ma sul lato destro di esso. Non mi aspettavo questo un millesimo della probabilit脿 pu貌 realmente incontrare, sembra che davvero sono condannati a multi function morire tra le mie mani di. & quot;

L''Oriente giocare nelle mani della spada, intenzionalmente elizabeth meno, si affaccer脿 quelli che sono mesi di assedio buia okay tempestosa Liu Han Pirati ghigno senza fine. E ''la fonte di moralit脿 questi ragazzi, uno era capo rosso nero, uccidendo migliaia di generazione sono chiaramente, pi霉 terribile dello tsunami su Sirius.

& quot; nel mondo plus in possesso degli affari mondiali, rubi una buia e tempestosa significa troppo crudele,okay oggi sar脿 il vostro ultimo giorno. & quot;

Dopo aver detto che,fraud la barba improvvisamente pallido, egli non si aspettava davvero di guardare occhio inattaccabile sui suoi uomini,scam alone una spada,nited kingdom forse queste persone an all in one morte certa.

& quot; Non avete il coraggio, si pensa di sapere chirurgia Sword sar脿 whilst in the grado di fare ci貌 che vogliono, Tige & quot!;

a multi function sinistra!

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& quot; Haha, voi ragazzi stanno troppo ingenuo, ora vedo can be bought ti ha spinto chirurgia Spada, vado morire & quot!! = d

faccia barbuta truce,as well as in questo momento il suo freddo completamente scomparso, Lady sono stati il 鈥嬧媑rande array Liuhe Feixianguan non 猫 uno scherzo, almeno avere alcuni di quegli uomini.

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& quot; ragazzino ingenuo, pensi sei Jian Shen ah. Senza una forte forza spirituale,as well as in modo da non osare vita dell''anima spinto,okay ora si muore. Cos矛 ho questa legge di potenza porta, che ho Heifeng Pirati spazzato tra le nuvole alla citt脿, ah ah ah! & quot;

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due volte usando la conoscenza della spada, pallida inattaccabile alle estreme conseguenze. Il motivo per cui il potere cos矛 grande conoscenza della spada, semplicemente perch茅 non era un disco perverso ordinario, ma con lo spirito all the way to una forza potente spinta dall''anima.

Questo significa che ogni attacco consumer脿 il potere inattaccabile dell''anima, il momento as well as in cui ha gettato due volte di fila, 猫 stata seriamente indebolita.

Anche cos矛,that i suoi occhi senza la minima paura, ma freddo sembrava la barba, sorrise nited kingdom disse: & quot; Si vogliono uccidere me destra, dipende anche dalla forza che hai questo & quot;!

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barbuto si mise a multi functional ridere, gli occhi pieni di fiducia, contro not uomo malconcio, ha una stretta Kazunari.

Long Zhaoshou giorno fermo!

I suoi occhi opprimente atmosfera cielo, una forte intenzione di uccidere fioritura fuori. Nelle sue mani,un enorme drago esasperante emergente.

Un attimo dopo, tutto l''uomo scam la barba scoppio sparato fuori, dritto testa along with avanti plus in realt脿 inattaccabile via, ma ancora voglia di andare fuori dai guai direttamente inattaccabile.

& quot; in order to si muore questo ragazzo arrogante,nited kingdom oggi 猫 l''ultima volta che hai giocato, questa fase bianco citt脿 sar脿 buia okay tempestosa rubato il mio mondo & quot!;

barba not po ''pi霉 vicino, inattaccabili suoi vestiti erano strappati tipo di forza alla base direttamente, rivelando un armatura nera, ma and then in realt脿 Tiancan Si tesoro dal corpo Acacia presbiteriana ottenuto.

enorme forza di oppressione, muscoli del corpo cos矛 inattaccabili sono catturati along with una fossa, si tratta di un capillari radice si spalancarono nited kingdom sanguinosa.

& quot; Kuni Feixianguan grande confusione!as high as Fata & quot;

Qi Jian cielo cielo, direttamente an all in one Hong Xiang lungo Zhaoshou giorno cattura barbuto.

Liu Han vasta gamma di quattro mesi finalmente raggiunto fraud lui,swindle fermezza tutore vivo inattaccabile, ma it''s my job to loro occhi non c''猫 il minimo presa, ma 猫 caduta pazzo nited kingdom bruciare.

Lo slancio trick la barba,whilst in the realt脿 ancora l''aggiornamento!Rubriques connexes Articles

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